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Hive Work / Hive Micro is a GPT site that offers very low rates of pay.

Not recommended.


  • You might make some money.
  • Lots of tasks available.
  • Website is easy to use.


  • Terrible rates of pay.
  • Boring and repetitive jobs.
  • Payment complaints.

Opinion Disclaimer: the content in this review is ultimately a reflection of my own opinions and is not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual, anyone, or anything.

Name:Hive Work / Hive Micro
Type:GPT – micro-tasks
Money-back guarantee?N/A
Rating:1.6 / 5
Recommended?No – rates of pay too low
How to join?Via their website

Are you trying to find out if Hive Work is legit or not?

I don’t blame you.

Because I’ve already exposed a worryingly large number of data harvesting scams that try to pose as GPT (‘get paid to’) sites here on Online Income Solutions.


I decided to sign up to Hive Work myself to see what’s going on.

And as I’m about to reveal in this Hive Work review…

There’s one thing that I really DON’T like about this platform.

Screenshot of the Hive Work Website.

Image source:

What is Hive Work?

Hive Work is a GPT website found at…

And is sometimes also referred to as ‘Hive Micro’.

But in either case, the premise is that you’re paid for completing online micro-tasks…

Such as drawing boxes around text, time-stamping videos, matching text to images, marking images that meet some condition, and many more.

I believe these are the kinds of tasks that cannot be easily automated by computers.

Hence the requirement for ‘micro-workers’.

How Do You Use Hive Work?

It’s pretty straightforward.

You can access the site via web or through an app on your mobile device.

I was able to open my account quickly after providing my name, email address, country, and password.

Straight away…

I was then redirected to the pleasantly easy to navigate members’ area.

Where I found a grid of ‘micro-tasks’:

Screenshot of Hive Work Jobs Grid.

Each task has a ‘qualification’ process.

Where you have to first pass a ‘mockup’…

In order to be allowed to complete the paid tasks in that category.


Once you’ve reached the minimum cashout threshold…

You’re then able to withdraw your money via PayPal or Bitcoin.

I could adjust my minimum cash-out amount to as low as $2.

How Much Does Hive Work Pay?

Not much.

The highest paying category that I could find was the ‘commercial labelling’ category.

Which pays $4 for every 1,000 tasks completed.

And the lowest was image labelling jobs.

Which only paid $0.10 for every 1,000 pictures labelled.

Is There a Referral Scheme?


You can get $5 for each person that you refer to Hive Work.

And you’ll get an additional $1 for every $5 that your referral earns (they’ll get an extra $0.50 too).

But you’re only eligible for their affiliate scheme once you’ve earned your first $2.

Hive Work Referral Scheme Details.

Is Hive Work a Scam or Legit?

It depends on how you look at it.

Because at the time of writing…

I’ve not uncovered any evidence to suggest that Hive Work is a malicious data harvesting scam aligned with the likes of Clout Bucks.

But the amount of work required to earn even just a few cents is very high indeed.

And thus could be interpreted as exploitative.

My Thoughts On Hive Work

I’m no stranger to GPT sites.

And having had a play around with the Hive Work platform…

Here are my honest thoughts.

1: Ridiculously Low Pay

This is my single biggest problem with Hive Work.

Because even though it’s been widely documented that you’ll struggle to get above $1-$2 per hour on average with even the most popular GPT sites like Swagbucks…

Paying someone just $0.10 per ONE THOUSAND tasks is utterly ridiculous in my view.

And when I looked at the Hive Work user reviews on the Google Play store…

I found plenty other folks who thought the same:

Hive Work Negative User Review.

2: The Work is Ultra-Tedious

In my opinion?

It’s not just the rate of pay that’s the problem either.

Because I personally found the tasks to be excruciatingly tedious.

I could barely summon the will to get through ONE box-drawing exercise…

Nevermind 1,000 of the damn things!

Which truly made me feel for the poor souls topping the Hive Work ‘leaderboard’…

With one individual earning just $57.06 as a reward for completing a mind-boggling 14,270 tasks!

Screenshot of the Hive Work Leaderboard.

3: Payment Complaints

On the whole?

It appears that Hive Work DO pay out.

So they’re not a complete scam in that regard.


I did find a few individual payment complaints on the Hive Work review page on the Play store.

Although it could be that such issues are isolated incidents.

Screenshot of Hive Work Payment Complaints.

4: Lots of Tasks to Complete

The only real positive that I could find?

That there are plenty of tasks available to complete.

Since task volume is quite often a problem with some of the other GPT sites.


  • You might make some money.
  • Lots of tasks available.
  • Website is easy to use.


  • Terrible rates of pay.
  • Boring and repetitive jobs.
  • Payment complaints.

Conclusion: Hardly Worth the Effort

GPT sites are notorious for their poor rates of pay.

But in my opinion?

Hive Work takes this to an insultingly low level.

Not recommended.

How I Made $754 for a Few Hours Work

I have no idea how long it would take me to complete 1,000 tasks with Hive Work to earn a dollar (if I’m lucky).

But I do know that it only takes me a couple of hours to write a blog post for this website.

And just the other day…

One of those articles netted me $754 in affiliate commissions (whilst I was actually at the gym):

Screenshot of ClickBank Daily Sales Affiliate Commission


I’ll be honest.

It’s taken me many months of hard work to build my website to the point where I’m able to generate a passive income at that level.


I’d never have gotten there if I’d been wasting my time with sites like Hive Work…

Barely earning chump-change whilst I burnt my retinas out drawing boxes around words in a different language.


If you’d like to stop wasting your time…

And learn how to start your own online affiliate business so that you can earn a passive income online…

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