To be honest.

It’s taken me quite a long time to really believe that Bet365’s ‘Early Payout’ and Paddy Powers’ ‘2UP’ promotions are the most profitable ongoing matched betting offers that we’ve ‘had in years’.

Simply because I’ve been waiting for what seems like an eternity for the refund to ‘trigger’ enough value.

But that’s exactly what happened the other day.

Because I was able to bank a £160.05 profit on one game from a very modest £50 back bet:

2UP Calculator Lock In Example

And I also locked in a further £24.66 from a second game playing at the same time.

Then last night – I secured another £28.72 by cashing out my lay bet early.

So in this ‘2UP’ matched betting offer strategy guide.

I’ll be walking you through the entire money-making process in 4 simple steps.

And giving you my top 2UP tips for success.

What Are ‘2UP Offers?’

Both Bet365 and Paddy Power will settle your bet as a winner if the team that you’ve backed goes two goals clear at any point during ‘normal time’.

This only applies to bets placed in the ‘full-time result’ market.

Obviously, betting on the draw won’t count.

Bets must be placed pre-match.

And fully cashed out bets will not qualify.

Bet365 have no maximum payout.

Paddy Power will only pay out early up to the value of £2,500.

This offer applies to selected games as follows:


  • English Premier League;
  • English Championship;
  • English FA Cup;
  • English EFL Cup;
  • Spanish Primera Liga;
  • Italian Serie A;
  • German Bundesliga;
  • GROUP STAGE of the UEFA Champions League;
  • GROUP STAGE of the UEFA Europa League.

Paddy Power:

  • English Premier League;
  • Spanish Primera Liga;
  • GROUP STAGE of the UEFA Champions League.

Other 2UP Offers

Between Bet365 and Paddy Power, you can also profit from these early payout variations using this guide:

1: NFL 14UP

2: Rugby Union 14UP

3: Tennis 2UP

Where Does the Profit Come From?

You back and lay an eligible team to cover all possible outcomes.

Just as you would for a normal ‘qualifying’ matched bet.

And if your team goes two goals clear but then fails to win the game.

You’ll be paid out by BOTH the bookmaker AND the betting exchange.

If you’ve ever done the horse racing and golf extra-places matched betting offers – you’ll be familiar with this ‘double payout’ profit structure.

But as I’ll shortly explain, it’s often possible to use a ‘2UP calculator’ to lock in a profit once the early payout has been triggered.

More on this in the next section.

Are 2UP Offers Worth Doing?


But you’ll need to commit to placing at least 200 – 300 2UP bets to really see the value of these offers.

Because the refund only triggers around 1-3% of the time on average.

However, just one ‘boom’ can see you bank profits into the £100s or even £1,000s if you’re betting using larger stakes:

Bet365 2 UP Offer Booms

2UP and In-Play Offer Combined Benefits

As you probably already know.

Bet365’s In-Play Offer is an excellent opportunity to bank around £35 in guaranteed cash each time it runs.

But this is only true if you’re being offered the full £50 free bet.

Because it’s quite common to be offered just £10 or £25 on new accounts.

But doing the Early Payout Offer with £50 – £100 stakes seems to be a reliable way to qualify for the full £50 free bet in future.

How to Make Money from 2UP Offers in 4 Steps

The process is very simple.

Basically, you just keep backing and laying selections for ‘no risk’ until the early payout is triggered.

You can then either let the lay bet run and hope that your selection doesn’t win.

Or you can use a 2UP calculator to cash out your lay bet and lock in a guaranteed profit – if the in-play back odds are high enough.

Here’s a more detailed explanation of each step.

1: Check That You’re Eligible

The 2UP offers won’t work on gubbed accounts.

You’ll need to see the offer in your ‘promotions’ section to be eligible.

Or have received an email invite.

2: Find a Qualifying Selection

The next step is to find a qualifying selection to back and lay for ‘no risk’.

It’s absolutely crucial that you keep your ‘qualifying losses’ to a minimum with this offer.

Taking poor odds matches will kill your profits.

Personally, I try to lose no more than £2 – £3 for every £100 in back bets placed.

