Do you want to learn how to make money with affiliate links?


Although I personally believe that affiliate marketing is the most realistic way for the average person to make good money online.

I think that most people fail with affiliate marketing because they don’t have a clear and proven plan to follow.

The outcome?

They give up after a few months because they didn’t see ‘instant’ results.

Because making money with affiliate links isn’t as easy as spamming some Facebook group.

Or buying a ‘done for you’ system that places too many restrictions on your business.

But fear not.

Because I’m going to show you the EXACT 5-step formula that I personally follow to make money using affiliate links on Online Income Solutions.

For example, just the other day I made $108 in ‘passive income’ from a single affiliate commission via the Wealthy Affiliate referral scheme:

Screenshot of an Affiliate Commission from Wealthy Affiliate

This proves that my ‘affiliate funnel’ works.

All I need to do now is scale it to increase my earnings over time.

And the good news?

Despite what many of the online gurus would have you believe.

Becoming a successful affiliate marketer isn’t rocket science.

But if you take the wrong path early on.

You can end up wasting a lot of time (it took me a few years to figure it out).

That’s why in addition to following the 5-steps below.

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Your 5-Step Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

As I just said.

This is the precise 5-point formula that I personally use to make money from affiliate marketing.

I’ve not gone overboard with the details at this stage.

Because I want you to just focus on the absolute essentials without getting overwhelmed.

Here we go!

1: Find a Problem to Solve

Your first job is to find a ‘niche’.

A niche is a group of people looking for a solution to a specific problem.

The aim is to help them fix this problem with products that you’re affiliated with so that you can make money.


There’s one CRITICAL thing that you need to know.

You’re in the business of HELPING and NOT SELLING!

Successful affiliate marketers can ‘sell without selling’.

And the way that I do this is by creating free content that helps people in the ‘make money online’ niche.

For example:

In this very guide that you’re reading right now; I’m showing you how to make money with affiliate links.

But I also review online money-making products to help people avoid scams and ultimately find something that works for their needs.

And whilst I do include affiliate links in some of these posts.

Promotion is NOT my primary focus.

Because my aim is to provide real value for my website visitors regardless of whether or not I’ll make money from them.

This builds trust.

And trust eventually leads to revenue over time.

So, that’s one way to ‘sell without selling’ as an affiliate marketer.

How to Find a Problem to Solve

I used to over-complicate this step.

But the process is simple:

Just follow a proven market.

Your job as an affiliate marketer is NOT to try and reinvent the wheel.

Simply pick a market where people are already spending money on products to solve their problems.

And how do you do that?

The first step is to think of a general topic.

Such as ‘health’, ‘money’, or ‘relationships’.

Those are too broad to tackle on their own.

So ‘niche down’ to find a specific problem set.

For example, I’ve focused on making money – but online.

(Although that’s still pretty broad in my opinion).

What about demographics?

I’ve personally found that ‘conversions’ (‘sales’) increase when I get really specific on who I’m trying to help.

Because when someone lands on your website and thinks ‘this is EXACTLY what I’m looking for’.

Trust goes UP.

And so do sales.

So, it can often be useful to create a persona of your ‘ideal customer’ and the problem that you’re going to help them solve.

This will ensure that your content has a better chance of resonating with them.

Use this formula to help you:

‘I help [ideal customer][solve core problem] by [your solution]’.

Here’s mine:

I help [people* looking for ways to make money online][find their ideal product or strategy without getting scammed] by [providing honest reviews and helpful guides].

Can you target multiple demographics?

I do.

But it’s probably easier just to stick with one to begin with.

However, be aware that big problems such as ‘making money online’ could theoretically end up targeting just about everyone.

*(Which is why I said ‘people’ looking for ways to make money online – rather than ‘stay at home mums’ or something more targeted).

This potential for ‘crossover’ is good for future growth in my view.

Because it allows you to remain in business when ‘sub-niches’ begin to wane.

(Matched betting being an example in the ‘make money online’ space).

But remember that specificity is likely to yield better results initially.

How to Monetise Your Solutions

Don’t forget about this part!

Once you’ve found the core problem that you’re going to solve.

You need to find some high quality solutions with affiliate programmes.

