Online gambling is a scam.

The whole industry is based on deception and exploitation.

If you’re trying to win money online by playing the lottery, buying ‘instant-win’ scratchcards, spinning the slots, or betting on your favourite football team every weekend.

Then you’re doomed.

Because for each lucky sod who wins the Mega Moolah Jackpot.

And every buffoon that bungles their way to riches on the National Lottery.

Millions are left out of pocket.

Each throwing good money after bad.

All hopelessly trying to land that life-changing win.

A Crooked Business Model

Ever wondered why you’ve never seen a poor bookie?

Or why Las Vegas doesn’t have a problem paying its electricity bill?

It’s because the gambling games that you’re playing are skewed to pay out less than what is mathematically fair.

This ensures that the ‘house’ takes in more money than it pays out over time.

Take American Roulette for example.

The addition of the double zero means that the house edge is 5.26%.

So you’ll lose £5.26 for every £100 that you bet on average.

Examples of Online Roulette

Why Sports Betting is a Mug’s Game

The house edge extends to sports betting too.

Where the bookmaker’s advantage is more formally called the ‘overround’.

Which means that if Manchester United have a ‘true’ 50% shot at beating Liverpool.

Rest assured that the bookmaker will be offering you a price that’s significantly worse than ‘evens’.

A Black Hole of Misery

Online gambling in the UK is the Wild West.

I find it absolutely astonishing that people are allowed to fire up their computer and dump their week’s wage (and more) into a ‘slot machine’ after a few beers.

Where house edges in excess of 10% on the most popular jackpot slots will see you burning a tenner for every £100 that you wager.

That’s one very expensive video game that you’re playing!

And the Worst Offenders?

Online bingo rooms.

Because whilst you’re busy chatting with your fellow ‘roomies’ and sprinkling ‘lucky dust’ on each other.

You’re quietly being fleeced out of your cash.

Thanks to house edges that can swell beyond the truly grotesque level of 40%.

Online Bingo Room Examples

Betting Loopholes – Tipping the Odds Back in Your Favour

But it’s not all bad news.

Because in order to drum up custom and keep people interested in betting.

The online bookmakers and casinos offer free bets and bonuses to both new and existing customers alike.

Such ‘freebies’ are often ‘loss-leaders’ for the betting establishments.

Which means that with the right strategies and techniques.

You can exploit these betting ‘loopholes’ to bank some low-risk profits.

Which is exactly what I’m going to show you how to do. 🙂

5 Low-Risk Ways to ‘Win’ Money Online in the UK

It’s definitely true that you can win money online for ‘free’ by entering competitions.

But ‘comping’ requires a lot of effort.

And there’s a super-high chance that you won’t win a damn thing!

‘Hope’ is never a good strategy for anything.

However, the five methods below are much more ‘high-percentage’.

In fact, strategies 1, 4, and 5 are almost certain to make you money.


Whilst the five strategies in this section are incredibly low-risk, you could still end up losing money if you make a mistake. Only bet with money that you can afford to lose. This is not financial advice. The results are based on my own experiences. I make no guarantees that you will experience the same levels of success. This post is for informational purposes only. By acting upon said information – either correctly or incorrectly – you take full responsibility for any and all outcomes. BeGambleAware.

#1: Cash Out the Bookmakers’ Welcome Bonuses

This is where the easy money is.

When you sign up to an online bookmaker, in most cases you’ll be eligible for a free bet if you first bet some of your own cash.

Most folks will just gamble their own money, punt the free bet, and hope for the best.

This isn’t smart.

Instead, we’re going to use the time-honoured strategy of matched betting to both remove the risk.

And secure a ‘guaranteed’ profit.

How to Remove the Risk

By using a betting exchange, we can bet against our bookmaker bets to cover them when they lose.

This means that we can place a bet with the bookmaker and safely qualify for the free bet that’s associated with the welcome offer without risking a loss.

For example, by placing a £10 ‘back bet’ with William Hill and ‘laying’ it off of the betting exchange.

I was able to claim £30 in free bets ‘risk-free’.

William Hill Matched Betting Offer

Locking in a Profit

Here’s the fun part.

Once you’ve got the free bet.

You can lock in a guaranteed profit from it.

To do this you’ll once again use a betting exchange to remove the risk.

But by using a matched betting calculator, you can size your exchange bet so that you’ll make an even profit no matter the result.

This process allows you to convert a free bet into real cash at around 70 – 85% of its face value.

