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Kidazzler is a GPT site that claims to pay you $10 for every relevant business that you refer to them.

At the time of writing it does appear that Kidazzler is paying out.

But there’s no guarantee this will continue indefinitely.


  • You might make money.
  • Free to join.


  • Might be a waste of time.
  • Unlikely to be a sustainable source of passive income.

Opinion Disclaimer: the content in this review is ultimately a reflection of my own opinions and is not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual, anyone, or anything.

Real owner:Alex Rehman (?)
Type:GPT – lead acquisition
Money-back guarantee?N/A
Rating:2.3 / 5
Recommended?Caution advised
How to join?Via invite link only

Call me cynical.

But whenever I see a website pop up claiming to pay you for performing simple tasks whilst waxing lyrical about ‘changing the world’ or playing on family values…

My knee-jerk reaction is to brand it as a scam.

And why’s that?

Because the vast majority of such opportunities that I’ve reviewed here on Online Income Solutions have turned out to be data harvesting cons or Ponzi schemes.


It’s important to look at the facts.

And as I’m about to reveal in my honest Kidazzler review.

I was actually quite surprised by what I saw when I signed up.

Here’s what I discovered.

Screenshot of the Kidazzler Website.

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What is Kidazzler?

Kidazzler is a GPT (‘get paid to’) website.

Where you’re compensated for sourcing and adding the contact details of businesses associated with children and/or parenting.

Kidazzler refer to this process as building a ‘…global directory for everything kids’.

But basically?

You’re getting paid to find business leads for the people who own Kidazzler.

And you’re supposedly paid a percentage of the advertising revenue generated from the resulting partnership formed by Kidazzler and the business(es) that you’ve successfully referred.

More on the mechanics of this process in just a moment.

Who’s Behind Kidazzler?

That’s a good question.

Because the front-end of the Kidazzler website doesn’t give much away.

But there’s a post on the Kidazzler blog that says Alex Rehman is the Founder and CEO of Kidazzler.

The Privacy Policy also states that Kidazzler is operated by JAR Global, Inc.

Profile Picture of Alex Rehman the Founder and CEO of Kidazzler.

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How Do You Make Money With Kidazzler?

You make money with Kidazzler by adding the contact details of relevant businesses to the back-end of your Kidazzler membership area.

This process is called ‘locking in’ a business.

To initiate this process, click the ‘add a business’ button on your dashboard.

And then fill out the details of the business you wish to add.

Screenshot of Adding a Business to Kidazzler.

How Much Do You Get Paid?

You’re supposedly paid $10 per month for each business that you lock in.

You can also earn $2 per month from each business that your referrals lock in.

The link to do this can be found by clicking the ‘invite friends’ button on your main dashboard page.

Screenshot of the Kidazzler Rewards Programme.

How Do You Get Paid?

Kidazzler say that you can get paid by PayPal and Venmo.

And apparently…

Kidazzler plan to build their own ‘…proprietary payment infrastructure – The Kidazzler Wallet’.

Which Business Types Should You Lock In?

There’s a full list of eligible business types available on the FAQ page.

But the main types of businesses that you can track down and add fall under the following categories:

  • Restaurants.
  • Kids activities.
  • Childcare and daycares.
  • Events and parties.
  • Family fun locations.
  • Camps and classes.
  • Doctors and dentists.
  • Barbershops and salons.
  • Museums and amusement parks.

Is There a Limit to How Many Business You Can Add?


You’re able to secure a maximum of 65 businesses per month.

This is to stop certain people adding most of the businesses.

And whilst the limit means that your earnings are thus capped at $650 per month…

You can technically bypass this by recruiting others into Kidazzler using your referral link earning $2 for each business they lock in.

What’s the Cost?

It’s free to join Kidazzler.

Can Anyone Join?


You must be 18 or over and live in either the US or Canada.

Is Kidazzler Paying Out?

According to the anecdotal reports I’ve seen online?


Kidazzler does appear to be paying out in line with their claims of $10 per business added.


