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The Bitcoin Loophole is a malicious online broker scam that could cost you a lot of money.



  • None.


  • You won’t make any money.
  • You could end up losing a lot of money.
  • Your personal details are at risk.

Opinion Disclaimer: the content in this review is ultimately a reflection of my own opinions and is not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual, anyone, or anything.

Name:Bitcoin Loophole
Real owner:Unknown
Platform:Independent + broker
Type:Broker scam
Price:‘Free’ + £/$250 deposit
Money-back guarantee?No
Rating:< 1 / 5
How to join?Don’t

Let me guess…

You’ve just heard about the Bitcoin Loophole system via Facebook, where you clicked an ad and ended up on a news website telling you how some celebrity made money with this trading software.

And now you’re wondering if it will work for you.

But is the Bitcoin Loophole a scam or a legit way to make money trading cryptocurrency on autopilot?

Well, this is the only Bitcoin Loophole review that you’ll need.

Because unlike the other fake Bitcoin Loophole reviews out there – I’m going to tell you the truth about this highly deceptive and potentially very dangerous scam.

Screenshot of the Bitcoin Loophole website.

Image source (edited):

What is the Bitcoin Loophole?

The Bitcoin Loophole website claims that you can ‘make $500 per hour for the rest of your life’ by using their ‘free software’.

The video on the Bitcoin Loophole sales page says that Steve Mckay is the creator of this software that can apparently trade the crypto markets for you on autopilot.

And he says all you need to do is fill out the form on the Bitcoin Loophole sales page to get started.

Well, I’m here to tell you that this is NOT how the Bitcoin Loophole works at all.

And you should NOT – under any circumstances – reveal your personal details via the form on the Bitcoin Loophole sales page.

Allow me to explain.

Is the Bitcoin Loophole a Scam or Legit?

I can say with just about absolute certainty that the Bitcoin Loophole is a malicious scam that could end up costing you huge sums of money.

I’ll reveal how the Bitcoin Loophole scam works step-by-step in just a moment.

But basically, the whole thing has been set up to trick you into depositing money with an unlicensed offshore broker that is going to do everything they can to steal your money.

And how do I know this?

Because I signed up to the Bitcoin Loophole (so that you don’t have to) and I can tell you that the Bitcoin Loophole works in the same way as other identical scams that I’ve already exposed here on Online Income Solutions.

Such examples include Bitcoin Future and Bitcoin Era.

And if you need any further convincing that the Bitcoin Loophole is a scam – check out this report from Martin Lewis.

Where Martin explains how his likeness has been used by the scammers for years to promote these sorts of crypto and binary options trading scams.

Can You Make Money with the Bitcoin Loophole?


You won’t make a single penny of real money with the Bitcoin Loophole.

Because the trading software that’s supposedly able to make you $500 an hour doesn’t even exist!

I know this because when I joined the Bitcoin Loophole, I was instantly redirected to a shady broker called York CG and asked to deposit a minimum of £/$250.

There was no mention of any software or automated trading algorithms.

Can You Lose Money With the Bitcoin Loophole?


This is the whole point of the scam.

If you give away your personal details on the Bitcoin Loophole’s website, you’ll be phoned and emailed by the broker’s sales team – trying to convince you to deposit £/$250 to begin trading.

You should NOT do this.

Because it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever see that money again.

Because what usually happens is they’ll try to convince you to trade alongside one of their senior brokers – who will then go ahead and lose your money for their own gain.

And you’ll more than likely be pressured into depositing more and more.

Here’s a comment posted by someone who got involved with one of these broker scams and found it difficult to get his money back:

Screenshot of a victim report from a cryptocurrency trading scam.

Image source: MSE – Martin Lewis: Spread the Word – Don’t Believe Scam Bitcoin Code or Bitcoin Trading Ads.

Can You Get Your Money Back?

If you file a chargeback within 120 days with your bank or credit card provider then you might be able to get your money back.

Because the broker will typically do everything they can to avoid allowing you to withdraw your money.

They will often use stalling tactics to allow the 120 days to pass so that you cannot file a chargeback.

You should also be highly wary of anyone that approaches you saying they can get your money back for you in exchange for an upfront fee.

Because they are more often than not recovery room scams – who will try to scam you for a second time.

Fake Bitcoin Loophole Reviews Warning

One of the reasons why I decided to write this honest Bitcoin Loophole review is to set the record straight.

Because there are loads of fake Bitcoin Loophole reviews out there saying that the system is legit.

Anyone that says the Bitcoin Loophole is legit is lying and in on the scam.

Here’s How the Bitcoin Loophole Scam Works

I’ve already pretty much explained how the Bitcoin Loophole scam works.

But I want to walk you through the exact flow of how the scam works – because there are dozens more that follow the same template.

So if you can spot the following red flags then you’ll more than likely be able to keep yourself out of trouble when the Bitcoin Loophole changes its name to try and trick more people.

1: Fake Facebook Ad

As someone who has attempted to use Facebook to promote legitimate business ventures – and subsequently had my adverts disapproved – I find it utterly infuriating that Facebook allows clearly fake adverts like the one below to be approved to promote scams like the Bitcoin Loophole:


You’ll discover that a wide range of celebrity names are used to capture your attention and get you to click the advert.

Common examples include: Quentin Tarantino, Gordon Ramsay, Robert Downey Junior, Jeremy Clarkson, Jonathan Ross, and many more.

2: Made Up News Article

If you click the Facebook ad, you’ll be sent to a fake news website.

Where a web page that’s been coded to look like a legitimate news article will falsely elaborate on the Facebook headline and introduce the name of the phony trading software.

One of the key giveaways that the page is fake is that the web address doesn’t match that of the newspaper that’s been impersonated:


3: Redirected to Dodgy Broker

The clickable elements of the fake news article will redirect you to the name of the trading software’s website – such as the Bitcoin Loophole.

Where you’ll find more fake testimonials and a made up video that are all designed to trick you into giving away your personal details via the form at the top of the page.

And upon doing so – you’ll then be redirected to the scam broker of choice.

Where you’ll be persuaded to make a deposit of £/$250 or more.

Under no circumstances should you do this.

Because you’ll almost certainly never see that money ever again.

Conclusion: Avoid This Horrible Scam

Based on everything that I’ve seen?

I’d say that you aren’t going to make a single penny with the Bitcoin Loophole.

Because I have a hard time believing that the Bitcoin Loophole is anything other than a malicious scam that’s been engineered exclusively for the purpose of defrauding you of your money.

So rather than signing up to the fake website – instead share this Bitcoin Loophole review on social media using the buttons at the end of this post to help warn others before it’s too late!


  • None.


  • You won’t make any money.
  • You could end up losing a lot of money.
  • Your personal details are at risk.

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