In this post, I’m going to walk you through the process of locking in a ‘guaranteed profit’ from Bet365’s In-Play offer.


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What is the Bet365 In-Play Offer?

It’s pretty straightforward.

On selected football matches throughout the season, Bet365 give invited participants an in-play free bet up to the value of £50 – when they first bet the same amount pre-match on the same game.

To be eligible for the offer, you must receive an invitation via email and/or get a ‘pop-up’ message when you log into your account.

The free bet is triggered by placing a £50 pre-match ‘qualifying bet’ on the same game in the specified qualifying period.

It’s worth noting that your email/pop-up may stipulate a maximum free bet cap that is less than £50 – usually £25 or £10.

This is quite common if your Bet365 account is fairly new.

I managed to increase mine eventually by regularly doing £50 – £100 bets on the 2 UP offer.

How to Cash Out Bet365’s In-Play Offer in 3 Steps

The strategy for locking in a profit is very simple.

But the real secret to making the process go smoothly is to place your in-play bet when the odds are stable at halftime.

This helps to avoid any unfavourable odds shifts that could dent your profits.

Here’s the sequence in full.

Step #1: Check That You’re Eligible

As already mentioned, you’ll need to check that you’ve been invited to participate.

Emails usually arrive 1 – 3 days prior to the selected game kicking off.

If nothing’s come through, it’s worth logging into your Bet365 account to check your system messages.

Step #2: Place the Qualifying Bet (Pre-Match)

Once you know which game qualifies, you should make a deposit that matches the maximum free bet amount specified in your email.

Next, you should find a selection with Bet365 whose back odds are as close as possible to their corresponding lay odds.

Ideally, you’ll want to limit your qualifying loss to no more than £1 – £2 for every £50 staked:

Lay Calculator Qualifying Loss Output

Usually, I just stick to the basic ‘match odds’ market – typically waiting until the last hour before kick-off to get the best back and lay match.

When setting up the Lay Calculator, make sure that you select ‘Qualifier’ and that the rest of the information is entered correctly.

Place your back bet with Bet365 and make sure that you lay off the same selection on the betting exchange properly.

Step #3: Lock in a Profit From the Free Bet (In-Play)

As soon as you’ve placed an eligible qualifying bet, you’ll see a green marker appear in your bet slip confirming that you’ll be able to place a free bet to the same amount once the game goes in-play.

Once the game is underway, wait until halftime before you place the free bet and lay it off.

Otherwise, if the lay odds suddenly drift due to a significant event like a goal being scored – you’ll make less money from the free bet.

(Or none at all if the selection you’ve backed is now unable to win!).

Bet365 Qualifying Bet for In Play Free Bet

Maximise Your Returns

Because the free bet is NOT returned with any winnings, you’ll ideally want to find a selection to back at decimal odds of 5.0 or more.

(But I’d not go above odds of 10.0 – due to the larger associated liability).

Usually, I go for something in the ‘correct score’ market.

To ensure that an equal profit is made regardless of the outcome – select the ‘Free Bet SNR’ button on the Lay Calculator.

Before placing any bets, make sure that you have enough money in your betting exchange account to cover the liability figure displayed by the calculator.

Profit Targets

Also, try and aim for a profit of at least 60% – 70% of the free bet’s face value.

For example, I’d aim for a cash profit of £30 – £35 (or more) from the full £50 free bet:

Profit From a Free Bet Using a Lay Calculator

Even with the inferior in-play odds, this should be do-able if you’re backing at odds of 5.0 or more.

Once you’re happy with everything the Lay Calculator is telling you, place your free bet and lay it off for a ‘guaranteed’ profit.

Then… simply wait for the game to finish and enjoy your ‘free money’!

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