You can either find qualifying bets manually or by using special ‘2UP matched betting software’.

Here’s an overview of each method.

Manually – Exploit the Weight of Money to Get ‘Exact Matches’

Normally, I’ll look for qualifying selections manually.

Because I can often find ‘gaps’ or areas in the exchange markets where the weight of money is skewed so that my lay bet has a good chance of getting matched at better odds – without falling victim to a strong drift.

For example, here there’s only £48 in ‘lay’ money waiting to be matched on the backers’ side of the book for Everton at 1.62:

Betfair Exchange Markets Weight of Money

This means that I’ve got a pretty good chance of getting a £50 or even a £100 lay bet matched at 1.62.

(But only if there’s enough time before the event goes in-play and the game is attracting a lot of betting action).

Plus, there’s £620 in ‘back’ money waiting to be matched on the lay side of the book at 1.63.

This provides a bit of a ‘buffer’ relative to the weight of money at 1.62.

Which may stop the price drifting out (depending on market volatility).

If I’d backed Everton with Bet365 or Paddy Power at 1.62 and gotten my lay bet matched at 1.62 also.

This would be an example of an ‘exact match’.

Exact matches are good for minimising your qualifying losses.

Software – Save Time and Minimise Mistakes

Alternatively, you can use odds matching software that only displays selections that are eligible for the 2UP offers.

For example, Profit Accumulator have individual odds feeds that display at the foot of the 2UP offer instruction pages for both Bet365 and Paddy Power:

2UP Odds Matching Software From Profit Accumulator

This can save you a lot of time.

And potentially help you avoid placing a bet on a game that doesn’t qualify by mistake.

3: Place Your Qualifying Bet

Have you found a suitable selection?

Then all you need to do is place a standard back and lay qualifying bet – as you already know how to do from your basic matched betting training.

You can do this using any regular matched betting calculator.

Or the ‘Pre-Event’ section of Profit Accumulator’s ‘Early Payout Calculator’:

Profit Accumulator's Early Payout Calculator

How Much Should You Bet?

As far as stake sizes go.

The bigger the back bet – the more you’ll make.

Personally, I like to bet £50 – £100 on average.

Sometimes I’ll drop this down to £25 if I’m betting at longer odds because the bookmakers don’t like taking on a lot of liability (which can lead to early gubbings).

Or I might go up to £200 if I’m backing below 2.0.

But there are folks who’ll place bets of £1,000 or more to maximise their profits from these 2UP offers.

4: Making Money – Locking In vs Letting It Run

Has your team gone two goals clear?

Then the first thing that you need to do is physically check that Bet365 or Paddy Power have actually credited your account.

Bet365 will send you a message but don’t rely on this because there’s usually a delay.

I prefer to watch the game and then refresh my balance once the trigger has been hit to check that the bet has been settled early as a winner.

It can take up to 15 minutes for the money to be credited sometimes.

Got Your Early Payout?

Now you have a decision to make.

You can either let the lay bet run and hope that your selection doesn’t win the game.

Or cash out your lay bet for a smaller but guaranteed profit.

I’ll explain exactly how to cash out your lay bet in just a moment.

Here’s a bit more detail regarding your options.

i) Letting the Lay Bet Run

This ‘set and forget’ option is the best strategy if you don’t have the time to be sitting around watching the odds.

You can simply place your qualifying bets and then check your accounts later to see if the double payout has been triggered.

This technique is also the most profitable.

Because you’ll get the maximum returns from both your back and lay bets.

The only downside is that you’ll have to place a LOT of bets before you start to see results using this strategy.

Because once a team goes ‘2 up’.

It’s not very common for them to not win the game.

ii) Cashing Out at 2-2

Once your team has gone two goals clear, you could wait to see if the opposition claws it back to 2-2.

And then cash out your lay bet to lock in a profit.

This is probably the most popular option.

Because the difference between cashing out at 2-2 and letting the lay bet run isn’t huge.

Plus, I’ve often been stung by a late goal on several occasions.

iii) Cashing Out at 2-1

Cashing out your lay bet at 2-1 won’t produce as much profit as cashing at 2-2.

