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The Master Racing Tipster has been delivering profitable horse racing tips consistently since launching back in April 2014.

This is a highly selective service – issuing between 2 and 3 tips each day on average.

Expect to stake between 1 and 3 points in total per tip.

The Master Racing Tipster is highly regarded by the major betting review websites.

And has even shown a profit at the BSP over a 5 month trial period.

The Master Racing Tipster is an excellent choice for the patient and disciplined sports investor.


  • Has an edge over the odds.
  • Profitable at the BSP.
  • Low variance.
  • Sensible staking plan.
  • An established service – launched in 2014.
  • 60-day money back guarantee.


  • Taking early prices could flag your accounts.

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Name:Master Racing Tipster
Platform:Tipping Gurus
Type:Tipster – horse racing
Price:£25 per month
Trial?£5 for first 14 days
Money-Back Guarantee?60-days
Rating:4 / 5
How to Join?Get your tips here

Welcome to my updated Master Racing Tipster review.

Because since writing my initial analysis…

The Master Racing Tipster has moved from the Betting Gods platform over to the Tipping Gurus.

What is the Master Racing Tipster?

The Master Racing Tipster is an early-price service…

Issuing tips between 10pm and midnight each evening.

Most of the tips are for the win market.

With the occasional each-way bet and the odd double.

Master Racing Tipster Service Breakdown

Here’s a full service breakdown of the Master Racing Tipster:

Tipster name:Lee
Network:Tipping Gurus
Launched:April 2014
Sport:Horse racing
Markets:Win and each-way
Starting bankroll:100 points
Bet size:1 – 3 points
Bet volume:2 – 3 tips per day
Selections sent:10pm – midnight
Average odds:5.57

Master Racing Tipster Trial Results – A Meta-Analysis

Because the Master Racing Tipster has been around for so long.

This service has been trialled by most of the major betting system review websites pretty extensively.

Here’s what they discovered.

Master Racing Tipster Betting Site Reviews Summary

#1: Honest Betting Reviews – Rated 5/5

The Master Racing Tipster was trialled for 20 months by Honest Betting Reviews.

And in the end, they gave it a solid 5/5 stars.

Having made an impressive 361 points in profit from the 900 bets placed.

This resulted in an ROI of 30%.

Which they said was ‘…almost unheard of over such a long period’.

And ‘…certainly puts the Master Racing Tipster up there with the very best in the industry’.

The strike rate was not sacrificed at the expense of the ROI – with 28% of the tips winning.

Read the full review here:

#2: GeeGeez – Profit of £632.13

When Barry from GeeGeez tested the Master Racing Tipster for 60 days.

He made £632.13 from 94 selections when betting at £10 per point at BOG prices.

Resulting in an excellent ROI of 54.49%.

Read the full review here:

#3: LB&GR – Works at the BSP

Lay Back and Get Rich trialled the Master Racing Tipster for 5 months.

And the ‘quite remarkable’ results included:

  • £766.17 profit at the advised prices;
  • £751.67 profit at the prices taken;
  • £105.93 profit at the Betfair Starting Price.

Read the full review here:

The Holy Grail of Betting Systems?

Betting systems that can consistently beat the BSP are rare.

Because this is where the market is considered to be at its most efficient.

This makes the Master Racing Tipster’s stock rise significantly.

Because if a system can make a profit at the BSP.

Then you have potentially discovered the ‘holy grail’ of betting systems.

Because you’ll never have to worry about getting limited by the Betfair Exchange.

Which means that you can scale out your bet sizes to amplify the system’s ROI.

And thus put more money in your pocket over time.

Master Racing Tipster Lifetime Results

At the time of writing.

The Master Racing Tipster has amassed £6,933 in profit at the advised prices betting at £10 per point.

And thanks to an ROI of nearly 25%.

Plus a win rate of almost 30%.

The starting bankroll of 100 points has grown by 693%.

