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InfluEarn presents as a social media influencer platform but is really just a malicious data harvesting scam.



  • None.


  • Data harvesting scam.

Opinion Disclaimer: the content in this review is ultimately a reflection of my own opinions and is not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual, anyone, or anything.

Type:Data harvesting scam
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‘Influencer’ scams are rife on social media at the moment.

And in this InfluEarn review…

I’ll be revealing why this seemingly innocent way to make a bit of extra cash online is actually a malicious data harvesting scam in disguise.

And one that could result in the theft of your personal information.

Allow me to explain.

Screenshot of InfluEarn Website

Image source:

What is InfluEarn?

InfluEarn presents itself as a GPT (‘get paid to’) site.

That claims to offer you the following rewards:

  • $25 sign-up bonus;
  • $20 per friend referred;
  • $10 – $20 per task completed;
  • $15 per every Facebook live-stream/video/story added;
  • $2 per retweet of your post;
  • $15 per YouTube video uploaded.


If you think those earning claims sound way too good to be true…

You’d be absolutely correct.

How Does InfluEarn REALLY Work?

For reasons that I’ll reveal in the next section…

I can say with near 100% certainty that you will NEVER see a single penny that you’ll ‘earn’ with InfluEarn.

Because despite the professional appearance of InfluEarn’s website…

The whole thing has been set up to harvest your personal information…

So that it can be sold on to other companies, spammers, and even criminals.

Who’s Behind InfluEarn?

That’s a very good question.

Because although InfluEarn claims to be a subsidiary brand of InfluEarn, LLC that’s based out of New York…

I couldn’t find a single mention of their company anywhere else online.

Is InfluEarn a Scam or Legit?

In my opinion?

InfluEarn is a complete scam.

Here’s my reasoning…

Here’s Why InfluEarn is a Scam

The truth is that I’ve exposed this type of scam multiple times already.

Because if you check out my Kids Earn Cash, Money Rewards, Notion Cash, Viral Bucks, Viral Pay, and Viral Dollars reviews…

You’ll see that InfluEarn is simply a clone of these proven scams.

Here’s how the scam works.

1: Emphasis On Recruitment

Why does InfluEarn make such high earning claims?


They’re trying to trick you into sharing your affiliate link on social media to get as may people to sign up as possible.

Because the more user profiles the scammers can collect…

The more money they’ll make when they sell them on.

2: Details Lifted


It’s the details that you provide when you sign up that are collected and sold on.

However, in the case of LootBits….

Some people have claimed that they had hacking attempts made on their personal accounts.

Which was apparently the result of using the same passwords for the data harvesting site.

Screenshot of Gmail Hacking Attempt Warning


I can’t say for sure if InfluEarn will try to hack into your accounts directly.

But they may sell your details on to someone else who might.

3: CPA Profits

The ‘task wall’ is a common trait of these data harvesting scams.

Where you’re encouraged to complete surveys and download various apps with the promise of big rewards:

Screenshot of InfluEarns Task Wall

According to some…

The task wall is what apparently led to their personal accounts being hacked and their social media accounts spammed into oblivion:

Tweet That Proves Kids Earn Cash is a Scam

Either way…

One thing that I always notice when clicking through from the task wall is the affiliate character string on the resulting landing page.

This suggests to me that the scammers hold CPA (‘cost per action’) deals with the listed merchants.

Which means that they stand to make money if you click through and perform the desired action.

Making the whole thing kind of a ‘double scam’.

4: Payments Refused

Do you know what makes this type of scam so convincing?

That when you share your referral link….

Your ‘balance’ actually ‘increases’.

Leading many unsuspecting users to genuinely believe that they are making money.

For example, when I logged in…

It really looked like I’d gotten the $25 welcome bonus added to my earnings:

Screenshot of InfluEarn Dashboard

But sadly?

You’ll never actually be able to withdraw your earnings.

Because normally…

You’ll have your request denied due to ‘fraudulent referrals’ or some other fabricated reason.

And sometimes…

They’ll just close your account and ignore your emails.

I’ve never seen a single person actually get paid by any of these data harvesting influencer scams.

Tweet of ViralPay Payment Complaint

Conclusion: Avoid This Malicious Scam

I know that ‘guilt by association’ isn’t the most robust basis for an argument.

But it’s my honest opinion that given enough time…

The ‘cashout’ complaints will begin to surface on social media.

And InfluEarn will be exposed for the malicious data harvesting scam that it is.

The bottom line?

Stay well away from InfluEarn and its clone scam sites.


  • None.


  • Malicious scam.

What’s the Alternative?

In my experience?

Even the legitimate GPT sites like SwagBucks and 20 Cogs aren’t really worth bothering with.

Because the sums earned for the amount of time required is simply too little in my view.


I much prefer to put my focus on building and monetising my own websites.

Because once the initial work is done…

The income is generated ‘passively’.

Here for example….

By following the training over at Wealthy Affiliate…

I was able to generate more than $1,100 in affiliate sales in the first week of this month alone:


And if you click the button below…

I’ll explain how you can set up your own cash-producing website using 100% legitimate methods in my Wealthy Affiliate review.

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