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Fast Profits Online is a PDF and video course that shows you how to set up your own dropshipping business.

If you have any prior knowledge of dropshipping or eCommerce you’ll almost certainly find this course too basic.

This course is best suited to absolute dropshipping novices.

It’s unrealistic to expect to earn the advertised $1,700 per day using Fast Profits Online alone.

But you do get a decent amount of content for just $1.


  • Legitimate business model.
  • Lots of content.
  • Only costs $1.
  • Perfect for dropshipping novices.


  • Little value for experienced dropshippers.
  • $1,700 per day unrealistic for beginners.

This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you click a link and buy something, we might make money. This is at NO extra cost to yourself. But it helps to keep this website up and running. 🙂

Name:Fast Profits Online
Price:$1 + rebills
Trial?$1 for 7-days
Money-Back Guarantee?60-days
Rating:3.3 / 5
Recommended?Beginners only
How to Join?Here

Most of the Fast Profits Online reviews that I’ve read are biased.

Their agenda appears to be that of either bashing the product in order to leverage their own offer.

Or only focusing on the positives to coerce you into joining up in order to earn an affiliate commission.

In both cases, I suspect that most of the reviewers haven’t actually tried the product out before penning their conclusions.

So guess what?

I actually bought Fast Profits Online with my own money.

I then read ALL of the training material.

Watched the videos.

And here’s what I discovered.

What is Fast Profits Online?

Fast Profits Online is a PDF and video course that shows you how to set up your own ‘profitable’ eCommerce business.

With a niche focus on ‘dropshipping’.

The product is sold via the ClickBank Marketplace.

Once you’ve purchased access.

You’re sent an email from ClickBank that redirects you to the member’s area.

Where you can access all of the content.

Fast Profits Online Landing Page

Image credit: Fast Profits Online.

Who’s Behind Fast Profits Online?

Apparently, the creator of Fast Profits Online is called Michael Carson.

Now, given that the profile picture next to Michael’s ‘signature’ on the sales page has been proven in other reviews to be a stock image.

I’m going to assume that the real person behind Fast Profits Online is not called Michael Carson.

What is eCommerce?

eCommerce is the buying and selling of goods or services online.

And whilst the sale of something as simple as an eBook would be classed as eCommerce.

eCommerce is usually thought of as a ‘shop’ selling multiple products.

Either in a specific niche (such as footwear).

Or across a broader range of categories.

Amazon is an example of an eCommerce marketplace.

What’s the ‘One Simple Trick?’

The ‘one simple trick’ on the sales page is that of ‘dropshipping’.

Dropshipping is a retail fulfilment method were the ‘store’ doesn’t physically stock the items being sold.

Instead, when a customer makes a purchase from the dropshipper’s store.

The dropshipper then orders the item from a supplier (typically a wholesaler) who then sends the item to the customer.

The dropshipper’s profit is basically the amount they sold the item to the customer for, minus the wholesale cost, minus fees.

How Much Does Fast Profits Online Cost?

The initial front-end product costs just $1.

But it’s important to note that once you make your initial purchase.

You’ll be rebilled on a recurring basis.

With the next payment being taken 7-days later.

This future payment was billed at £30.72 in my case:

I didn’t want to pay anything further.

So, I asked ClickBank to cancel my future subscription (instructions here).

I also cancelled the payment inside PayPal myself just to make sure.

I was presented with a one-time offer after my initial purchase but I didn’t take it.

Click here to access Fast Profits Online for $1.

What Do You Get?

It’s not really clear on the sales page.

So, allow me to explain what you get when you join Fast Profits Online.

Once you’ve entered your email address and placed your order.

You’ll be sent an email from ClickBank.

Where you’ll be given a link to access the following content from your own member’s area:

1: Fast Profits Course

Click the ‘Access Fast Profits Here’ button.

And you’ll be taken to a page where you can download the core content of the course.

The content is presented in both PDF and videos formats that you can download to your computer.

Here’s what you get:

Fast Profits – The ECom Formula

This is the core strategy content.