For example, I was able to turn Bet365’s £100 welcome offer into £84 of cold, hard cash:

Free Bet Profit Bonus Sniper

How to Get Started With Matched Betting (The Easy Way)

I taught myself the basics of matched betting back in 2012.

And it was really hard.

Thankfully, there are loads of cheap tools now available to help make the job a million times easier.

Check out my Matched Betting Made Easy Guide.

And I’ll show you how to make up £1,000 from basic matched betting.

But WITHOUT the needless headaches and frustrations.

#2: Exploit the Bookmakers’ Ongoing Offers

Cashing out the bookmakers’ initial offers is just the beginning.

Because in an effort to keep you interested in gambling, you’ll be sent a stack load of profitable ‘existing offers’ via email.

And there are plenty more to get involved with directly via the bookmakers’ websites.

Many of which can be exploited for a profit too.

Simplify Your Life

But there’s little point in trawling through your inbox trying to find out which offers are worth doing.

When you can instead join a dedicated matched betting platform and have all the hard work done for you.

I follow the instructions on Profit Maximiser’s Daily Calendar to help me make the most amount of money in the least amount of time:

Profit Maximiser Daily Calendar Offers

For example, Profit Maximiser helped me bank around £500 in profit from World Cup free bets:

Matched Betting Profit Graph World Cup

Matched Betting Doesn’t Have to Be Boring!

Matched betting allows you to bank ‘guaranteed’ profits over and over again.

Which is all well and good.

But if you’re used to playing games of chance – this could get a little dry.

Thankfully, you can still retain some excitement thanks to the many matched betting ‘trigger refund’ offers.

And you’ll not have to worry about losing any money in the process either!

Here’s an example.

The 2-UP Offer – Big Profits for Minimal Risk

Both Bet365 and Paddy Power will pay out early on certain football matches if your selection goes two goals clear.

By backing and laying your team as per the basic matched betting protocol.

You can secure a potentially massive ‘double-payout’ when your team goes ‘2 up’ but then fails to win the game.

Because you’ll get paid by both the bookmaker and the betting exchange.

You can place some really big stakes on these games.

Which means that some matched bettors are banking £1,000s without having to worry about losing their initial stake:

Bet365 2 UP Offer Booms

How to Make £100s Each Month

Once you’ve banked around £500 – £1,000 from the bookmakers’ initial offers.

You’ll have enough cash to start making money from the bookmakers’ ongoing promotions.

I strongly advise that you make use of a matched betting service to reduce the leg-work.

Personally, I use Profit Maximiser because it was the first of it’s kind.

Meaning that it’s ahead of the curve when it comes to devising the latest advanced matched betting techniques.

Learn more in my Profit Maximiser Review.

#3: Profit from Accumulator Refund Promotions

Accumulator bets are big earners for the bookmakers.

Because for each ‘leg’ that you add to your ‘acca’ the bookmaker’s overround (edge) increases exponentially.

Say that you add eight selections to your accumulator.

Each with a 5% edge in favour of the bookmaker.

Because both the odds and the overrounds are multiplied together.

The bookmaker’s edge comes to nearly 50%!!!

Accumulator Overround Exponential Increase

Exploiting Accumulator Insurance Offers

In an effort to get you hooked on this style of betting.

Bookmakers will try to lure you in by offering accumulator ‘insurance’ offers.

Where they’ll refund your stake as a free bet if exactly one leg loses.

By using the Accumulator Generator software, we can ‘lay off’ each leg to remove the risk.

And claim the free bet when exactly one leg goes down.

We then cash out the free bet as normal to make a profit.

Advanced: AP Accas – Retain the Thrill

There is another way to profit from accumulators.

By using the ‘AP’ settings on the Accumulator Generator software, you can place ‘advantage play’ (AP) accumulators.

This strategy is NOT risk-free.

But you’ll make money over the long-run because the value of the refund plus the value of the selections picked out by the software is enough to beat the bookmaker’s overround.

You can definitely lose money with this technique.

So, you’ll have to stick to the bankroll and staking plan advised by Mike in the Accumulator Generator training.

Accumulator Generator AP Odds Feed

#4: Lock in a Profit From Pricing Errors

Matched betting isn’t the only way to beat the bookmakers at their own game.

Every day, the bookmakers make mistakes when they price up their sportsbooks.

This happens most frequently when the bookmakers set the odds for a horse ‘placing’.

Because by calculating the ‘place’ odds as a fixed fraction of the horse’s ‘win’ odds.

