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Goal Profits is a subscription-based training platform that teaches you how to trade the football markets on Betfair for a profit.

Despite not being able to guarantee that you’ll make money.

The 16-week training plan and in-house software gives you a great foundation upon which to potentially carve out an edge over the markets.

I’ve tried many Betfair trading products over the years.

And I personally feel that Goal Profits provides an excellent starting point.

Pace yourself with the training and commit to the process.

And you could experience good results with Goal Profits.

Overall: ‘Recommended’.


  • Can help speed up the process of becoming a profitable trader.
  • Structured training.
  • Suitable for all ability levels.
  • Software can identify profitable trading opportunities quickly.
  • Some of the stats and data is unique to Goal Profits.


  • Potentially overwhelming.
  • Restricted to the football markets.

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Name:Goal Profits
Type:Betfair trading – academy and software
Price:£37 + VAT per month
Trial?£1 for 7-days sometimes available
Money-Back Guarantee?7-days
Rating:4 / 5
How to Join?Here

Welcome to my Goal Profits review.

I first signed up to Goal Profits a few years ago.

Back when I was ‘serious’ about learning how to trade ‘professionally’ on Betfair.

Because I needed to find a way to continue making money after having a lot of my bookmaker accounts gubbed due to matched betting.

But in the end?

I gave up on Betfair trading.

Because the reality of the situation was that I didn’t possess the drive and passion to continue along this very difficult path to making money online.

However, out of all the Betfair trading products that I tried.

Goal Profits was undoubtedly the best.

And whilst I’m certainly no Betfair trading expert…

I figured that my experience with this product might be useful to you if you’re considering signing up.

Oh, and just to make sure that my Goal Profits review is as insightful as possible.

I signed up again today on their special discount trial to check out their features in full:

Goal Profits Proof of Purchase ClickBank Order Receipt

Here’s what I discovered.

What is Goal Profits?

Goal Profits is a subscription-based training platform that teaches you how to trade the football markets on Betfair for a profit.

Goal Profits provides you with a 16-week curriculum that walks you through the process of learning how to become a successful trader.

Where you’re progressively introduced to the basic, intermediate, and advanced trading strategies each week.

And shown how to use the associated statistical tools to improve your chances of carving out a legitimate edge over the markets.

You also get access to the live chat feed, community forum, and direct support from the Goal Profits team.

Who’s Behind Goal Profits?

Goal Profits is run by two professional Betfair traders – Steve Brown and Kevin Laverick:

Steve and Kevin from Goal Profits Profile Pictures

Steve (pictured left) originally started Goal Profits back in September 2011.

Much like myself, Steve spent a lot of time using betting systems and tipsters.

Only to find out that most of them were no good.

So, he decided to set up Goal Profits with the aim of providing high-quality advice.

Kevin holds a degree in Pure Maths and Statistics, and has been trading on Betfair since its inception in the early 2000s.

Kevin uses his knowledge to keep the strategies listed inside Goal Profits up to date.

Which he deems essential because ‘[the] Betfair markets are constantly changing and we must evolve with them’. [Source]

Once I’d joined up and entered the Goal Profits membership area, I was introduced to Paul:

Paul From Goal Profits Profile Picture

Paul is the head of customer support and is your first line of contact.

However, you can also get support from Tim and Bryn – your ‘Launchpad Mentors’.

And you can also speak to Steve and Kevin directly for help too.

How Do You Make Money With Goal Profits?

Goal Profits is NOT a ‘done-for-you’ system that promises instant results.

Instead, Goal Profits provides you with the core strategies and statistics software that can help you learn how to become a profitable trader.

When you join up, you get access to 16 football trading strategies.

These strategies are designed to give you a ‘base’ to work from.

And the Team Stats software tool can help speed up the process of finding profitable trading opportunities.

Is Goal Profits a Scam?


Some of the core strategies provided are recognised to work.

Furthermore, the bankroll management, staking, and mindset management content is of good quality.

And there’s value to be had from the statistics and data software too.

Is There Any Proof that Goal Profits is Legit?


Lay Back and Get Rich is a well respected betting review website.

And Goal Profits has been in receipt of their ‘Betting Oscar’ more times than any other service.

Furthermore, Goal Profits has been rated 4.5 / 5 stars by users on Tipsters Review [source].

Who is Goal Profits Suitable For?

Technically, all ability levels.

Because the Launchpad training framework guides you from knowing nothing – to being a competent trader.

And the statistical resources confer benefits for more advanced traders looking to save time.

Does Goal Profits Stop Working in the Summer?


Goal Profits provide stats for 20 leagues that operate in the summer.

Which means that you can trade on matches in Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, USA, South America, Japan and Singapore.

What Starting Bankroll is Required?

100 points is the minimum.

Which means that you can theoretically start with any amount.

But Goal Profits say that £500 – £1,000 is a good number to see decent monetary returns.

Although personally, I’d say go lower (or even paper trade) until you’re confident.

How Much Money Will You Make?

Goal Profits does not make any guarantees.

However, they aim to guide you towards being able to make 10 points in profit per month on average.