Looking at the historical profit graph, we can see that Lee managed to power through the stagnant patch that occurred in early 2016.

And take the service to an all-time profit high of +693 points:

Master Racing Tipster Lifetime Results

Does the Master Racing Tipster Have an Edge?


We’ve looked at the pretty graphs.

And read the glowing reports from the independent review sites.

But does the Master Racing Tipster really have an edge over the odds?

Beating the Odds By ~12%

Well, a quick way to tell is if the strike rate exceeds the implied win rate by a significant amount.

For example, nearly 30% of Lee’s tips are winners.

But if we take the average odds of 5.40 and divide this into 100.

We would only expect to be winning around 18% of the time.

This calculation doesn’t take into account the difference between the place odds and their implied win rate.

But couple this approximate 12% edge with the 25% ROI recorded over a 4-year period.

Factor in the ability to beat the BSP.

And I think it’s pretty safe to say that the Master Racing Tipster has a legitimate edge over the odds.

What Can You Expect from the Master Racing Tipster?

We’ve already established that this is a profitable service.

But is the Master Racing Tipster right for your style of betting?

Here’s what you can expect when you join the Master Racing Tipster.

High-Quality Tips

Firstly, I think it’s important to note that even winning systems have losing spells.

As illustrated by the sticky start to 2016.

This service only advises between 1 and 2 selections per day.

This lower bet volume means that losing runs last longer because ‘mean regression’ takes more time.

However, after the lull, the service then went on a blazing winning streak.

Forging new profit highs for 9 consecutive months.

So, if you’re going to subscribe to Lee’s tips.

I’d recommend staying the course for at least 6 months to allow the variance to even out.

Sensible Stake Sizes

Most of the bets are issued at 1 – 3 points for the win markets.

Or 0.5 – 1 points each-way.

Which means that you don’t have to worry about outlaying a massive portion of your bankroll each betting day.

Which is often the case with services that like to tip up to 10 points for each bet.

Plenty of Time to Get Your Bets On

Lee sends out his tips in the early evening.

And whilst I would advise that you get your bets on right away to secure the best possible price.

It does leave you with plenty of time to get your bets on before the races go off the next day.

Plus, this service has been shown to record a profit at the BSP.

So it might not be the end of the world if you miss a bit of early value.

(But I wouldn’t make a habit of it).


  • Has an edge over the odds;
  • Shown to be profitable at the BSP;
  • Low variance;
  • Sensible stake sizes;
  • Run by an established tipster since 2014;
  • 60-day money back guarantee.


  • Taking early prices may flag your accounts faster.

Master Racing Tipster Genuine User Reviews

I had a look around the web for some Master Racing Tipster user reviews.

And I found plenty on Tipsters Review.

Where the average rating is 5/5 from 115 reviews.

Master Racing Tipster Genuine User Reviews

Image credit:


Most of the reviews were 4 or 5 stars.

Users like the justification for each tip, the long-term profits, and the selective approach.

And significantly, these ratings came from long-standing users of the Master Racing Tipster.

Indicating that this is a consistent and reliable service to follow over the long-term.

Positive User Reviews for the Master Racing Tips Service

See all reviews here:


I found a couple of 2-star reviews.

One came from someone who joined up in the bad run of 2016.

They also bet ‘…more money than [they] should have’.

Negative User Review for the Master Racing Tips Service

See all reviews here:

Conclusion: Don’t Turn a Winning System Into a Losing One

The Master Racing Tipster has proven that it can deliver consistent and reliable profits over a long period.

But ONLY if you stick to the rules.

Because as the negative user review above illustrates.

It’s quite easy to turn a winning tipster into a losing one if you start making up your own bets sizes.

The bankroll and staking strategy advised by Lee is specific to the volatility of the system and is thus designed to protect you from going bust.

Whilst maximising the value from each bet.

So stick to the plan.

And you’ll increase your chances of making money with the Master Racing Tipster.

Try the Master Racing Tipster for £5

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