Some of the main topics include:

  • Why eCommerce is the best way to make money online;
  • How the eCommerce business model applies both online and offline;
  • How to set up your eCommerce store;
  • How to design an eCommerce store that will sell;
  • How to use pricing strategies to increase sales;
  • How to market your store.

Fast Profits Cheat-Sheet

A more digestible version of The ECom Formula.

Fast Profits Mindmap

A visual representation of The ECom Formula.

Fast Profits Resources

A handy list of:

  • eCommerce platforms;
  • Useful apps and plugins;
  • Places to sell;
  • Where to find products to sell.

2: Fast Profits Platinum

This course explains how to set up a profitable Shopify store.

Dropshipping is mentioned.

But the focus is still on eCommerce as a whole.

Core topics include:

  • Choosing the right products;
  • Determining your market size;
  • Identifying your ideal customer;
  • Evaluating the competition;
  • Defining your USPs;
  • Becoming a niche expert;
  • Laws and regulations;
  • Setting up Shopify;
  • Marketing your Shopify store.

As with The ECom Formula.

You also get a cheat-sheet and a checklist to help you take action on the main points.

3: The Leverage Profits Trick Course

This course focuses on the dropshipping aspect of eCommerce.

Specifically on how to build a profitable dropshipping business with no prior knowledge.

Core topics include:

  • The advantages of dropshipping;
  • Crucial tips for finding dropshipping partners;
  • The ‘perfect’ niches for dropshipping;
  • Choosing the ‘perfect’ product;
  • Building your brand;
  • Growing your audience;
  • Making your products ‘fly off the digital shelves’.

You also get a cheat-sheet, mindmap, and resources list too.

4: Bonus Videos

There’s also a video course called the ‘AliExpress Assassin’.

You can download these videos from your membership area.

5: Optional Extras

As soon as you’ve signed up.

You’ll be told to ‘activate your free eCommerce store trial’.

And ‘get your Fast Profits hosting account’.

These are just affiliate links to Shopify and the CoolHandle web host.

It’s up to you if you want to use these resources or not.

Is Fast Profits Online a Scam?


Because in exchange for the $1 sign up cost.

You actually get a lot of useful content.

However, there are some very important points to keep in mind.

1: Best Suited to Dropshipping Novices

This course is best suited to absolute dropshipping novices.

If you have any experience with dropshipping at all.

You’ll almost certainly find Fast Profits Online too simplistic.

2: Not a Get Rich-Quick-Scheme

You’re probably not going to be able to hit the $1,700 per day mark advertised on the Fast Profits Sales page any time soon.

Dropshipping is a legitimate business model.

But you’ll have to put in a LOT of work to hit those kind of figures.

3: Fast Profits Online is Only the Beginning

Further to the last point.

Fast Profits Online only provides you with the basics for helping you understand the eCommerce and dropshipping business model.

It’s quite likely that you’ll have to go in search of further resources once you’re up and running.

Conclusion: Ideal for Beginners – Everyone Else Move On

Don’t expect to buy Fast Profits Online.

And then suddenly start earning $1,700 per day any time soon.

The reality is that Fast Profits Online is an entry-level course designed to introduce pure novices to the world of eCommerce and dropshipping.

And whilst it’s probably true that you could find most of the information for free online.

I’d rather pay the $1 for the convenience of having the information organised into an actionable and logical flow.

Overall, I’d say that this is a legitimate dropshipping course.

That provides value exclusively for total beginners.


  • Legitimate business model;
  • Lots of content;
  • Only costs $1;
  • Perfect for dropshipping novices.


  • Little value for experienced dropshippers;
  • $1,700 per day unrealistic for beginners.

What’s the Alternative?

Not interested in dropshipping?

Then you might like to try affiliate marketing.

I personally found it easier to find my ‘niche’ with affiliate marketing.

And I was able to earn more than $10,000 in passive income from one of my affiliate websites:

Clickbank Affiliate Earnings 2017

Plus, there’s a step-by-step formula that you can follow to get up and running for free.

Subscribe to my FREE email course here.

And I’ll walk you through the process myself.

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