Here’s the problem with those ‘paid’ online survey sites and click-work jobs:

You’ll make pennies on the hour.

And it’s even harder to earn anywhere near the national minimum wage when you’re being paid in skincare vouchers!

Unfortunately, in my experience, finding a legitimate work from home job is no easy task.

Even going through a professional job-site like Indeed usually brings me full circle to some bullshit MLM (‘multi-level marketing’) scam.

The closest that I’ve gotten to finding a genuine online job is that of being a ‘search engine evaluator’.

However, I’ve discovered that even after jumping through the required registration hoops and getting ‘approved’.

Finding consistent work through these platforms has so far proved to be impossible.

My Top 3 Ways to Make Money Online – No Surveys or Scams!

To be honest.

I’ve pretty much given up trying to ‘work’ for someone else.

Whether that be in a real 9-5 job, as a freelancer, or getting paid peanuts to complete menial online tasks.

In my opinion, working for someone else is a scam.

Because as an employee, you’re simply there to be leveraged and exploited by the company to generate money and make the owners rich.

And you could be given the boot at any time.

A Better Way

I think it’s sad that people struggle through their entire working lives falsely believing that a J.O.B (‘just over broke’) is their only option.

Because the internet has changed the way we can make money.

You just need to know what’s worth your time and what isn’t.

So, here are my personal top three picks for making money online that actually work.

(Without touching Swagbucks, Freelancer, or Clickworker!).

1: Matched Betting – The UK’s Top Online Earner

This has been my bread and butter since 2012.

If you’re over 18 and live in the UK or Ireland, then you can make good money cashing out the online bookmakers’ free bets for a profit.

This process is called matched betting.

And no.

It’s not gambling.

Matched betting is rooted in proven mathematics.

If you don’t believe me, check out these matched betting formulas.

In the last few months, I’ve personally banked north of £1,700 with matched betting:

Profit Maximiser Free Bet Profit Graph

Matched Betting – The Answer to Students Prayers?

That’s what the Huffington Post asked back in 2013.

When Owen Burek made £800 by exploiting the bookmakers’ free bets and bonuses.

And since then, matched betting’s popularity has soared in the UK.

With several dedicated matched betting platforms like OddsMonkey, Matched Bets, and Profit Maximiser springing up.

Each showing you how to start making money from matched betting with no prior betting experience.

And it’s not just students who are cashing in.

Pretty much anyone who’s old enough to place bets in the UK or Ireland can make money with matched betting.

How Much Money Can Be Made?

In terms of profit – matched betting is top heavy.

Because you can make up to £1,000 right off the bat by cashing out the free bets that you get when you sign up to an online bookmaker’s website.

And whilst things slow down a bit after that.

You could still earn up to £500 or more each month from the free bets that are associated with the bookmaker accounts that you’ve already opened.

For example, when I log into my Matched Bets account, I can see right away exactly how much each free bet is worth in real money by looking at the ‘expected profit’ figure:

All I need to do then is click on ‘instructions’ to find out the exact steps that I need to take to make the ‘expected profit’ figure:

Matched Bets Offer Instructions

Once you’ve worked your way through all of the initial offers.

You’ll have a nice bankroll to work with.

You can then use this to start cashing in on the daily bookmaker offers to keep your earnings topped up.

This is where the Matched Bets Daily Calendar comes in:

Matched Bets Daily Calendar

It has all of the profitable offers for that day listed for you.

Complete with instructions for making money:

Matched Bets BetSid Calendar Offer

Why is Matched Betting Superior to Online Surveys?

It won’t take you long to make upwards of £500 from matched betting.

How long would it take to make the same amount from online surveys?

You’d probably die of starvation first!

Matched betting has the highest relative hourly earnings rate that I’ve ever come across.

Which is why matched betting is my #1 online money-making solution if you live in the UK.

What’s the Best Way to Learn Matched Betting?

There are loads of free and premium resources available online that will teach you how to matched bet.

I recommend taking a look at my Ultimate Matched Betting Guide for Beginners for a comprehensive overview.

Alternatively, if you’d like to cut to the chase and start making money ASAP.

Check out my Quickstart Guide to Matched Betting to hit the ground running.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments section below.

2: Affiliate Marketing – Bank Passive Income

Matched betting is the best direct alternative to online surveys because you’re trading your time for a greater sum of money.

The only downside is that it only really works in the UK.

Yes, matched betting can work in Australia, Sweden, South Africa and some parts of Europe too.

But the profitability starts to fluctuate due to the variation in the number and the value of the free bets on offer.

And matched betting won’t work at all if you live in the USA, Canada, and pretty much everywhere else.

Thankfully, affiliate marketing can be used to make money online worldwide.

And you can get started for free.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is basically getting paid to recommend other companies’ products to people.

For example, if you bought an awesome laptop on Amazon, you could recommend that product to other people and earn a commission on every sale via the Amazon Associates programme.

