In this post, I’m going to do two things:

1: Show you how to make money with your Skrill account via the PaySafe Skrill affiliate programme;

2: Show you how to double your affiliate commission from 10% to 20%.

This will also bypass Skrill’s £100 ‘refer a friend’ earnings cap.

Thus allowing you to generate unlimited revenue from each of your referrals.

Let’s begin.

This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you click a link and buy something, we might make money. This is at NO extra cost to yourself. But it helps to keep this website up and running. 🙂

What is Skrill?

Skrill (once known as ‘Moneybookers’) is a payment service that allows you to pay for goods and services online.

It’s a bit like PayPal.

You can deposit and withdraw funds to and from your Skrill eWallet.

The eWallet can then be used to make online payments.

You can also receive money from friends, family, and online merchants too.

How Skrill Works

What Are the Advantages of Skrill?

Speed and security.

When you make an online payment, the merchant engages with Skrill’s secure encryption protocols.

Meaning that your personal bank account details are never revealed.

Plus, you can use Google Authenticator to add a second layer of security to protect the funds in your Skrill eWallet.

If you’re withdrawing money from online bookmakers and casinos for the purposes of arbitrage betting or matched betting.

Then your withdrawals will usually be processed in hours rather than days if you use Skrill.

This means that you can turn your bankroll over faster.

Thus, making you more money in less time.

You can open a Skrill account here.

What is the Skrill Refer a Friend Programme?

Skrill will give you 10% of the money generated in transaction fees for anyone that you refer via your ‘referral’ link.

Your link can be found by going to ‘Settings’ > ‘Referrals Programme’:

Skrill Refer a Friend Programme

But before you start using your link.

There are some downsides to the ‘Skrill Refer a Friend Programme’ that you should know about.

The Drawbacks

There are two problems.

Your earnings for each referral will be capped at £100.

And you’ll only earn 10% commission for each referral – when 20% is available.

I’ll explain how to fix both issues in step three below.

How to Make Money With Your Skrill Account in 7 Steps

The easiest way to make money with your Skrill account is to use it to fund your matched betting and arbitrage betting activities.

As I’ve already discussed.

But you can also use your Skrill account to generate a recurring passive income too.

The most effective way to do this is by setting up a website and then drive targeted organic traffic to it.

And for each one of your visitors that joins Skrill via your affiliate links and starts moving money around.

You’ll earn 20% of the cumulative fees they generate each month.

Wait – Is That Ethical?


Because your referrals are not being charged anything extra.

Skrill is simply giving you a cut of what they would charge that user anyway.

Here’s how to start making money with your Skrill account in seven steps.

1: Pick a Niche

The first thing that you need to do is identify a niche (a group of people) who can benefit from Skrill’s services.

Typically, people who are involved in online betting can benefit from Skrill’s speed and security advantages the most.

Here are a few betting niches that can use Skrill and are likely to generate a lot of transaction fees:

  • Poker players;
  • Casino players;
  • Arbitrage bettors;
  • Betfair traders.

Do You Need Help Picking a Niche?

Then work through Lesson 3 of the first level of Wealthy Affiliate’s Online Entrepreneur Training.

Level 1 is 100% FREE.

And you’ll learn how to pick a profitable niche that you can make money in (even if you decide not to promote Skrill).

I’ve also got a fair bit of experience in the online betting niche.

So, feel free to leave your questions at the end of the post and I’ll do my best to help.

How to Actually Get Referrals

You can’t just throw up a website, pack it full of affiliate links, and expect to start making money.

People are only going to click your affiliate links and join up if:

a) The action is a logical solution to their problem;

b) They trust you.

Solve Appropriate Problems

You can kill these two birds with one stone by creating keyword driven blog posts that solve a specific problem in your niche.

For example, helping recreational poker players beat the micro stakes.

To check that people are actually searching for a problem, type the keyword into a keyword tool and check that it gets more than 50 searches per month.

You can generate loads of associated keyword ‘problems’ that you can create awesome content around by using Jaaxy’s Alphabet Soup tool.

2: Build a Quality Website

To get accepted into the Skrill affiliate programme that gets you 20% commissions – you’ll need to have a website.

Which is fine.

Because having your own website is the best way to capture targeted traffic that you can sell to.

No matter which niche you are building a business in.

Don’t worry if you’re not technically minded.

Because Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteRubix platform means that ANYONE can build a professional looking website in just a few clicks.

With no coding knowledge required!

Learn how to build a profit-ready website in less than 30 seconds here.

SiteRubix Website Builder

3: Open a Skrill Affiliate Account – With PaySafe (Important!)

