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Kids Earn Cash claims to be a ‘rewards’ website but is almost certainly a data harvesting scam.

Reports are already coming in that Kids Earn Cash will NOT pay you as they claim.

Furthermore, evidence on the BBB website links Kids Earn Cash to other ‘outed’ scams that operate in the same manner.

Although it’s not been proven that signing up to the Kids Earn Cash website will result in the theft of your personal information.

The circumstantial evidence (listed in this review) strongly points to the collection of personal data being the ulterior motive here.

Regardless, given the fact that Kids Earn Cash isn’t going to pay you.

I can’t think of a good reason to risk joining up.

Overall: avoid Kids Earn Cash and its clone websites.


  • None.


  • Probably a data harvesting scam.
  • Linked to similar ‘clone scams’.
  • They won’t pay you.
  • False advertising.
Name:Kids Earn Cash (various others) (changes often)
Type:Probable data harvesting scam
Money-Back Guarantee?N/A
Rating:<1 / 5
How to Join?Don’t

Thinking of signing up to Kids Earn cash?


Because my personal experience and further research strongly suggests that the Kids Earn Cash website is probably a data harvesting portal.

So, if you’ve ALREADY joined Kids Earn Cash using passwords and/or usernames identical to any other accounts such as Facebook, PayPal, email, or your online banking.

Then you MUST change those ASAP.

Because as I’m about to reveal in my Kids Earn Cash review.

The creators behind Kids Earn Cash may well be using the details you submitted via their website to hack into your other personal accounts.

(Plus a range of other nefarious activities).

More on this soon.

What is Kids Earn Cash?

On the face of it?

Kids Earn Cash looks like a ‘rewards’ website that’s ‘free’ to join.

And they claim to pay you for promoting big name brands like Amazon and Apple by sharing your Kids Earn Cash ‘referral link’ on social media to get others to join Kids Earn Cash too.

Kids Earn Cash say they are willing to pay you for doing this because they themselves are paid by the brands to generate potential customers.

More specifically, you’ll ‘get paid $10 per invite’.

And ‘make $500 today’:

Kids Earn Cash Sales Page Claims

Image source:

In addition to this, the Kids Earn Cash website claims to pay you $25 just for signing up for a ‘limited time only’.

Is Kids Earn Cash Legit?

Almost certainly not.

The advertising claims made by Kids Earn Cash may sound plausible.

Because there are many other legit ‘rewards’ websites like Swagbucks and 20 Cogs that operate in a similar manner.

But having signed up to Kids Earn Cash myself.

And in light of my further research.

I can say with a high degree of confidence that this not how Kids Earn Cash actually works.

How Does Kids Earn Cash REALLY Work?


What’s really going on here?

Well, there are two ways that Kids Earn Cash could potentially operate.

The first is fairly benign.

Whilst the second is incredibly malicious.

Possibility 1: A Legitimate Affiliate Portal

It could be that Kids Earn Cash is as true as their word.

Paying you when you join up to their partner sites and completing specific tasks.

Like filling out a survey, testing an app, or providing feedback on your experience using a brand’s website.

Because using affiliate links would be a legitimate way for Kids Earn Cash to make money as a result of getting you to sign up to their partner sites.

Of which they could potentially pass a portion of this profit back to you.

Which is how 20 Cogs operate.

Possibility 2: A Dangerous Data Harvesting Scam


It could be that the details you have submitted into the Kids Earn Cash website are being used for nefarious purposes.

Such as:

  • Logging into your personal accounts (banks, email, PayPal etc);
  • Selling it to spammers or other criminals on the ‘dark web’;
  • Flooding your inbox with spam and phishing emails;
  • Extracting further details to steal your identity;
  • Lifting the personal data of your social media contacts.

What Might Happen?

The consequences of having your personal information stolen varies.

On the one hand, you may just see an increase in spam emails.

But if you’re using the same usernames and passwords for your bank accounts.

And they’re able to get your phone number in order to circumvent your security locks.

The hacker may be able to brute force their way in and drain your cash.

Plus, if they are successfully able to steal your identity.

You could end up with enormous debts being attributed to your name, have your credit score decimated, or even face false criminal accusations.

And this can all start with as something as ‘small’ as having your email address harvested.

What’s the Most Likely Model?

It’s probably a mixture of both.

Because when I logged into my Kids Earn Cash membership area.

I saw a list of ‘rewards’ that I could potentially earn by completing tasks listed on 3rd-party websites.

Such as entering my email address to earn ‘$25’ and potentially win a £100 Starbucks gift card:

Kids Earn Cash Offers List

And what happened when I clicked the links?

Well, I was actually somewhat surprised to see that they pointed to a relevant offer.

(I was expecting them to go to a spam offer – as per the Survey Queen portal).

Further inspection of the target page URLs suggests that these are almost certainly affiliate links.

At this point?

The ‘legit affiliate model’ was still in play in my view.

However, I did some further digging.

And what I unearthed is very worrying indeed.

5 Signs Kids Earn Cash is Likely a Malicious Scam

Calling a company or service a ‘scam’ is quite a serious claim.

So, like I said in the Review Policy.

There needs to be strong evidence that the entity in question is likely to cause harm to the end user.

And whilst the objective facts fall slightly short of me being able to brand Kids Earn Cash as a data harvesting scam without question.