This is because the in-play back odds on the betting exchange for your selection will be lower at 2-1.

However, you can still scalp some nice returns if your stake sizes are large enough.

Or the team that you backed was a heavy underdog.

This can be a good option if you’re working with a smaller bankroll.

For example, here Fleetwood went two goals clear before Guiseley clawed one back:

Fleetwood 2 Goals Up

Which meant that Bet365 settled my £100 back bet early as a winner for a £50 profit:

Fleetwood Town Early Payout From Bet365

At 2-0, Fleetwood’s in-play back odds on the Betfair Exchange shortened to around 1.04.

This was too low to make cashing out worthwhile.

However, when Guiseley scored to make it 2-1.

The ‘in-play’ back odds on the Betfair Exchange for Fleetwood drifted out to 1.27.

So, I placed £123.10 back bet on Fleetwood at 1.27 to cancel out the lay bet that I’d placed earlier and remove some of the associated ‘liability’:

In-Play Back Bet

This resulted in a loss of £21.28 no matter what on the Betfair Exchange.

But I’d already banked £50 in profit from Bet365’s early payout.

Which means that once the exchange bets settled.

I actually made a profit of £28.72 because:

£50 – £21.28 = 28.72

How to Cash Out a 2UP Bet

Profit Accumulator has a video that shows you how to cash out your lay bet step-by-step.

You can access it by going to the ‘Offers’ section from your dashboard.

Profit Accumulator Training Video for Cashing Out 2UP Offers

Here’s an overview of the process:

i) Fill out the ‘Pre-Event’ section of the calculator as before;

ii) Input the ‘in-play’ back odds for your selection – plus the exchange commission – into the ‘Cash Out’ section of the calculator;

iii) Place your ‘in-play’ back bet on the exchange to lock in a profit equal to the amount displayed by the calculator.

2UP Tips

Here are my top 5 tips for getting the most out of the 2UP offers.

1: Minimise Your Qualifying Losses

I’ve mentioned this already.

But it’s really important.

If you’re losing more than £3 for every £100 in back bets placed then this will soon stack up.

Make sure that you’re only taking ‘matches’ of 97% or more on the odds matching software.

2: Place Lots of Bets

You’ll need to place at least 200 – 300 2UP bets before you start to see a return on your efforts.

Unless you get lucky and hit the trigger early on.

But don’t get sloppy with your matches for the sake of bet volume.

Remember to keep your qualifying losses to a minimum.

3: Don’t Take Arbs

If the back odds are higher than the lay odds.

This is an arbitrage bet.

And the bookmakers are far more likely to gub you if you take ‘arbs’ because it affects their margins.

An ‘exact match’ is as close as I would go.

4: Avoid Heavy Favourites

Backing teams at odds of less than 1.5 isn’t really worth it.

Because it’s so rare that such a heavy favourite will go 2 UP and then blow it.

Conversely, I’ve found that backing underdogs can really pay off when they cause an upset early on and then go on to make a mess of things.

5: Exploit 0% Commission Deals

If you’re paying the full 5% commission on Betfair then you’re seriously damaging your long-term 2UP profits.

And that goes for the rest of your matched betting activities too.

Profit Accumulator has a training video that explains how to get 0% commission with both Smarkets and Matchbook if you’re a PA member:

Profit Accumulator 0 Percent Betting Exchange Deals

2UP Offers Conclusion: Take Consistent Action

The key to success with the 2UP offers is to keep your qualifying losses to a minimum.

And place a high volume of bets to allow the variance to even out.

Personally, I advise cashing out at 2-2.

Because this allows you to retain a good chunk of profit without having to wait too long to hit the ‘full’ trigger (which happens around 1% of the time).

Once you’re more experienced with 2UP offers, you might wish to use the ‘weight of money’ strategy outlined above to get better odds matches.

Just be aware that you can get stung if the market goes against you.

So, if you’d like to play it safe.

I suggest that you use Profit Accumulator’s 2UP software to help you find matches with a +97% rating.

And get your lay bet matched immediately.

Click the button below to learn more about Profit Accumulator and how they can help you make more money from your matched betting.

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