Matched betting isn’t dead.

But it’s certainly getting less profitable with each year that passes.

This is due to several reasons – such as bookmaker mergers, lower value offers, and increased ‘gubbings’.

And whilst I don’t think that matched betting will completely die out in the near future.

It may reach the point where the value is so thin that it’s not worth bothering with.

But there’s still plenty of money to be made – if you act now.

That’s why I’ve created the five-step action plan below.

To help you continue making money doing matched betting in the current climate.

Let’s begin.

5 Ways to Continue Making Money Doing Matched Betting

The five steps are listed in order of matched betting experience.

Simply start at the point that resonates with your current matched betting ability level.

If you’ve ‘dabbled’ in several areas – I suggest concentrating your efforts more intensely.

Pick one strategy and squeeze every penny out of it before moving on.

1: Cash Out ALL of the Bookmakers’ Welcome Offers

If you’re fairly new to matched betting, the first thing that you need to do is cash out all of the bookmakers’ new customer offers.

This is where the easy money is.

Because you’re pretty much certain to get a free bet that you can extract a guaranteed profit from.

To speed things up, I suggest using the Bonus Bagging service:

Bonus Bagging Home Page

Mike’s semi-automated software will send the bets straight to your inbox – making you up to £500 pretty quickly.

You can then move on to Profit Maximiser.

Where you can cash out some of the more advanced bookmaker offers.

This should take your bankroll close to the £1,000 mark.

2: Focus on the High-Value Ongoing Offers

The next step is to start cashing out the bookmakers’ existing customer offers for ongoing profits.

Unfortunately, this is probably the area that’s taken the biggest hit in terms of reduced value.

Most of the easy ‘bet £X get £Y’ offers are now gone.

(Although Bet365’s In-Play Offer is still hanging in there).

And they’ve been replaced with multi-conditional trigger refund offers.

For example, many of the 2nd place racing refunds now require the horse to come in second to the SP favourite.

The Solution?

Work your way through the ‘daily calendar’ for your chosen matched betting platform of choice.

And prioritise each offer in terms of value.

Forget about the low-percentage, low-value stuff.

Your time and bankroll are best leveraged using the other strategies on this list.

Profit Maximiser Calendar Offers

Here’s a rough guide to the types of existing matched betting offers that you should be focusing on:

  • Guaranteed bet £X get £Y in-play free bets;
  • £X risk-free horse racing and football refunds;
  • ITV horse racing promotions;
  • Money back on all losers if horse X wins the race;
  • Sky’s price boosts;
  • Goal-scorer refunds;
  • Mobile deposit bonuses;
  • 2nd place racing refunds (Bwin and Sporting Bet often do the ‘old style’ offers);
  • Bet365’s 2-UP offer (low percentage but high value).

3: Lock in a Profit with Place Market Arbitrage

Place market arbitrage is an effective way to lock in a profit from the bookmakers’ pricing errors.

You can do this on a wide range of bookmaker accounts – potentially earning you a few £100s each month.

With that said, this strategy can get your stake sizes limited.

So, I only tend to do this on my bonus-banned accounts.

Each Way Sniper Odds Matching Software Example

You’ll need special software to find the bets for you and a calculator to work out the lay stakes quickly.

I use Each Way Sniper to do this.

To get started with place market arbitrage, check out my guide:

How to Make Guaranteed Money from Betting in 7 Steps.

4: Transition to the Casino Offers

I feel that the casino promotions offer the most promise for long-term profits for ‘matched betting’.

For example, I have cleared just over £4,000 in the last couple of months just by turning over +EV casino bonuses.

My starting bankroll was £500 and my average buy-in currently stands at £20.63.

Casino Profit vs EV Graph

The most value comes from the ‘higher risk’ casino offers.

At the moment, Profit Maximiser is the only major matched betting platform that carries these sorts of offers.

You can find them by clicking the ‘Adv Casino’ tab in your member’s area.

You’ll then be able to view the instructions for exploiting the high-value casino welcome offers.

(And there are daily casino offers on the calendar too).

Advanced Casino Matched Betting Offers from Profit Maximiser

However, you shouldn’t just jump right into the advanced casino stuff.

You need to go through the gears first.

Follow Mike’s advice in the Profit Maximiser casino training videos.

And you’ll discover how to manage the risk and compound your bankroll in stages.

5: Supplement With Splinter Strategies

The above strategies will make you the most money for the least amount of effort.

So, they should form the backbone of your matched betting activities.

However, there are a number of auxiliary strategies that you can use to top up your earnings on the side.

For example:

  • Accumulator matched betting;
  • Advantage play accumulators;
  • Advantage play price boosts;
  • Advantage play each-way value selections;
  • Ante-post arbitrage;
  • Betfair exchange trading;
  • Betfair exchange value betting.

Click the ‘Learn More’ button at the end of the post to find out more about these advanced strategies.

Maximise Your Matched Betting Profits With Betting Mastermind

I’ve listed several basic, intermediate, and advanced matched betting strategies in this post.

All of which require access to a paid solution to yield the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time.

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