The circumstantial evidence strongly points to this being the case.

As such, I’ve labelled Kids Earn Cash as a ‘probable scam’.

Based on the following reasoning:

1: Linked to Known ‘Clone Scams’

This forms the fulcrum of my argument.

The domain name (Kids Earn Money LLC) currently redirects to the Kids Earn Cash domain located at

Which would clearly suggest that the two entities are related.

And Kids Earn Money has a slew of ‘scam’ complaints lodged against it on the BBB (‘Better Business Bureau’) website.

With just about every single one of the 30 complaints relating to the fact that Kids Earn Money hasn’t paid a single penny to its users:

Kids Earn Money Scam Complains on the BBB Website

Image source: BBB – Customer Reviews for Kids Earn Money LLC

But it gets worse.

When the BBB publicly declared that they had attempted to contact Kids Earn Money LLC to request that they substantiate their advertising claims.

No response was received because their contact address did not exist.

And crucially…

The associated BBB report clearly shows that Kids Earn Money LLC is also linked to Kids Paid Money LLC.

As specified by the domain

(Listed under ‘Website Addresses’):

BBB Complaints Against Kids Earn Money

Image source: BBB – Kids Earn Money LLC Advertising Review

And the kicker?

The domain name also redirects to the Kids Earn Cash website!

Thus tying Kids Earn Cash to both Kids Earn Money and Kids Paid Money.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Because this network of ‘clone scams’ appears to be quite vast.

Linking to other names such as Teens Earn Cash, Social Cash Club, Cashout Apps, and more.

So, I think it’s fairly safe to conclude that once people realise what they’re up to.

The folks behind these operations clone the framework and move it to a different domain.

Similar to what the scammers behind The Bitcoin Revolution do.

2: Kids Earn Cash Don’t Pay Out

In light of such connections to past scams.

It would be fair to assume that Kids Earn Cash aren’t going to pay out either.

Well, I can do one better.

Because I found some objective proof on Twitter.

Where people who have signed up to Kids Earn Cash are already complaining that they are unable to withdraw their money:

Kids Earn Cash Payment Complaints On Twitter

To which the replies were as follows:

Kids Earn Cash Complaints Responses On Twitter

3: Your Personal Info is Slowly Extracted

As I was looking through the different rewards options.

I noticed something quite worrying.

I was being asked to progressively give away my personal information in order to ‘qualify’ for each offer.

Typically by entering my email or phone number.

Also, I was asked not to switch my wifi network, turn off my VPN (I wasn’t using one), and disable my ad blocker:

Kids Earn Cash Request to Enter Phone Number Message

4: Potential False Claims

Kids Earn Cash has ‘testimonials’ that date from 2016 to 2017 listed on their website.

I suspect that these testimonials are false.

Because not only did my anti-virus flag Kids Earn Cash as a potential scam site due to asking for ‘personal information’.

It also said that was ‘published very recently’:

Kids Earn Cash Norton Anti Virus Scam Warning

And, we also know that Kids Earn Cash is linked to Kids Earn Money.

Who also made false claims in relation to how long they’d been in business.

As well as supplying a false business address.

5: Unrealistic Rewards

I’ve reviewed a lot of rewards websites.

And even the legitimate ones won’t pay you $30 per survey as Kids Earn Cash claim:

Kids Earn Cash 30 Dollar Survey Tab

It’s likely that these over generous claims serve simply to pull more users into the website and give up their personal details in the process.

Conclusion: Avoid – Almost Certainly a Scam

To be fair.

I wasn’t able to find any concrete proof of anyone’s personal details being used for nefarious purposes as a direct consequence of signing up to the Kids Earn Cash website.

So, I can’t ‘officially’ brand Kids Earn Cash as a clear ‘data harvesting scam’.

But the circumstantial evidence is as follows:

1: Kids Earn Cash is linked to almost identical schemes that do not pay out;

2: These ‘clone scams’ keep changing their domain address;

3: Kids Earn Cash has been flagged by antivirus technology for requesting excessive personal information.


If this were a legitimate rewards site operating via the affiliate model.

Why would they go to the hassle of moving around so much?

Which would suggest that obtaining users’ personal data is the real motive here.

Well, that’s my personal opinion anyway based on everything I’ve seen so far.

And regardless…

Given the fact that Kids Earn Cash aren’t going to pay you.

And because you can sign up to the legitimate rewards sites that they link to using a simple Google search.

I can’t think of a single good reason to take the risk of signing up to the Kids Earn Cash website.

So, I would avoid Kids Earn Cash completely.

Oh, and another thing…

This whole operation is designed to exploit the naivety of younger folks that use social media.

Who may be unaware of the dangers of giving away their personal details online.

That’s pretty low.

So, you might want to show this Kids Earn Cash review to others.

To help warn them of the potential dangers.


  • None.


  • Probably a data harvesting scam;
  • Linked to similar ‘outed’ scams;
  • They won’t pay you;
  • False advertising.

Does Anything Work?

I’ve been using and reviewing online money-making systems since 2007.

And the number of scams that I’ve come across is quite depressing.

However, there are some legitimate strategies that DO work.

One that’s worked well for me is setting up my own affiliate websites to generate a passive income online.

If you’d like to learn how to do this for zero risk.

Check out my free email course here.

And I’ll show you how to get started for free.

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