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Make Money Even is touted as an affiliate marketing system.

But my research indicates that the payment structure follows that of a pyramid scheme.

And given that the only way to make money is to recruit others into the programme who must then do the same…

Then the business will eventually collapse when people stop joining up.

Overall: Not recommended – probable scam.


  • You might make money.


  • Possible pyramid scheme.
  • You could lose money if the scheme collapses.
  • No refunds.

Opinion Disclaimer: the content in this review is ultimately a reflection of my own opinions and is not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual, anyone, or anything.

Name:Make Money Even
Type:Probable pyramid scheme
Price:$10 + upsells
Money-back guarantee?No
Rating:1.9 / 5
How to join?Invite link only

Before I get into this Make Money Even review.

I want to make one thing very clear.

I have NOT actually signed up to Make Money Even.

This means that there are some aspects of this programme that I cannot comment on absolutely.


I’ve been using and reviewing online money making systems for many years now.

So I’ve got a pretty good understanding of the main frameworks that underpin many of the most common products and get-rich-quick schemes.

And having looked at the promotional videos embedded into Make Money Even’s sales page…

I believe that I’ve identified some potential issues that you should know about before you part with a single penny.

Screenshot of the Make Money Even Website.

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What is Make Money Even?

In my opinion?

What Make Money Even claims to be and what it actually is are not the same thing.

Because on the one hand…

Make Money Even claims to be an ‘affiliate programme’.

One that has supposedly been designed to remove the common ‘roadblocks’ that typically stop people from succeeding with ‘traditional’ affiliate programmes.

These roadblocks are listed in the explainer video which I’ve embedded below for your convenience:

Video Credit: MakeMoneyEven

Now to be fair…

Having been involved with legitimate affiliate schemes for several years now…

I have to agree that the problems identified are real.

But this doesn’t change my view that not only does Make Money Even not work in the way that it’s portrayed…

It actually creates a whole new set of issues (more on this soon).

How I Think Make Money Even ACTUALLY Works

As I said.

I’ve not actually used the Make Money Even system first-hand.

But having watched the explainer videos…

It seems clear to me that this is a thinly-veiled pyramid scheme.

Because the entire programme is based around recruiting others into the scheme and taking a cut of their ‘joining’ fee.


You’re also able to profit from the downline formed when the people who you recruit also get people to join Make Money Even.

This fits the very definition of a pyramid scheme as detailed in this excellent video from TED-Ed:

Video credit: TED-Ed


The owners of Make Money Even would probably argue that their programme is not a pyramid scheme because you’re purchasing a form of ‘training’.

Well, if the training (which I haven’t seen) has intrinsic value in its own right…

Then fair enough.


Unlike legitimate affiliate training schools that will teach you how to build your own online business…

It’s been my experience that these ‘pay to recruit’ programmes just throw together some copy-and-paste ads to promote the same opportunity on social media.

Or tell you to purchase solo ads to drive paid traffic to a landing page to recruit others into the same system.

Which does little to detract from the fact that the only way to make money with the system is by recruiting others to do the same.

Instead of the focus being on selling a tangible product or service.

The Compensation Plan Explained

You must first pay $10 to join Make Money Even.

Which is then supposedly returned to your MME balance right away.

This then gives you the right to promote the same basic membership offer to others with your unique referral link.

Each person that joins up must pay $10.

Of which $5 goes to you.


For the first 10 people that you refer…

5 of those pass up their $5 to the person who recruited YOU (your sponsor).

And the same rule applies to the people who you sponsor.

Once the first batch of 10 has been cleared…

Every 5th person is then passed ‘upstream’.

And things get even more complicated…

Once you factor the VIP Marketer Plan…

Along with the associated ‘signing bonuses’.

It’s probably easier if you just watch the video below that explains how the full compensation plan works for yourself:

Video Credit: MakeMoneyEven

The bottom line?

The compensation plan follows a pyramid structure.

Because money is being passed from new ‘investors’ to existing ones.

Who’s Behind Make Money Even?

The chap in the videos introduces himself as ‘Martin’.

But I couldn’t find out much else about him or the Make Money Even brand.

Except for this address on the non-referral homepage:

PMB 264 101 W. McKnight Wy. STE B, Grass Valley CA 95945, United States.

The associated phone number is apparently:

+1 530-268-5961

And you can supposedly contact Make Money Even at this email address:

Can You Earn Cash With Make Money Even?



Because you stand to make money each time you refer someone.


I have not yet seen any legitimate payment proof online.

So I have no idea if Make Money Even pay out or not.

Is Make Money Even a Scam?

Based on what I’ve seen so far?

Then yes…

It’s my personal opinion that Make Money Even is a thinly-veiled pyramid scheme scam.

My justification is provided in the next section.

Fake Make Money Even Reviews

But first?

I’d just like to mention that up until this point…

The only other Make Money Even reviews that I’ve come across are fake.

They have clearly been created by existing members that simply want you to click their referral link and join up so they’ll (supposedly) make money.

Which means that you can’t trust what they say.

3 Reasons to Stay Away from Make Money Even


Why do I think that Make Money Even is a scam?


1: The Scheme Will Eventually Collapse

I’ve already gone over how the compensation plan works.

Which quite clearly derives revenue exclusively from recruiting others into the system who must pass money ‘upstream’ to existing members.

And if you watched the TED-Ed video I embedded earlier…

You’ll already know that this type of business model is unsustainable.

Simply because there are a finite number of people on the planet.

Which means that at some point…

People will stop joining up and no more money will come into the system.

Thus resulting in the collapse of Make Money Even.

2: Getting Leads Isn’t That Easy

I’ve done CPA marketing before.

And I can tell you for a fact that getting people to join up isn’t as simple as spamming Facebook groups with some canned promo copy.

Because the vast majority of people are inherently sceptical of such ‘business opportunities’.


‘Martin’ isn’t exactly telling the truth when he alludes to how easy it will be for you to get sign ups using his ‘copy and paste’ method.

Which aligns with the seemingly little ‘white lie’ that he also told when explaining the recruitment model’s exponential growth function…

That he said would ‘…go on through infinity…’.

3: No Refunds

The Terms and Conditions state that there are no refunds available.


Martin says that you’ll get $10 credited to your account so that you’ll break even as soon as you join up.

But I have no idea if you’re able to withdraw that money immediately – or at all.


If you decide to upgrade to the VIP option.

And you fail to make any referrals and/or the scheme collapses…

You could end up out of pocket with no way of getting your money back.

Conclusion: Probable Scam – Avoid

Even without having seen the quality of the training on offer…

The compensation structure and the exclusive focus on recruitment is enough to lead me to believe that Make Money Even is a pyramid scheme.

Feel free to correct me in the comments section below if you know otherwise…

But based on what I’ve seen so far…

I strongly recommend that you stay away from Make Money Even.


  • You might make money.


  • Possible pyramid scheme.
  • You could lose money if the scheme collapses.
  • No refunds.

Is There a Legit Alternative?


But it’s NOT a get-rich-quick scheme.

The way that’s worked well for me is that of setting up and monetising my own websites.

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