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Matched Bets is a matched betting service that teaches you how to make extra money online in the UK by cashing out the online bookmakers’ free bets for minimal risk.

Full training and support is provided.

The service includes a standard odds-matcher, advanced accumulator matcher, profit tracker, and each-way Dutching tool (in beta).

There is currently no each-way arbitrage software included with Matched Bets.

Matched Bets have merged with Profit Squad.

Joining either service will give you access to the other.

Profit Squad carry the high EV casino offers for highly advanced matched bettors.

In my opinion, the ‘Matched Bets Profit Squad’ dual service is suitable for both novice and intermediate matched bettors.


  • £1 trial available.
  • No previous betting experience required.
  • No gambling involved.
  • Good training and support.
  • Run by a legitimate company.
  • Merged with Profit Squad to increase features.


  • UK only.
  • No each-way arbing tool.

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Name:Matched Bets
Type:Matched Betting Service
Price:£18 per month
Trial?£1 for 14 days
Money-Back Guarantee?Not stated
Rating:4.1 / 5
How to Join?Here

In this Matched Bets review, I’ll be doing two things.

1: Finding out if can really help you make ‘consistent, reliable, tax-free profits’ to ‘generate a second income’;

2: Helping you decide if the Matched Bets service is right for you.

Let’s begin.

Matched Bets Homepage Claims

Image: the claims made on the Matched Bets sign-up page.

What is Matched Bets?

Matched Bets is a matched betting platform that teaches you how to make money with matched betting.

The company behind Matched Bets is called ABC Betting LTD and is owned by David Archer (pictured).

David was the joint-owner and managing director of the bookmaking chain Reuben Page for almost 20 years before selling these assets to Gala Coral.

He then founded Pagebet – managing a chain of more than 50 betting shops [source].

David has since turned his attention to the online betting world.

Where he has already experienced success with – a large affiliate site.

The current Matched Bets staff are:

  • David – Management and Relations;
  • Ben – Development Manager;
  • Joe – Head of Content;
  • Scott – Admin and Accounts;
  • Rob – Head of Marketing;
  • James – Support;
  • Nathan – Software Developer. 

The Matched Bets Merger With Profit Squad

Matched Bets recently merged with another matched betting platform called Profit Squad.

Despite now being one entity.

The two brands have opted to retain their separate websites.

If you join Matched Bets you’ll have access to the Profit Squad website too.

And vice-versa.

Matched Bets and Profit Squad Logos

What is Matched Betting?

Matched betting is a ‘risk-free’ strategy that allows you to convert the online bookmakers’ free bets into real cash that you can keep.

The risk is removed through the use of a special type of betting website called the Betfair Exchange.

And the ‘guaranteed’ profit is achieved by betting to cover all possible outcomes so that an equal return is secured from the bookmaker’s free bet.

Unlike regular gambling, matched betting follows a mathematically proven process that completely eliminates the ‘luck’ factor.

I started learning matched betting back in 2012, and since then I’ve made £1,000s and £1,000s in tax-free profits.

Matched betting has even been covered in the media:

Matched Betting The Guardian

Image source:

Is Matched Bets a Scam?


The strategies they are teaching actually work.

I know this because I have used them myself to make money.

For example, in this year’s World Cup, I banked around £500 in tax-free cash without gambling:

Matched Betting Profit Graph World Cup

This is just a snapshot.

I’ve actually made a lot more over the years.

But I never bothered to record my results.

Easing the Learning Process

Matched Bets simply teach you how to do matched betting without having to figure it all out by yourself.

They also provide you with software and calculators to make finding the bets easier and remove the need to do any maths by hand.

And having taught myself the basics of matched betting manually all those years ago.

I can tell you that what Matched Bets are offering is the MUCH easier option!

Can You Really Generate Tax-Free Profits Consistently?

Sort of.

In the short term, you can quite easily make up to £1,000 from the bookmakers’ new customer offers (NCOs).

Matched Bets will show you how to cash out these NCOs with their training guides and videos.

Once you’ve done this, you can start to earn ‘consistent’ profits from the bookmakers’ existing customer offers.

In the current matched betting climate, you can expect to make between £100 and £500 each month (maybe more) on average.

The only sting in the tail is that eventually, the bookmakers will ban you from receiving any more free bets.

Which limits the amount of money that you can make.

