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Instant Email Empire claims to pay you for sending out ready-made emails to a list of subscribers.

However, the domain name used to host the training content ( is linked to a previously ‘outed’ scam that used the same template.

Furthermore, the ‘real names’ believed to be associated with Instant Email Empire (‘Brian Jones and Michael Beeson’) have had 31 complains filed against them on for masterminding similar schemes ( and others). [source].

And having signed up to the service myself.

It’s my personal opinion that Instant Email Empire is almost certainly a scam.


  • None known.


  • Resembles similar scams.
  • You’re unlikely to be paid.
  • Possible pyramid scheme.
  • Poor customer support.
  • Unlikely to work as advertised.
Name:Instant Email Empire
Platform:ClickBank / independent
Type:Home business – email marketing
Price:‘Free’ + hidden costs
Trial?Free access
Money-Back Guarantee?Unclear
Rating:<1 / 5
How to Join?Don’t

Welcome to my honest Instant Email Empire Review.

It’s certainly true that email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to make money online.

Because most of the top 6 and 7 figure online sales gurus use it with great success.

However, having personally used email marketing extensively myself.

It’s been my experience that ‘building a list’ is generally a very slow process.

Which is why I decided to see if Instant Email Empire could help me speed things up a bit.

But what I discovered really worried me.

What is Instant Email Empire?

Instant Email Empire is a ‘done-for-you’ home business based on email marketing.

The Instant Email Empire’s sales page claims that you can copy the exact email marketing system that earns the creator ‘$160 – $440 a day sending simple emails from home’:

Instant Email Empire Sales Page Claims

Image credit:

The sales page video states that the ‘owner’ of the system has made $1,426,242.09 in a single year using email marketing.

And is offering to not only show you how he did it.

But also ‘partner with you’ to help you get started making money for ‘FREE’.

However, my personal experience with Instant Email Empire combined with further research indicates that this is NOT how this system really works.

More on this in a moment.

Who’s Behind Instant Email Empire?

The name associated with this product is ‘Bobby’.

Who claims to have been making money online for the last ’19-years’.

However, after doing some digging around, I discovered that ‘Bobby’ is an actor available for hire by anyone on Fiverr:

Bobby Fiverr Actor

Image source:

And it gets worse.

Further research strongly suggests that the names ‘Brian Jones and Michael Beeson’ are associated with the creation of Instant Email Empire.

Who are linked to multiple scams that follow the same template as Instant Email Empire [source].

More on these ‘clone scams’ shortly.

How Does Instant Email Empire Actually Work?

The entire premise of the system is that you send out ‘pre-written’ emails to an existing list of subscribers that’s also given to you.

And you’ll be paid $0.20 each time that someone clicks a link in one of those emails.

Even if they don’t end up buying anything after clicking.

However, despite being told that the system is ‘100% free’ on the sales page.

The truth is that you have to pay $34 + VAT to get access to a list of 500 subscribers that you can mail the offers to.

And the worst part?

Multiple users of the associated ‘clone scams’ have reported that they were NEVER actually paid for the clicks they generated.

More details on this soon.

How Much Does Instant Email Empire Cost?

You can get access to the core training for free.

However, you’ll be lured into a number of upsells in order to make the initial strategy actionable.

Can You Claim a Refund?

It’s unclear.

Because whilst Instant Email Empire is listed on the ClickBank Marketplace.

Some of the upsell buttons mapped to a custom shopping cart.

Which means that you’ll not be protected by ClickBank’s 60-day money-back guarantee if you purchase them.

So, depending on your payment source.

Getting a refund could prove to be quite difficult.

My Experience With Instant Email Empire

Despite the fact that every single Instant Email Empire review that I’ve read has labelled this product as a pure scam.

I personally prefer to try things out for myself (as far as is practical) to draw my own conclusions.

Here’s what happened.

1: I Didn’t Like the Look of the Sales Page

I’m not really a fan of judging a product exclusively on the appearance of its sales page alone.

Because I know of several legit products that are marketed in a ‘scammy’ fashion.

However, the high earnings claims made in the sales video are indeed typical of many get-rich-quick scams.

As is the inclusion of ‘fake news’ to attempt to build trust.

2: I Had to Give Up a Lot of Personal Info

After submitting my email address.

I was forced to enter my phone number and physical address in order to create an account.

Which could potentially open me up to a tidal wave of spam in the future.

