In my experience.

Matched betting has proved to be my top online earner over the years.

Helping me make £1,000s by cashing out the bookmakers’ free bets.

For example, I’ve recently made more than £2,100 from the bookmakers ‘ongoing’ offers:

Ongoing Matched Betting Profits Graph

And I’ve discovered that exploiting the bookmakers’ free bet clubs is a great way to earn at least £40 each week in tax-free profits.

Here’s how I do it.

Free Bet Clubs – Basic Strategy

What are free bet clubs?

Well, many online bookmakers will give you a free bet(s) when you wager a certain amount of your own cash each week.

By using the fundamental principles of matched betting, this can be done ‘risk-free’ by using the betting exchanges to ‘lay off’ your bookmaker bets.

You can then go ahead and ‘lock in’ a profit from the free bet using a matched betting calculator.

Here’s how to exploit the bookmakers’ free bet clubs.

(The easy way).

1: Bundle Your Bets

This is the real secret to making easy money from free bet clubs.

You see, many of the offers aren’t very good value on their own.

But if you’re ALREADY placing bets with a bookmaker to exploit their ongoing offers.

Then in many cases, you can qualify for their loyalty schemes either in the process – or simply by placing a few extra bets.

This will save you a lot of time and effort.

2: Use Odds Matching Software

Getting the best ‘back and lay’ odds matches is critical.

Because too much ‘slippage’ on your qualifying bets will result in larger qualifying losses.

And if your retention rate is dropping below 65% on your free bets.

You’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

That’s why I use the PM Matched Betting Software.

Because it minimises my qualifying losses.

And also helps me to retain 70-80% or more of the free bets’ face-value as cash.

PM Arbitrage Matched Betting Software Odds Feed

3: Be Consistent

You’ll need to remember that eventually.

The bookmakers are going to bonus-ban (‘gub’) your accounts.

Which is why I strongly advise that you extract as much value from each account ASAP.

And that means rinsing their free bet clubs too.

So, I would fully commit to exploiting all of the bookmakers’ loyalty schemes listed below.

And I’d do it each and every week – until the gubbing hammer falls!

7 Free Bet Clubs – Worth £40

If you exploit each of the seven free bet clubs below.

You’ll get £60 worth of free bets.

But once you’ve factored in the qualifying losses and averaged out the free bet retention rate.

You’ll probably end up with around £40 in net profit.


The bookmakers change their offers frequently. Please make sure that you check the Terms and Conditions for yourself before taking action. You can subscribe to a matched betting service to help make this process easier for you.

Weekly Free Bet Clubs Profit Maximiser Matched Betting Offers

1: Paddy Power – Bet 5x £10 Get £10

You’ll need to ‘opt in’ to this offer from your Paddy Power sportsbook rewards page.

You’ll then need to place 5x £10 bets on selections with odds of 1.50 or more throughout the week.

You’ll then get a £10 free bet credited to your account on the following Monday.

Full terms here:

It’s quite easy to hit the 5x qualifying bets if you’re already doing Paddy’s racing, football and 2UP offers.

2: Betway – Bet £25 Get 2x £5

You’ll need to opt in to this promotion.

You can get 2x £5 free bets when you place a £25 ‘treble’ with cumulative odds of 3.0 or more.

Full terms here:

Laying off accumulator bets manually is a faf.

Which is why I use the ‘Betway Free Bet Club’ filter on the Accumulator Generator software to find the selections for me instantly, and handle the lay calculations in seconds:

3: Mansion Bet – Bet £20 Get £10

You’ll need to opt in.

Then stake £20 on a five-fold accumulator bet with minimum cumulative odds of 4.0.

Full terms here:

Again, I make use of the Accumulator Generator software filters to find the best value qualifying bets:

4: Unibet – Bet 5x £10 Get £10

Make sure that you opt in.

You can get a £10 free bet to use in-play.

When you first place 5x £10 in-play bets at minimum odds of 2.0 on football, cricket, tennis, or darts games between Monday and Sunday.

Free bets are credited every Monday by 16:00.

Full terms:

Personally, I use football games and wait until half-time when the odds are stable.

5: 10 Bet – Bet 5x £10 Get £10

Opt in.

Place 5x £10 in-play bets on any sport at odds of 2.0 or more between Monday and Sunday.

Get a £10 free bet that can be used in-play at minimum odds of 1.80 or more.

Full terms here:

Make sure that you DON’T withdraw before the free bet is credited.

As this will void the promotion.

6: Sky Bet – Bet £25 Get £5

Opt in.

Bet £25 before 23.59 each Sunday and get a £5 free bet on the following Monday.

Minimum odds of 2.0.

Full terms here:

Sky run a lot of generous racing refunds and price boosts.

So you shouldn’t have any bother hitting the £25 threshold.

7: Coral – Bet £25 Get 2x £5

Opt in to the ‘Bet and Get Club’ offer in your sportsbook promotional area.

Stake £25 in total between Monday and Thursday each week to get 2x £5 free bets on the Friday.

Minimum odds for each bet is 2.0.

Full terms:

One free bet can be used online.

The other is for ‘in-shop’ use only (I don’t bother placing this because I’m too lazy to go outside!).

How to Make More Money Each Week

Not satisfied with an extra £40 each week?

Then check out Profit Maximiser.

And get instant access to the Daily Calendar that’s packed with ongoing bookmaker offers that you can exploit right now:

Profit Maximiser Daily Calendar Offers
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