There’s a section that explains how to do this using ‘compounding’ under the ‘Trading Basics’ section.

How Much Does Goal Profits Cost?

The normal price is £37 + VAT per month.

However, Goal Profits sometimes run a 7-day trial for £1.

Click here to see if this offer is currently active for you.

Can You Claim a Refund?


As per Goal Profits Terms and Conditions, they say they ‘…are happy to offer a full refund to subscribers for their most recent payment within 7 days of the payment date’. [Source].

What Do You Get?

To be honest.

I found the amount of information and resources available in the membership area to be a bit overwhelming initially.

With some of it being way over my head.

But here’s a brief overview of the main features that you’ll get once you’ve joined up:

Goal Profits Membership Area Menu

1: Launchpad

This is the core of Goal Profits.

The first thing you should do is read through the ‘GP Basics’ and ‘Trading Basics’ sections.

Where you’ll learn about:

  • Mindset;
  • How to build your portfolio;
  • Bank management;
  • Staking;
  • How to deal with losses.

The next step is to move on to the 16-week course.

Where you’ll be guided through the process of learning how to trade.

2: Orbit

This section follows on from the 16-week core training.

It’s designed to help already profitable traders improve on their existing results.

3: Team Statistics

This is the core software that comes with Goal Profits.

The purpose of Team Stats is to speed up the process of identifying profitable trades.

Fundamentally, Team Stats ‘…tracks in-play stats for every fixture in 65+ leagues worldwide’.

But as explained in the training, this software can do a lot more.

I cannot accurately convey just how much information is available via Team Stats in this review.

4: Tables

This section covers:

  • 20+ league tables for all 65 leagues;
  • League rankings;
  • League table analysis;
  • LTA shortlist;
  • Elite league tables;
  • Elite league table analysis.

According to Goal Profits.

Many of the stats in this section are unavailable elsewhere.

Which could contribute to enhancing your edge over the markets.

5: Live Stats

The Live Stats Module tracks the stats of live games in play.

With a specific focus on tracking shots, corners, dangerous attacks, possession, latest scores, Betfair prices and which fixtures qualify for the specific Goal Profits strategies.

6: Chat

This is a live chat feed area where you can talk to other members in real time.

7: Forum

Alternatively, you can post your questions in the forum.

Where you can get help with specific strategies, the software, the psychology of trading, and more.

My Opinion On Goal Profits

Whilst I have a lot of experience in using and testing various betting systems over the years.

I must once again stress that I’m not an accomplished Betfair trader.

So, you should take what I’m about to say with a massive pinch of salt.

1: Your Edge is Not Guaranteed

The Betfair markets are highly efficient.

This is because the prices are derived from an aggregate of the opinions of everyone who’s placing bets on a given market.

The Wisdom of the Crowds theory means that the prices on Betfair typically correlate to their true probability of occurrence with great accuracy.

Which explains why it’s so difficult to extract value from the Betfair markets on a recreational basis.

Therefore, it’s important to note that the strategies and software inside Goal Profits do not automatically guarantee your edge over the markets.

They simply increase your chances of honing in on profitable trading opportunities.

2: You’ll Need to Pace Yourself

There’s a LOT of information available inside Goal Profits.

And as valuable as it is.

You’ll probably struggle to get results if you try to rush through it all at once.

For example, trying to comprehend the amount of information yielded by the stats software in one go gave me mild anxiety.

You absolutely MUST follow the training at a sensible pace.

Otherwise, you’ll probably get overwhelmed and burn out.

3: Goal Profits Isn’t a Magic Bullet

Like I said.

It takes a long time to become a successful Betfair trader.

So, if you sign up to Goal Profits with the expectation of being able to quit your job in just a few weeks or months.

You’ll more than likely wind up very disappointed indeed.


  • Can help speed up the process of becoming a profitable trader;
  • Structured training;
  • Suitable for all ability levels;
  • Software can identify profitable trading opportunities quickly;
  • Some of the stats and data is unique to Goal Profits.


  • Potentially overwhelming;
  • Restricted to the football markets.

Conclusion: A Solid Foundation Upon Which to Build

I’ve tried all sorts of Betfair trading products and services over the years.

And in my opinion?

Goal Profits provides the best core framework upon which to build.

Because not only are you provided with a progressive 16-week plan designed to walk you through the process of becoming a profitable trader.

Some of the data and statistics is unique to Goal Profits.

(This was confirmed by Kevin here):

Goal Profits Forum Post

Image source: https://members.goalprofits.com/forum/strategies/question-regarding-our-trading-edge/

Which means that you have access to information that other Betfair traders do not.

Which could be critical in helping you to develop your edge.

And your edge is what’s going to make you money over the long run.

Who Can Benefit From Goal Profits?

Goal Profits is NOT suitable for you if you’re expecting instant results.

But you’ll probably get good value from Goal Profits if you’ve got a ‘long-term’ mindset.

And understand that Goal Profits is just a tool that could help speed up the learning process.

Whilst helping you to identify profitable trading opportunities faster via the software.

Click here to try Goal Profits for yourself.

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