Instant Email Empire Sign Up Form

3: I Bailed at the Point Where I Had to Pay Money

Once inside the membership area.

I carefully worked my way through all of the training materials.

As outlined here:

Instant Email Empire Training Menu

And to be honest.

The system sounded like it might actually work.

However, as soon as they asked me to pay $34 to access a list of 500 subscribers.

I decided not to continue using this system.

Because I highly doubted that paying just $0.068 per lead was going to result in any quality traffic.

5 Reasons to Avoid Instant Email Empire

Since I didn’t go ahead and actually use the system as advised.

I thought I’d better do some more digging to find out what sort of results people have been getting with Instant Email Empire.

And if my sources are to be trusted.

Then here are 5 reasons that you probably shouldn’t touch this product with a telescopic bargepole.

1: It’s a Clone Scam

Remember how I said that my research suggested that ‘Brian Jones and Michael Beeson’ are the real folks behind this system?

Well, if that’s true.

Then Instant Email Empire is almost certainly a scam.

Because these names have been linked to other systems that operate in an almost identical manner.

And they have a huge list of complaints against them.

Examples of associated ‘clones’ include:

  • Guaranteed Email System;
  • Copy My Email System.

In fact, when I logged into ‘Instant Email Empire’.

I actually found myself redirected to

Which has had scam complaints made against it on

CMESlive Scam Complaint

Image source:

2: They Won’t Pay You

Further to the previous point.

CMES Live has been linked by multiple sources to the domain

Which has 31 complaints made against it on at the time of writing.

And why’s that?

Well, it appears that the folks behind would keep raising the ‘payout’ threshold.

Meaning that people weren’t getting paid for sending out the emails.

So, if ‘Michael Beeson’ is indeed behind ‘Instant Email Empire’.

Then it would be logical to assume that you’ll encounter similar shenanigans.

Image source:

I checked out for myself.

And the format does appear to be almost identical to Instant Email Empire.

3: A Possible Pyramid Scheme

Because I didn’t actually use the system myself.

I cannot personally verify this accusation.

But apparently, the emails that you’ll be sending out only promote Instant Email Empire.

If this is true.

Then the whole thing begins to resemble an illegal pyramid scheme.

Because the only way to make money with the system is by recruiting others into Instant Email Empire to do exactly the same.

4: Poor Customer Support

As the numerous complaints made against the clone systems associated with Instant Email Empire confirm.

Attempts made to contact their customer support were mostly unsuccessful.

And I wouldn’t expect to get a refund for any money that you’ve paid either.

Because although the initial button that I clicked to purchase the 500 member subscriber list went to ClickBank.

A different button took me to an independent ‘cart’.

In the case of the former, you can usually get your money back via ClickBank without any hassle.

But if you make a payment directly to the folks behind Instant Email Empire.

Things probably won’t be so simple.

5: Unlikely to Work as Advertised

Even if the owners of this system actually pay you your commissions.

It’s highly unlikely that a lot of people are even going to see the emails that you send.

Let alone open them and click the links.


Simply because such emails will go straight into the person’s spam folder.

Furthermore, you have no real way of knowing if the list that you’re buying is even real.

And even if it is.

You’re in serious danger of violating the CAN-SPAM Act.

Which can result in fines of up to $41,484!

So, I highly doubt that you’ll be earning ‘$160 – $440’ per day as advertised.

And instead.

You could actually be in line for a serious financial arse-kicking yourself.

Conclusion: Almost Certainly a Scam

Because I didn’t try the product out in its entirety.

I cannot officially brand Instant Email Empire as a scam at the time of writing.

(However, this may change in time if the FTC ever decides to step in).

But my research strongly suggests that Instant Email Empire is a clone of other ‘outed’ scams.

So, it’s my personal opinion that in light of the overwhelming number of ‘red flags’.

You should NOT get involved with this product.

Because based on what I’ve discovered.

I feel that it’s incredibly likely that you’ll end up losing money with the Instant Email Empire system instead of making it.


  • None.


  • Strongly resembles scams of a similar ilk;
  • You’re unlikely to be paid your commissions;
  • Possible pyramid scheme;
  • Poor customer support;
  • Unlikely to work as advertised.

Have You Used Instant Email Empire?

Then I’d like to hear from you.

Are the emails just encouraging others to join up?

Did you get paid your commissions?

Have you been able to get a refund?

Let me know what happened in the comments section below.

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