This creates a ‘place-market’ arbitrage opportunity.

Which we can exploit for a ‘guaranteed’ profit.

Back High – Lay Low

Matched betting requires you to ‘back’ with the bookmaker and ‘lay’ with the betting exchange to remove the risk.

But the actual profit itself comes from the free bet.

Place-market arbitrage doesn’t involve free bets at all.

Instead, the profit comes from the fact that the bookmaker’s place odds are ‘higher’ than the corresponding lay odds on the betting exchange.

We use an each-way arbitrage calculator to size our lay bets so that an even profit is returned no matter where the horse finishes.

Snipe Your Way to Easy Money

Place market arbitrage opportunities can come and go in the blink of an eye.

So, you’ll need the Each Way Sniper software to find the bets for you before they are gone.

Plus, with the integrated each-way arbitrage calculators, I can size my exchange bets perfectly in just a couple of clicks.

Allowing me to see exactly how much money I’ll make before I place a single bet:

Each Way Sniper Lay Calculator Profit Output

Advanced: Each Way Value System – Like Gambling But Different!

The Each Way Sniper software finds place-market value bets.

Which means that if you DON’T lay them off.

You’ll still make a profit over the long run because the bets will win more often than what the odds reflect.

Much like regular gambling, this is NOT risk-free.

Conversely, however, you’ll end up in profit after a large sample of bets because these value bets are beating the bookmakers’ overrounds.

You can use the ‘Advantage Play’ setting on the Each Way Sniper software to find the best value bets for this higher-risk strategy:

Each Way Sniper Advantage Play Filter

#5: Make Money from Win-Market Arbitrage Opportunities

Just as the bookmakers make mistakes with their place-market prices.

They sometimes offer too much value in the ‘win’ markets too.

And when the back odds creep above the corresponding lay odds on the betting exchange.

We can once again ‘back and lay’ to lock in a ‘guaranteed’ profit.

Fast Cash at a Cost

This is the fastest ‘no-risk’ way to make money online that I’ve ever used.

But it comes at a price.

The bookmakers will quickly restrict your betting accounts if you start ‘arbing’.

Rendering them otherwise useless for matched betting purposes.

Not bothered?

Then check out my Ultimate Arbitrage Betting Guide to get started.

Bonus: Two Advantage Gambling Strategies for Winning Money Online

Ignore the advanced AP Accumulator and Each Way Value systems.

And for the most part, the only way that you’ll lose money with the above strategies is if you make a mistake placing the bets.


If you’re willing to embrace the risk.

There are two more ways that you can make money from online betting establishments.

Through ‘casino matched betting’ and the use of ‘tipping services’.

Advantage Gambling vs Regular Gambling – What’s the Difference?

Due to the overrounds and the house edges, ‘pure gambling’ only benefits the betting establishments in the long term.

Advantage gambling, however, is the polar opposite.

By only ever taking bets that hold value for us, the players, WE will show a profit over the long run.

Casino matched betting achieves this by exploiting the equity of certain casino bonuses in order to beat the house edge.

And tipping services look to capitalise on the bookmakers’ overpriced selections.

Thus negating the overround.

Value and Variance

The only similarity between advantage gambling and regular gambling is the ‘variance’ (the ‘luck’ factor).

That is, regardless of the true value of the bet – there’s no way to know if it will win or lose in the short term.

However, over a large enough sample of bets, The Law of Large Numbers ensures that the cumulative value will manifest.

Which means that if you’ve just been gambling – you’ll show a loss.

But if you’ve been betting with a mathematical advantage – you’ll end up in profit.

The only thing that you can do to manage the short-term risks is to follow a strict bankroll and staking plan to ride out the ‘losing streaks’.

Take a look at this video by Veritasium to learn more about the difference between good bets (+EV) and bad bets (-EV):

#1: Casino Matched Betting

Just like the online bookmakers.

Casinos offer bonuses to encourage people to both join up and continue betting.

If a casino sets the wagering requirements too low.

And if we turn the bonus over on a game with a low enough house edge.

The bonus may hold value for us.

This is called ‘casino matched betting’ or sometimes ‘bonus whoring’.

How to Calculate the Value of a Casino Bonus

Here’s a quick formula for working out if a casino bonus is worth wagering through:

Value = bonus – (wagering requirements x house edge).