For example, some of my top affiliated products can be found on the ClickBank network.

Or, simply type the name of your niche + ‘affiliate programme’ into Google to find other networks.

For example ‘fitness equipment + affiliate program’.

I strongly suggest that you just focus on one or two high quality affiliate products initially.

You can add more later.


Subscribe to my FREE email course here.

And I’ll walk you through the process of picking a niche in more detail.

2: Build Your Website

Having your own website is critical.

Because it allows you to capture traffic from various sources (more on this soon).

And then funnel them towards your affiliate offers.


You DON’T need to be a geek to set up a website!

I’m a total tech dunce.

Yet I’m still able to run my own profitable website with NO coding skills.

I’ve already written a guide that shows you how to build your own website from scratch for minimal effort.

Check it out here:

How to Build a Profit-Ready WordPress Website in Under 30 Seconds.

3: Get Free Traffic With SEO

Traffic is the lifeblood of the affiliate marketer.

Because without it?

You won’t have anyone to click your affiliate links and potentially make a purchase.

But that’s not all.

The traffic needs to be TARGETED.

Because this means that the people that find your content are likely to click your affiliate links and buy the product.

And whilst you can do this effectively using YouTube and even Pinterest.

I personally prefer to use SEO (‘Search Engine Optimisation’) strategies to capture traffic from the search engines like Google and Bing.


Because I can do it for FREE and the traffic is sustainable.


Google do play around with their algorithms which can cause peaks and troughs.

But if you follow the proper SEO guidelines.

Then you can unlock a flood of free and targeted traffic around the clock.

For example, you can see that I’ve captured nearly 2,000 clicks from Google alone in the last 7 days:

Screenshot of Organic Traffic to My Website from Google Search Console

Mastering SEO isn’t as difficult as it sounds.

Check out my guide to getting started here:

The Ultimate SEO Guide: How to Get Your Website on the First Page of Google.

4: Write Product Reviews

Product reviews form the backbone of my ‘sales’ strategy.


Because I’m capturing ‘buyer intent’.

Which means that such individuals are thinking about parting with their money.

This allows me to step in with my affiliate links and potentially capture commissions.

But this only works if the review is honest and helpful.

Many ‘launch jackers’ and novice affiliates will typically remix the product’s sales page and then wonder why they don’t make any money!


The aim of your product reviews is to help your ideal customer make a better buying decision.

Which means that it should read the same with or without the presence of your affiliate links.

Personally, I like to try the product out for myself to give the best possible review.

But this isn’t absolutely essential.

You can use research to consolidate key points and findings to add value for your visitor.

How do you write a good review?

Check out this guide that I’ve written here:

How to Make Money Writing Product Reviews Online in 5 Steps.

5: Create an Email Course

Building an email list is critical for your long term success as an affiliate.

Because it allows you to potentially make money over and over again from the same leads.

But you need to do this the right way.

Because spamming your list with offers just isn’t going to work.

You need to see your email list as a way of building your relationship with your audience.

And what’s the best way to do that?

By creating an email course.

I personally prefer email courses over ‘one-time’ lead magnets like eBooks.

Because email courses allow for repeated points of contact.

Which is better for relationship building.

Plus, the ‘course’ format is perfect for ‘showing’ your subscribers HOW your affiliated products can HELP them solve their problem.

Rather than going on your word alone.

This makes ‘selling’ so much easier.

Need to see an example?

Then subscribe to my Online Money Making Masterclass.

And you’ll see first hand how I structure my points of contact, integrate my links, and craft my copy.

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Conclusion: Keep it Simple and Scale


Affiliate marketing is a vast and potentially overwhelming subject.

But I’ve personally managed to find success by simplifying the entire process.

Which pretty much boils down to this algorithm:

1: Identify the core problems in your niche;

2: Find affiliate products that genuinely help your niche fix said problems;

3: Build your website;

4: Drive targeted traffic to your reviews and guides;

5: Help – don’t sell;

6: Build your email list;

7: Scale.

The 7th point is key.

Because once you know what works.

You can just keep doing it to increase your results.

Diversification comes later. 🙂

Bonus: Get Support From Other Affiliate Marketers

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And I failed miserably.

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