I’ve already written an affiliate marketing guide.

Where I explain what affiliate marketing is, the benefits, the sort of money you can expect to make, and how to get started for free.


I thought it might be better to actually SHOW you how to earn money from affiliate marketing.

By using one of my own real-life niche website case studies.

You see, back in 2017…

I set up a website in the matched betting/tipster service niche.

And it earned me $10,893.77 inside 12-months:

Clickbank Affiliate Earnings 2017

That works out at more than £8,000!

Well, actually it was a fair bit more once you factor in the other affiliate networks that I used.

But I’m just going to stick with what I can prove.

Because rather than trying to leave you in awe by using examples of people earning ridiculous sums of cash through JV partnerships and selling their own products.

I want to show you a more achievable example.

How I Made $10,893.77 From Affiliate Marketing

The domain that I used for this case study is no longer active.

So I can’t show you that specific example in real-time.

However, I have used the exact same principles to set up Online Income Solutions.

And despite this being a relatively new domain.

I’m already earning money from it.

For example, I earned $108 from a single ‘sale’ when I referred someone to Wealthy Affiliate the other day:

Screenshot of an Affiliate Commission from Wealthy Affiliate

And that’s not all.

I’ve also been making money using ClickBank’s affiliate programme too:

Screenshot of ClickBank Affiliate Sales Earnings

My point?

The 5-step process that I’ve outlined below worked for me in 2017.

And it’s still working for me today in a different niche.

Which means that there’s a fair chance that it might work for you too! 🙂

1: Niche Selection – Betting System Reviews

A ‘niche’ is just a group of people looking for a solution to a specific problem.

My focus was on reviewing tipping services, matched betting platforms, and more general betting systems.

The idea was that people would look online to see if a betting system was legit or not before buying it.

And I’d help them out by writing honest and helpful reviews that included affiliate links.

Which meant that if they decided that the system was right for them and they bought it through my links.

I’d make money.

But this was at no extra cost to the customer.

Win-win. 🙂

What Would I Have Done Differently?

Hindsight is 20/20.

And I think one of my biggest mistakes was not gauging the market well enough.

Because live trialling betting tipsters turned out to require a HUGE amount of effort.

And not many people were actually searching for the systems that I was testing.

I did find ways around this (explained shortly).

But it would have been a whole lot easier if I’d just chosen a niche with more traffic and more products that people were actually looking for.

(Hence why I eventually disbanded with the website to instead focus on Online Income Solutions).

2: Affiliate Products – Ideal Solutions

It’s always good idea to have a selection of high quality affiliate products that solve the core problems in your niche.

For me, these included many of Mike Cruickshank’s products like Bonus Bagging, Profit Maximiser, and Betting Mastermind.

However, I also included ‘rival’ products like OddsMonkey and Profit Accumulator.

Because I felt they had unique qualities that helped my niche.

As for the tipsters?

I personally had a lot of success with the Betting Gods network.

So, I decided to include their services too.

What Would I Have Done Differently?

Although I found a nice selection of products to promote.

I found it quite difficult to identify an ongoing stream of related products that I could review and thus bring in targeted traffic.

Because as I said.

Although there are new tipping services popping up all the time.

The search volume for these products’ keywords was very low.

So, I was just writing content that didn’t really benefit anyone or my business.

Because even if there are loads of crappy products in your niche.

You can still review them if people are actively looking for them.

And show them a better alternative if it’s appropriate.

3: Traffic Acquisition – Keyword Research

But how do you know if people are looking for products online or not?


By using a keyword tool like Jaaxy.

For example, Jaaxy is telling me that on average, 338 people search for the key phrase ‘Profit Accumulator Review’ each month:

Screenshot of the Jaaxy Keyword Tool Search Results

And if I ranked on page 1 for that term – I’d expect to get around 58 clicks per month.

The QSR specifies that there are 100 other websites in Google that are competing for the same search result.

The SEO score of 92 indicates that I have a good chance of getting on page 1 relative to the authority of the competing domains.

And the KQI score gives me a simple indication if this is a good keyword to target or not.

What Would I Have Done Differently?

I’d have done a LOT more research into the expected traffic volumes for my chosen niche.

I’d probably have grouped enough keywords to give me ammunition for at least 100 high quality ‘evergreen’ articles before getting involved with my niche.

Plus, I should have put more thought into the long-term sustainability of the betting niches.

Because whilst tipping services will probably be around forever.

The matched betting industry ‘boom’ appears to have been and gone.

And I doubt that it will ever return to the pre-2014 ‘Golden Age’.

4: Technical Aspects – Website Creation

Having your own website is crucial to your success as an online affiliate.

Because having your own domain means that you can capture traffic from several sources and funnel them towards your affiliate offers.

And you can potentially monetise your own piece of online real estate in other ways too.

Such as display advertising, sponsored posts, and even selling your own products or services.

Plus, building your own brand can act as your ‘CV’.

For example, I’ve landed consulting deals in the past thanks to people finding my website.

But what if you’re not a web developer?

Don’t worry.

I barely know my HTML from my JavaScript.

But I’m still able to run my own profitable online affiliate business.

Thankfully, WordPress and its associated plugins and themes mean that you don’t really need to know how to code to set up your first ever website.

Check out this guide to learn how to get started:

How to Build a Profit-Ready WordPress Website in Under 30 Seconds.

What Would I Have Done Differently?

I’d have kept everything as simple as possible.

Because whilst having a fast and user friendly website is absolutely critical.

I’ve discovered several times in the past that you can have a ‘fancy’ looking website that makes absolutely zero money.

In fact, going overboard with ‘page-builders’ can slow down your site and cause huge problems with ‘content lock in’ when you need to switch themes down the line.


It’s your high-quality content that’s going to make you money.

And not the latest ‘shiny object’.

5: Profit Scaling – Creating Content

Content is the core of your business.

Because it’s what’s going to connect your traffic to your affiliate offers.

Now, I already said that I ran into issues with traffic volume for the product reviews themselves.

But I was able to get around this somewhat by writing ‘how to’ articles.

And then linking back to the relevant product review.

For example I might have created a guide called ‘How to Make Money From Accumulator Bets’.

Where I would visually demonstrate how to do this with a matched betting service.

I would then link to my review where my visitor could sign up via my affiliate links if they wanted to.

You can use this model to help you do the same:

Keyword: ‘How to [solve specific problem]’ > Article > Review > Sales Page.

What Would I Have Done Differently?

I’d have eased off on the ‘selling’ aspect in the body of my content.

Your job as an affiliate is to provide helpful information.

Rather than trying to push people into buying things.

The trick to doing this well is to completely FORGET about selling.

Yes, you still need to have a business objective in mind.

But make your primary focus that of really adding value by solving peoples’ problems.

This builds trust.

And trust is what’s essential for generating sales long-term.

Conclusion: Affiliate Marketing – The Most Realistic Way to Make Good Money Online

In my opinion?

Affiliate marketing is the most realistic way for the average person to make decent money online.

And whilst you’re not going to see instant results overnight.

I hope that my affiliate marketing case study has demonstrated that you really can make a ‘passive’ income online using a simple process.


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