That’s just one example.

There are literally millions of products that you can promote to BILLIONS of people.

Are you starting to see the earning potential here?

How the Affiliate Marketing Process Works Infographic

Why is Affiliate Marketing Better than Online Surveys?

I’m not going to lie.

It takes a good few months to start making any sort of money from affiliate marketing.

Yes, you can try and get your friends to join up via your affiliate links.

And maybe you’ll get lucky on social media or YouTube.

But to make consistent money from affiliate marketing you’ll need to drive organic traffic to your own website.

This takes time.

But the amount of money that you can earn long-term from affiliate marketing can be life-changing:

Six Figure ClickBank Paycheck Examples

Image source:

What’s the Best Way to Learn Affiliate Marketing?

Not on your own – that’s for sure!

That’s what my own experience has led me to conclude.

Because I spent years spinning my wheels trying to succeed with affiliate marketing by reading free guides and formulating my own ideas.

And I hardly made a penny.

But thankfully, there’s no need for you to repeat my mistakes.

Because there’s a proven formula for affiliate marketing success.

When I followed Wealthy Affiliate’s Online Entrepreneur Training – I made affiliate sales like this:

ClickBank Affiliate Paycheck Earnings

Ok, not the bank-busting sums that the pros are making.

But the point is that what I learned at Wealthy Affiliate works.

In fact, one member built a $1,000,000+ business from scratch using what he learned with Wealthy Affiliate:

Doms Wealthy Affiliate Success Story

And there are plenty more folks pulling in a full-time income each month:

Wealthy Affiliate Commission Earnings

Image credit: Eddy’s $10,640,56 in one month Wealthy Affiliate success story.


Then check out my full Wealthy Affiliate review.

And I’ll explain how you can get started for FREE.

3: Selling Digital Products – Huge Earning Potential

Once you’ve got your affiliate website up and running.

You’ll have created your own piece of brandable online real-estate that you can leverage for many years to come.

And once you’ve built up your authority in your niche, you’ll be in a position where people will trust you enough to buy from you.

This is where the online ‘gurus’ like Pat Flynn, Ramit Sethi, and Neil Patel make big bucks:

Selling their own products, courses, and services online.

But before you jump the gun.

Make Sure You Create Something that Actually Sells!

When it comes to selling products and services online.

Everyone thinks that they need to come up with something that no one has ever seen before.

And that’s the exact mistake that I made when I tried to develop and launch my own series of online betting courses for gamblers.

I totally misjudged the market.

Because gamblers don’t really want to learn about betting.

They want software that either makes analysis easier – or simply finds the profitable bets for them!

Here’s how to avoid making such a fatal mistake when creating your first product.

Never Assume – Always Validate

First, you’ll need to identify a problem that needs solving.

You can do this by analysing the questions that you get on your website and by deeply immersing yourself in your chosen niche.

Next, you’ll need to come up with a solution that’s viable.

Never assume that you know what your audience wants – this is a monumental error.

Instead, you should analyse the market to check that there’s actually a demand for what you’re going to offer.

Then think about how your product is going to create more value for your audience than what your competitors are currently offering (define your ‘unique selling proposition’).

And do all of this BEFORE you start creating your product!

ClickBank University Vendor Training 12 Week Lesson Plan

Image: Part of the ClickBank University Vendor Training 12-Week lesson plan.

Are You a Solopreneur Creating Your First Ever Digital Product?

Then keep it simple and start small.

Try testing the waters with something like an eBook or a short course.

So that if you don’t get it right immediately – you won’t have lost too much time and money.

You can even use sites like Udemy for a quick route to market to gauge interest.

And I STRONGLY suggest that you follow Justin Atlan’s 12-Week Vendor Training before you start the development phase.

Because the included product creation framework could save you from a lot of needless stress and problems.

Check out my ClickBank University Review to get started creating your own products the right way.

Justin Presenting the ClickBank University Vendor Training

Image: Justin presenting the ClickBank University Vendor Training module.

Conclusion: Ditch the Paid Surveys for Good

Like I said.

I’m pretty much done with ‘paid’ online surveys and click-work jobs.

Most of my time is now split between matched betting and building my online affiliate business.

My advice is that if you’re from the UK and over 18.

Get involved with matched betting NOW.

Because the relative hourly rate is better than anything else currently out there.

Next: Think Seriously About Starting Your Own Online Business

Once you’re confident cashing out the bookmakers’ free bets and you’ve got some money coming in.

I’d recommend looking at affiliate marketing.

Because this is probably the most accessible and realistic way to earn good money online passively in the long-term.

Once you’ve created a website that’s making money, you can take your foot off the gas whilst you start another affiliate website.

Keep doing this until you have several websites that are making you money in multiples niches.

This creates multiple streams of passive income and gives you some financial stability.

Click the button to learn the basics of affiliate marketing with Wealthy Affiliate for FREE.

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