This might take a year or more to happen though.

So, I wouldn’t let this put you off.

And there are ways to continue making money from matched betting without free bets.

How Much Does a Matched Bets Subscription Cost?

A monthly subscription costs £18.

This will give you access to both the Matched Bets and Profit Squad websites.

If you click the button below.

You can try Matched Bets for 14-days for just £1.

What Do You Get When You Join Matched Bets?

Here’s what you get when you join Matched Bets.

1: Full Video Training

Once you’ve signed up to Matched Bets, the first thing that you should do is work your way through the ‘Getting Started’ guides.

Where you’ll learn what a betting exchange is and how the basic matched betting process works.

You’ll then be in a position to start making money from the ‘easy’ bookmaker offers.

For the more advanced strategies, you can access the associated training at any time from the ‘Training’ tab.

Matched Bets Training Video

2: £1,200 Worth of Initial Bookmaker Offers

This is where the ‘easy’ money is.

Because the bookmakers’ new customer offers (NCOs) present the opportunity to get a guaranteed free bet that you can then cash out for an even profit.

Matched Bets has instructions for making money from £1,200 worth of boomaker NCOs.

Each free bet is worth around 70% – 85% of its ‘face value’ in real money.

So, you’re looking at around £800 – £1,000 in profit if you cash out each one as instructed.

Make sure that you use the Odds-Matcher to get the best possible matches on your selections.

Matched Bets New Customer Matched Betting Offers

3: Odds-Matcher

This piece of software is a massive time-saving device.

And because it finds the best ‘back and lay’ matches for your matched bets.

You’ll actually end up making more money from your free bets.

Make frequent use of this tool.

Matched Bets Odds Matcher

4: Accumulator Software

The Acca Backers tool allows you to make a profit from the bookmakers’ accumulator insurance offers.

This is a highly advanced piece of kit.

And it only really works when the football season is on.

I suggest using Acca Backers once you’re already making money from the existing customer offers that are posted every day on the calendar.

Acca Backers Tool From Matched Bets

5: Daily Calendar

The Daily Calendar is where you’ll be making your ongoing profits.

Once you’ve cashed out all of the bookmakers’ initial offers, you’ll have a nice bankroll to work with.

Which you can then put to work exploiting the bookmakers’ existing customer offers for minimal risk.

You’ll want to focus on the sports offers with the highest value to maximise your relative hourly rate.

Matched Bets Daily Calendar

6: Profit Tracker

On your main dashboard.

You can see how much money you’ve made relative to what’s possible.

This is great for tallying your matched betting earnings and staying motivated.

Profit Tracker from Matched Bets

7: Forum and Support System

There are three ways to get help:

  • The Matched Bets Forum;
  • Email;
  • Discord – chat with the moderators.

My Thoughts On the Matched Bets Service

Over the years, I’ve been a member of just about every major matched betting service on the market.

And I have to say that Matched Bets is one of the better matched betting platforms out there.

Plus, having since joined forces with Profit Squad.

There are now options for exploiting the advanced casino offers too.

And whilst these are not to everyone’s taste.

The advanced casino offers are now my biggest earner from matched betting.

For example, I’ve personally cleared more than £4,000 by doing the ‘casino matched betting’ offers:

Casino Profit vs EV Graph


  • A legitimate way to make money online;
  • No gambling involved;
  • Good training and support;
  • Merged with Profit Squad to leverage their advanced casino resources;
  • £1 trial available.


  • UK only;
  • No each way arbing tool.

Conclusion: A Legitimate Way to Make Extra Money Online

The problem with most online money-making opportunities is that they either have a poor effort to earnings ratio.

Or are just outright scams.

Aside from being 100% legitimate, Matched Bets can also help you make tangible sums of money that you can actually use to pay for things.

Matched betting is pretty much the only ‘active income’ strategy that I use to make money online these days.

Online surveys and click-work jobs just cannot come close to the relative hourly rate that matched betting affords.

Plus, I’ve found matched betting to be a lot less frustrating than online poker and Forex trading.

So, if you’re over 18 and from the UK and looking to make money online.

I’d fully recommend giving Matched Bets a try.

Matched Bets could really help you out if you’re a student, a stay at home parent, or just looking to earn some extra cash around your regular job.

Use the button below to get started for just £1 right now.

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