I have no way of really knowing if these Kidazzler ‘payment proofs’ are legit or not.

It’s entirely possible that these positive Kidazzler reviews have been faked by affiliates to try and get people to join up via their affiliate link.

But I’m just speculating here.

Is Kidazzler a Scam or Legit?

This is a tough question to answer.

Because based on what I’ve seen so far?

I’d be forced to admit that Kidazzler is legit and NOT a scam.

But as I’m now about to discuss in more detail.

There may be more to Kidazzler than meets the eye.

My Thoughts On Kidazzler

Here’s the problem.

When a GPT site or investment scheme starts paying out…

People automatically assume that the operation is legit.

But as I’ve seen time and time again whilst exposing many Ponzi schemes here on Online Income Solutions…

Such payments are often just confidence tricks that are designed to keep the scam going for longer.

Here are my personal opinions on Kidazzler.

1: You Might Get Paid

In all honesty?

It’s quite possible that you could sign up to Kidazzler, start adding businesses, and earn a passive income each month thereafter.

Very nice.


You may find that one day…

Kidazzler suddenly stops paying out, shuts down their website, and is never heard of ever again.

And why would they do that?

Because they got what they needed from you.

So there’s no need to carry on paying you.

But what exactly do they want?

2: You’re Probably Being Exploited

Data collection is big business online.

Because both personal and business records can be leveraged for marketing purposes and more nefarious uses such as spamming – or even ID theft.

I’m certainly not implying that Kidazzler is doing anything bad or illegal.


I have no idea what Kidazzler are REALLY doing with the database of companies that they’re compiling.

But consider this.

If you’re NOT paying for the product…

Then it’s quite likely that YOU are the product!

What do I mean?


Take legitimate GPT sites like Swagbucks and the merchant companies they link to.

The merchants understand that people are willing to toil for hours on end just to earn a few pence filling in online surveys.

And so they can take that data and leveraging it to make better marketing decisions and make far more money than the ‘spare change’ that it cost them to collect said data.

Thus making the people filling in the surveys the resource (‘product’) that’s being exploited.

My point?

Although participating in Kidazzler appears to only cost you your time…

You really need to consider what’s in it for the owners.

Because they wouldn’t be running Kidazzler unless it benefited them significantly more than the people using a service that’s otherwise free of charge.

3: This Won’t Last Forever

Even if Kidazzler is squeaky clean?

Unless they add to their service going forward…

There’s no way that Kidazzler can continue indefinitely.


Because there are a limited number of businesses that you can add.

Hence why so many people are starting to complain that every business they try to add to the system has already been entered by someone else.


  • You might make money.
  • Free to join.


  • Might be a waste of time.
  • Unlikely to be a sustainable source of passive income.

Conclusion: Possibly Legit – But Caution Advised

As things stand at the time of writing?

I can’t really call Kidazzler a scam.

Because whilst it may be true that you’re being exploited in terms of what you’re getting back for your time…

Kidazzler do appear to be honouring payments.

But as I said before.

Don’t be surprised if Kidazzler suddenly stops paying one day and disappears from the face of the Earth.

So by all means…

Sign up and have a go yourself.

But I certainly wouldn’t count on Kidazzler to supply you with an indefinite source of passive income each and every month.

What’s the Alternative to Kidazzler?


I won’t be wasting my time with Kidazzler.

Because I’d rather put my efforts into building my OWN website that I can monetise with affiliate links and other strategies.


Because I’m creating an online asset that could RELIABLY earn me a passive income for many years to come.


It’s MY business.

Meaning that I’m in control of what happens.


Building a website that makes money isn’t something that you can do overnight.

It takes many months of consistent work and patience.

Which means that if you’re interested in possibly making 5-figures online in passive income like I have…

Then you’ll need to get away from the idea of trading your time for money.

But if you’re willing to delay the financial gratification…

Then click the button below.

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Using the same resource that’s helped me and many others build a sustainable passive income online.

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