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Evergreen Profits is a front for the Trade 360 scam broker.



  • None.


  • The software doesn’t exist.
  • You won’t make any money.
  • You’ll be pressured into making deposit after deposit.
  • You’ll be encouraged to trade recklessly.

Opinion Disclaimer: the content in this review is ultimately a reflection of my own opinions and is not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual, anyone, or anything.

Name:Evergreen Profits
Platform:Independent + Trade 360 broker
Type:Financial trading broker scam
Price:‘Free’ + $250 min. deposit
Money-back guarantee?No
Rating:< 1 / 5
How to join?Don’t

Are you thinking about trying out the Evergreen Profits financial trading software?

Please don’t.

Because as I’m about to reveal in this honest Evergreen Profits review…

What seems like a tempting way to make money passively online is actually a potentially very dangerous scam.

Allow me to explain.

Image source: evergreen-profits.com

What is Evergreen Profits?

Evergreen Profits (located at evergreen-profits.com) claims to be a piece of financial trading software…

That’s supposedly able to scan ‘…hundreds of relevant news sources 24/7…’ and allow you to make ‘$1,500 daily’.

Sounds great doesn’t it?


That’s not how Evergreen Profits works at all.

Here’s what’s really going on.

How Does Evergreen Profits REALLY Work?

Evergreen Profits is a con.

The whole website has been set up as a sales funnel for the Trade 360 broker.

Because that’s exactly where I was redirected to upon joining Evergreen Profits.

Where instead of being connected with the ‘software’ that’s supposedly going to make you ‘$1,500’ each day…

You’ll be pressured into depositing $250 and encouraged to lose it.

More details on this in just a moment.

How Much Does Evergreen Profits Cost?

It’s free to register with the Evergreen Profits website.

But I strongly recommend that you do NOT do this.

I’ll explain why in the second part of this Evergreen profits review.

Is Evergreen Profits a Scam or Legit?

In my opinion?

Evergreen Profits is a complete scam.

Here’s why.

3 Reasons Why Evergreen Profits is a Scam


What makes me so sure that Evergreen Profits is a scam?

Well, the truth is that I’ve exposed this type of scam many times already here on Online Income Solutions.

The con is based on the ‘old’ binary options trading rackets that were rife just a few years ago.

But because many regions banned brokers from offering binary options to retail traders…

The scammers have consequently moved their model to the cryptocurrency and cannabis CFD (‘contract for difference’) stock options.

This video explains how the ‘classic’ binary options trading scams work:

Video credit: Hans Alexander

Here’s how the scam works in relation to Evergreen Profits specifically.

1: The Trading Software Doesn’t Exist

I signed up to Evergreen Profits myself to take a look at the ‘software’.

But as I expected…

No such trading software exists.

Because after joining up to Evergreen Profits, I was immediately redirected to the Trade 360 broker.

Where you’re apparently only allowed to trade manually:

Screenshot of Trade 360 Complaint.

Image source: forexpeacearmy.com/forex-reviews/12734/trade360-forex-brokers


It’s quite often the case that the brokers linked to these rouge trading software advertisements are totally unlicensed.

But when I looked online for Trade 360 reviews…

I was actually surprised to discover that Trade 360 appears to be regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) – their license number is 202/13.

Their address is: 116 Gladstonos, M Kyprianou House, 3rd & 4th Floors, 3032, Limassol, Cyprus.


This only applies if you live in the European Union.

Because outside the EU, Trade 360 are owned by the ST Services LTD company.

ST Services LTD does not hold a licence as far as I am aware.


Does this mean that Trade 360 are a legitimate broker that you can trade with?

Not exactly.

Here’s why.

2: Pressured Into Depositing

Although Trade 360 don’t appear to be in the same category as some of the more abhorrent broker scams that I’ve uncovered…

The genuine Trade 360 user reviews that I found suggested to me that they still use the pressure tactics that are ubiquitous to these sorts of shady brokers.

Where you’re called repeatedly to first make a minimum deposit of $250…

Before being hounded to deposit more and more.

Screenshot of Trade 360 Reviews on Trustpilot.

Image source: uk.trustpilot.com/review/trade360.com

3: Encouraged to Lose Your Money

Some of the scam brokers that I’ve reviewed will literally steal your money.

Either by overcharging you, or simply just taking it out of your trading account once deposited.

Whilst others will fabricate a positive balance in your trading account whilst funnelling your cash into their own accounts.

But it appears that Trade 360 are a little more subtle in their approach to conning you out of your funds.

Because as one user reported on Trustpilot…

The Trade 360 staff tried to pressure him into making trades despite their protests to the contrary:

Screenshot of Trade 360 Complaint on Trustpilot.

Conclusion: Complete Scam – Avoid

In my opinion?

I cannot see any benefit to signing up to Evergreen Profits.

Because you’re not going to be connected with any sort of software that’s going to make you ANY money at all.

On the contrary…

You’ll be pressured into depositing funds with a shady broker who will more than likely do their best to ensure that you lose your money for their own gain.

Stay away from Evergreen Profits and their associated Trade 360 scam broker.


  • None.


  • The software doesn’t exist.
  • You won’t make any money.
  • You’ll be pressured into making deposit after deposit.
  • You’ll be encouraged to trade recklessly.

What’s the Alternative?

I spent a good solid year trying to crack the Forex markets through dedicated study and back-testing.

I even tried out some ‘proven’ EAs (‘expert advisors’).

The outcome?

I wasted a year of my life.

Because I barely made a single penny.

But thankfully…

I discovered affiliate marketing a few years ago.

And I’ve never looked back.

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