For example, a £100 casino bonus with a £2,000 wagering requirement turned over on a slot machine with a 4% house edge has a true value of £20 because:

£100 – (£2,000 x 0.04) = £20

This means that after wagering, we would EXPECT to be in profit by £20.

Of course, variance means that anything could happen in the short term.

But do enough offers that have a positive value, and the profit will even out in your favour.

The Profit Paradox

In the real world, you’ll be hard pushed to find an online casino that’s willing to give out a £100 bonus with only a 20x wagering requirement!

Because the casinos are pretty savvy to bonus abuse of this nature.

However, we can increase the value of some casino bonuses by upping our stake sizes and/or the volatility of the game we are using for the wagering.

Paradoxically, this increases both the risk of losing your money in the short term and the profit you are expected to make in the long run.

I won’t go into detail as to why this is the case because the maths is pretty complex.

How to Make Money from Casino Matched Betting

The profitable casino offers range from ‘risk-free’ free spins and 100% cash-back offers.

To the incredibly high-risk offers that I’ve just discussed.

Most matched betting platforms like OddsMonkey carry the low-risk stuff.

But Profit Maximiser is the only one that features the higher-yield casino offers.

Which is why Profit Maximiser members are the ones posting the biggest slot wins:

Profit Maximiser Casino Matched Betting Jackpot Win

It’s quite a few years ago now.

But one Profit Maximiser member nailed a £597,136.92 win from a 20p spin:

Profit Maximiser Jackpot Win

And there are plenty more folks banking £1,000s each month from the advanced casino matched betting offers.

Dead or Alive Slot Win

Personally, I’ve not been lucky enough to scoop wins of such magnitude.

But by grinding through the bonuses, I’ve managed to net more than £4,000 in profit from 1,176 offers:

Casino Profit vs EV Graph

Check out my Profit Maximiser Review to get started with the casino offers now.

#2: Tipping Services

I’ve already discussed how to exploit the bookmakers’ pricing mistakes using each-way and win-market arbitrage techniques.

But there’s another way.

You see, unlike fixed odds casino games, working out the ‘true’ odds of some sporting event happening can’t be done with 100% accuracy.

Yes, the bookmakers are generally very good at it.

But if you know enough about a particular sport you can often beat them at their own game.

Because if you can consistently find such ‘value betting’ opportunities – you’ll make money.

The downside?

Finding Value Bets is Really Hard!

The fallacy of ‘picking winners’ is what keeps the bookmakers in business.

Because as I’ve already explained, the overround ensures that the bookmaker collectively takes in more money than what’s paid out.

Which makes it super-difficult to find ‘real’ value bets.

But there’s an easier way.

Hire a Professional

A professional sports tipster will find the value bets for you.

And tell you how much to bet so that your bankroll is never in danger of busting.

Your job is to simply follow their instructions, place the bets, and collect the profits.

In theory.

Because this opens up a whole new problem.

Most Tipping Services Are Utter Crap

The vast majority of social media tipsters are scammers.

Many post tips with no value so that they can cash in on your losses when you sign up to a bookmaker with their affiliate links.

The independent subscription services aren’t much better either.

In the years that I’ve been reviewing sports tipsters, I’ve seen a lot of underhand tricks – like manipulating the past data to make the service look more profitable.

Even the guys that are trying to play it straight struggle.

I’ve lost count of the number of tipsters that started strong but couldn’t hold their form.

But there is an answer.

Betting Gods – High-Quality Tipsters You Can Trust

Here are some of the tipsters that I’ve used to make a profit with and are still going strong today:

And what do they all have in common?

They all operate out of the highly reputable Betting Gods tipster stable.

Betting Gods have a great score on Trustpilot:

Betting Gods Reviews on Trustpilot

If you want to make money from sports betting.

Then I’d highly recommend that you enlist the help of a reliable tipster.

Check out my full Betting Gods Review to learn how to find your ideal tipster.

Conclusion: Stop Gambling – Start Winning

The gambling industry is rigged to bleed you of your cash.

But as the above strategies illustrate – there are glitches and loopholes in the system that you can exploit.

The secret is to ONLY ever bet when the odds are mathematically stacked in your favour and avoid betting willy-nilly.

I highly recommend that you start with the low-risk matched betting stuff to build up your bankroll.

Because if you jump straight in with the casino and tipping service stuff too soon.

There’s always the chance that you could fall back into the recreational gambling frame of mind.

Don’t do that.

Just stick with what’s proven to work.

Make use of the profitable betting loopholes that are currently available whilst you still can.

Because they might not be around forever.

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