To bypass the £100 earnings cap and double your lifetime commissions from 10% to 20%.

You’ll need to do TWO things in this exact order:

1: Open a PERSONAL Skrill account here to get your Skrill ID;

2: Join the PaySafe Skrill affiliate program using THIS link.

PaySafe Affiliates for Skrill and Neteller

Getting Your Skrill Affiliate Application Accepted

You’ll need the Skrill ID from your personal account to open your Skrill affiliate account.

Then, you’ll need to have your Skrill application accepted by your affiliate manager before you can get your enhanced affiliate links and banners.

(If you want to promote Neteller too – you’ll need to fill out a separate application for that also).

If you’ve already set up a niche website and created some appropriate content as outlined in steps one and two above.

This shouldn’t be a problem.

4: Get Your Tracking Links

Once you’ve had your application accepted.

You can then get access to your unique Skrill affiliate links and banners:

Skrill Affiliate Links Dashboard

These links will get you the enhanced 20% commission rate:

Skrill Enhanced 20 Percent Commission Rate

5: Create a Skrill Review

You shouldn’t pack your Skrill affiliate links (or any affiliate links) into every page on your website.

Not only does this look ‘spammy’.

Google won’t rank your website as well in the search engines.

Which means less traffic.

And – ironically – fewer conversions.

Instead, you should create a centralised Skrill review that contains your affiliate links.

You can then link back to your review to get your commissions.

6: Drive Traffic to Your Skrill Review

How do you get people to land on your Skrill review page with the intent to sign up?

By SHOWING them HOW Skrill can solve one of their problems.

You’ll do this in a separate article using an appropriate ‘low competition’ keyword in the title.

This will ensure that your post will rank well in Google and help your ideal visitor find your solution.

For example, the Jaaxy Keyword Tool is telling me that the exact phrase ‘Skrill vs PayPal’ gets 160 searches each month on average:

Skrill vs PayPal

And there are only 54 other websites competing for that exact term.

Which means that you could quite easily rank on the first page of Google by writing relevant content around that keyword.

You can also add extra bits to make the term more specific to your niche.

For example, ‘Skrill vs PayPal – Which One is Better for Online Poker?’

(The answer is Skrill – because PayPal tends to inexplicably close users’ accounts that frequently deposit to gambling websites!).

This is called making the keyword ‘long-tailed’.

And this specificity is the key to acquiring website visitors with a specific intent.

Which you can then leverage by funnelling them to your monetised review pages.

7: Scale

Driving targeted traffic to your website and optimising for conversions.

Those are the two keys to success in any online business.

Ideally, you’ll want to have other affiliate programs in place too.

So that you can provide more monetised solutions for your niche.

Expect to create at least 2-3 keyword focused articles each week for 3-6 months before you start to see good traffic and some sign ups.

This might sound like a lot of work (and it is).

But once your website is making money – you’ll be earning a passive income that you could leverage for years to come.

(See my personal example below).

And there’s nothing to stop you repeating the same process in another niche.

Thus creating multiple streams of passive income for you. 🙂

Open Your Skrill Accounts Here to Start Earning

Ready to start making money with your Skrill account?

Then here’s what you need to do now:

1: Open your personal Skrill account here;

2: Join the PaySafe Skrill affiliate program here.

Conclusion: Build an Online Business in ANY Niche

Wealthy Affiliate Logo

Monetising Skrill’s affiliate programme is just one way to make a passive income online.

But the truth is that you can make money in just about any niche.

The secret is to solve ONE core problem in that niche really well and then expand from there.

For example, I use Online Income Solutions to show people how to make money online.

I then address multiple sub-problems in each of my keyword driven articles.

For example, I cover how to make money using low-risk betting strategies, affiliate marketing, by selling your own products, and more.

But it all boils down to helping people solve a highly emotive problem:

That of making money online. 

Join Wealthy Affiliate for FREE and Grow Your Business

If you’ve decided that making money with Skrill isn’t for you.

I strongly encourage you to still go ahead and build an online business in a niche that DOES interest you.


Because you could quite easily end up earning money creating content around something you love.

For example, my niche betting website earned me $10,893.77 in passive income last year:

ClickBank Affiliate Paycheck Earnings

And despite the fact that I no longer update that website.

That asset is still making me money in 2018.

With ZERO further work on my part.

How Did I Do It?

I simply implemented Wealthy Affiliate’s Online Entrepreneur Training to the letter.

Which is what I advise you do if you want to replicate (and surpass!) my results.

Click the button below to read my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

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