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The Flat Racing Master is a professionally managed Betting Gods tipster service that provides you with profitable win and each-way bets in the evenings – 7 days per week.

Since launching in 2015, The Flat Racing Master has banked an impressive £8,374.78 in profit betting at £10 per point.

This is an underrated service in my opinion.

The Flat Racing Master is an excellent addition to any serious sports investors’ portfolio.

Highly recommended.


  • Has a legitimate edge.
  • Excellent lifetime profits.
  • Attainable prices.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • An established service – launched in 2015.
  • Professionally managed by the Betting Gods.


  • Taking early prices could flag your accounts.

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Name:Flat Racing Master
Platform:Betting Gods
Type:Tipster – horse racing
Price:£39 per month
Trial?£1 trial sometimes available
Money-Back Guarantee?30-days
Rating:4.2 / 5
How to Join?Get your tips here

I first reviewed the Flat Racing Master in 2016.

And this early-price tipster earned me a very nice profit of +78 points inside three months.

In fact, at the time of writing, the Flat Racing Master still earns its subscribers more than £232 each month – betting at £10 per point.

And there are countless other positive Flat Racing Master reviews to be found on specialist betting review websites.


What’s the Problem?

Well, I was looking at some of the more recent user-generated Flat Racing Master reviews on tipstersreview.co.uk.

Where a lot of the (now former) subscribers expressed concern that this tipster had gone off the boil in a big way.

With many feeling that the uncharacteristically large stakes being advised on short-priced favourites were symptomatic of ‘loss chasing’.

So, I’ve decided to revisit the Flat Racing Master to see if this tipster really has lost its edge.

What is the Flat Racing Master?

The Flat Racing Master is a Betting Gods managed horse racing tipping service.

Matt is the name of the chap who’s providing the tips.

This is an ‘early-price’ tipster.

Recommending win and each way bets the night before – or prior to 10 am on race day.

Here’s a full service breakdown:

How Much Does a Flat Racing Master Subscription Cost?

At the time of writing, you can get your first 7 days of tips for £1.

You can then carry on receiving tips for £39 per month.

But the annual plan will save you the most money.

Is There a Refund Policy?


You can get all of your money back anytime within 30 days.

My Flat Racing Master Trial Results

Here are my personal results from testing out the Flat Racing Master:

Has the Flat Racing Master Lost it’s Edge?

In my opinion – no.

Here’s my reasoning.

The complaints about the increased staking began popping up in June 2018.

And looking at the betting record, I can indeed see that the staking plan became more aggressive in early May 2018.

Based on the implied probabilities of the 600 bets placed between then and now – you would roughly have expected to win at a rate of 16%


Matt’s Still Beating the Odds

Looking at the same sample size – 188 bets produced a return (either won or placed).

Which maps to a win rate of 31%.

Whilst I didn’t split the implied odds for the win and place parts and compare them to their relative strike rates – the clustered difference is still almost double what you’d expect.

Based on this estimate, I’d say that Matt is still beating the odds at a rate that implies a legitimate edge.

Profits at an All-Time High

And it seems that Matt’s newer staking strategy is serving to amplify this edge.

NOT erode it.

Because as you can see from the graph below, after the initial blip that caused the uproar.

Matt has now powered his way to an all-time profit high!

That’s +£8,374.78 in profit – betting at £10 per point.

(I wonder if those who bailed in June are now kicking themselves?)

Flat Racing Master Profit November 2018

Managing Expectations

It’s the age-old problem.

A tipster hits a bad run and everyone jumps ship.

And if this were a fledgling service – that might actually be a sensible move.

But the Flat Racing Master has shown a steady profit growth since it launched in 2015.

I feel that to get the most out of the Flat Racing Master – you should commit to consistently placing bets for at least 3- 6 months.

This will give enough time for the wins and losses to even out.

Conclusion: Flat Racing Master is Still a Solid Earner

I’ve reviewed tipping services in the past that did indeed try to ‘force’ a return to form by over-staking on short-priced favourites.

And whilst the shift from 1 – 3 points on average to anywhere between 1 and 10 appears alarming.

I can’t say that Matt’s changes to his staking plan consistently follow the model of ‘loss chasing’.

Because the average odds for the 600-bet sample size that I analysed still exceeds 6.0.

And the correlated win rate far surpasses what is expected betting at those odds.

Plus, I think the current lifetime profit chart speaks for itself.

But please feel free to disagree with me in the comments section below 🙂


  • An established service;
  • Proven to yield long-term profits;
  • Beating the odds at a rate that implies a legitimate edge;
  • Prices are fairly easy to obtain.


  • Taking early prices may flag your accounts.

Flat Racing Master Current Profit

Is the Flat Racing Master Right for You?

This service is best suited to those who are patient.

And willing to ride out the ups and downs to come out on top.

With that said, you may also wish to run a higher strike rate system alongside the Flat Racing Master to stabilise the variance.

There are plenty of options to choose from on the Betting Gods tipster comparison table.

Otherwise, click the button below to get your Flat Racing Master tips right now for just £1.

Let me know what you think of the Flat Racing Master in the comments section below.

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