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The Libra Method is a front for an online broker scam.

Do not get involved.


  • None.


  • You are almost certain to lose money.
  • Your personal information is at risk.

Opinion Disclaimer: the content in this review is ultimately a reflection of my own opinions and is not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual, anyone, or anything.

Name:Libra Method
Real owner:Unknown
Platform:Independent + broker
Type:Broker scam
Price:‘Free’ + £/$250 deposit
Money-back guarantee?No
Rating:< 1 / 5
How to join?Don’t

At the time of writing, Facebook’s much hyped Libra Coin is penned to launch in 2020.

And as I’m about to reveal in this honest Libra Method review – scammers are leveraging this opportunity to defraud unsuspecting folks using some clever marketing tactics.

So, if you’re thinking about getting involved with the Libra Method system – DON’T.

Because you could end up losing a lot of money.

Allow me to explain.

Check out my Libra Method video review below:

What is The Libra Method?

The Libra Method claims to be an algorithm that’s able to trade the markets on autopilot with a 97% win rate.

Which is supposedly allowing people to make between $950 and $2,200 daily with no prior trading experience.

And if you’ve watched the video on the Libra Method’s sales page then you’ll already know that this opportunity is ‘possible’ thanks to the Libra Coin.

Well, for reasons that I’ll shortly reveal – I can tell you with near certainty that this is NOT how the Libra Method works at all.


How Does The Libra Method Really Work?

I signed up to the Libra Method and I can tell you right away that the supposed trading algorithm doesn’t even exist.

Instead, after giving away your personal details on the Libra Method’s sales page (which you should NOT do), you’ll be redirected to an unlicensed broker where you’ll be asked to deposit at least £/$250 to begin trading.

And if you end up doing this – you’ll almost certainly never see that money again.

Because the broker will do everything they can to trick you into depositing more and more money – and avoid allowing you to withdraw it.

Is The Libra Method a Scam or Legit?

Based on my experience?

It’s my opinion that the Libra Method is a malicious scam that’s been set up with the sole intention of stealing your money.

But how do I know this?

Because I’ve seen and exposed this type of variation on the classic binary options trading scam many, many times already here on Online Income Solutions.

Such as Brexit Trader, Bitcoin Era, and Bitcoin Future.

And the outcome is always the same – the people who deposit with the brokers that are connected to these fake websites end up losing their money.

I’ll walk you through the process of how the scam works in the second half of this Libra Method review.

Can You Make Money With The Libra Method?


Because as I said, the trading algorithm is completely made up.

And when you go ahead and deposit, you’ll either be left to trade on your own – or persuaded by the broker’s sales reps to trade alongside one of their ‘senior traders’.

If you agree, you’ll find that the trader ends up losing all of your money on purpose for their own gain.

Fake Libra Method Reviews

You may have seen other Libra Method reviews that say that the Libra Method is legit.

Such claims are false.

Anyone who says otherwise is in on the scam.

How The Libra Method Scam Works

As I said before, I’ve seen this sort of scam dozens of times now.

And the process always follows the same framework.

But just to be sure, I signed up to the Libra Method myself to make sure I wasn’t missing anything.

Everything played out as I expected it to – here’s what happened.

1: Fake Ad

I came across the Libra Method via a clickbait ad on my Facebook newsfeed that featured Mark Zuckerberg.

I knew just by looking at it that it was a hoax.

But I decided to click it anyway.

2: Replicated Website

And as I expected, I ended up on a fake news website.

The whole thing had been coded and styled to look like The Mirror’s website.

And the copy expanded on the concept of using Libra to make money.

But the giveaway that the website was fake was the fact that the domain name was ‘’ – instead of The Mirror’s real web address.

Every link on the page redirected to the Libra Method’s website.

Where fake testimonials and false earning claims are designed to convince you to give away your name, email, and phone number to get ‘access’ to the Libra Method.

Do NOT enter your details into the form!

Because you’ll then be bombarded with calls, texts, and emails from the associated broker asking you to deposit £/$250.

Worse still…

Your personal information could be sold on to spammers and even hackers.

Because it’s quite common for the details of people who have gotten involved with a scam to be placed on a ‘sucker list’ for future targeting.

For example, if you’ve lost money to a broker scam, you may be contacted by someone offering to get your money back for you.

These types of ‘recovery room’ scams are designed to steal your money AGAIN after you’ve already been conned.

3: Shady Broker

When I signed up to the Libra Method – I was redirected to a broker called

I looked online for some reviews and on the face of it – they appear to have a ‘good’ reputation on Trustpilot.

But it’s quite common for these reviews to be faked to build false credibility.

And although I can’t prove it, some of the 5 star reviews look very suspicious to me.

For example, one review said that they had been using Go365 for ‘a number of years now’ and ‘highly recommended’ them.

But when I did a WHOIS check on the domain – the website is less than a year old at the time of writing:

Screenshot of the go365 domain whois record.


Based on my experience with brokers that obtain customers through these fake websites, I’m more inclined to believe the reviews that say they have lost money due to repeated system errors.

One user who experienced such issues say that after further investigation, he believes that GO365 are ‘an illegal trading company’:

Screenshot of GO365 broker complaint.

Image source: Trustpilot – GO365 reviews.

Conclusion: Complete Scam – Avoid

Based on everything I’ve seen so far?

I have little reason to believe that the Libra Method is anything other than a malicious scam that’s designed to con you out of your money.

I strongly suggest that you do NOT get involved with the Libra Method or any of its associated brokers.

And instead use the buttons at the end of this post to share this review of the Libra Method on social media to warn others.


  • None.


  • You can lose a lot of money.
  • Your personal details are at risk.

What’s The Alternative?

There are a few – depending on how you want to make money.

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