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EV Maximiser is a Monte Carlo simulator and software suite that allows you to independently calculate the true value of up to 7 types of online casino bonuses with laser-like accuracy.

EV Maximiser is unique because it uses the correct formulas to work out the real worth of a casino bonus.

This has helped me bank £1,000s upon £1,000s over the years.

Making EV Maximiser one of the most profitable online money-making systems that I’ve ever purchased.

EV Maximiser is best suited to existing Profit Maximiser members who have already completed most of the advanced casino sign up offers.

And who are now ready to start finding profitable casino bonuses on their OWN.

EV Maximiser offers excellent value for money in my opinion.


  • Exploit more casino offers.
  • Enormous earning potential long-term.
  • Uses the correct EV formulas.
  • User-friendly.
  • Calculate an offer’s hourly profit rate.
  • Balance value and risk.
  • Slots database for comparing value.
  • Full money-back guarantee.


  • No £1 trial.

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Name:EV Maximiser
Type:Casino system – bonus EV calculator
Price:£49.99 + VAT
Money-Back Guarantee?Not stated
Rating:4.8 / 5
How to Join?Here

Are you already an owner of one of Mike Cruickshank’s betting systems?

Then you’ll probably have seen ‘EV Maximiser’ listed under the ‘Products’ tab in your membership area.

And you might well be wondering if you really need to buy EV Maximiser.

Especially if you’re already doing the advanced casino offers as part of your Profit Maximiser subscription.

Well, I bought EV Maximiser as soon as it was released a few years ago and I’m still using it to make money today (I’ve included an example towards the end of the post).

So in this EV Maximiser review, I’ll be explaining what the product is, how it makes money, along with the pros and the cons.

Which should help you decide if EV Maximiser is right for you.

What is EV Maximiser?

At its core, EV Maximiser is a Monte Carlo simulator that allows you to independently calculate the true value of up to 7 types of online casino bonuses.

You also get access to the slots RTP database, the custom EV simulator, full video training, and support via email.

EV Maximiser was created by Mike Cruickshank (pictured).

Mike is well known in the ‘matched betting’ and ‘advantage gambling’ space for creating high-quality products that produce profits for his users.

I have purchased all of Mike’s products and experienced tremendous success with each of them.

EV Maximiser is no exception.

How Do You Make Money With EV Maximiser?

Online casinos offer bonuses to encourage people to bet with their casino brand.

When some of these bonuses are played through in a certain way, they can offer a ‘positive expected value‘ for the player.

Such bonuses are said to be ‘+EV’.

By only ever wagering through bonuses that are +EV it’s possible to overcome the casino’s ‘house edge‘ to generate long-term profits.

For example, here I’ve added an extra £4,000 in pure profit to my initial £1,000 starting bankroll by completing 1,176 +EV casino offers:

Casino Profit vs EV Graph

I did this by using both the EV Maximiser tool and by religiously working through the casino offers posted on the Profit Maximiser Calender every day.

My maximum buy-in amount was around 0.5-3% (fluid) of my bankroll.

Which means that I could have made a lot more money if I’d started with a larger bankroll.

Because I could have increased my buy-in amount and thus my cumulative EV.

For example, this user has made more than £300,000 from 12,000 +EV casino offers:

High Risk Casino Winnings Graph

I can’t say for sure if this person was using EV Maximiser or even Profit Maximiser.

But I do know that they had the bankroll to be able to buy in for the full amount when doing the +EV casino offers.

Which is usually £100 – £200 for the highest value offers.

What Makes EV Maximiser Unique?

If you’re already a member of a matched betting platform – then you’ll probably have come across ‘casino offers’ before.

Where the accompanying training explains that the ‘EV’ of a casino offer can be calculated using this formula:

EV = bonus – (wagering requirements x house edge)

However, this formula is only correct when 100% of the people doing the offer can complete the full wagering requirements.

Because in reality, if there’s a chance of ‘busing out’ before you complete the wagering requirements then you need to use a different set of formulas.

The good news is that this means that many of the casino offers are a LOT more profitable than first imagined.

The bad news is that you cannot really work the true EV of such a bonus by hand because the EV needs to be calculated against the average amount of wagering completed.

Thankfully, this is exactly what the EV Maximiser software will do for you in just a few seconds.

And the interface allows you to alter the stake sizes and the volatility of the game that you are using to complete the wagering.

Which can significantly increase the EV of the offers.

And thus the amount of money that you’ll make over the long-run.

What Do You Get When You Join EV Maximiser?

Once you’ve bought EV Maximiser.

You’ll be able to access the following features from your own member’s area:

EV Maximiser Members Area Main Menu

1: Full Training

The first thing that you’ll need to do once you’re logged into EV Maximiser is to click on the ‘Training’ tab.

Then work your way through the ‘Basics’ section.

Where you’ll learn about EV (‘expected value’), money management, and what you should do before you attempt each offer.

There’s also a short section that explains how to use blackjack, roulette, and the slot machines for wagering purposes.

The rest of the training explains how to actually use the EV Maximiser software to work out the EV for each type of casino bonus.

You’ll be given examples of how to exploit different types of cashable, post-wager, cashback, and sticky bonuses.

There’s also a section on 2-tier casino betting.

2: Core EV Simulator

If you click the ‘Simulator’ tab you can program the EV Maximiser tool to your own custom parameters.

The top part of the calculator allows you to specify the bonus type, the game being used for wagering, and the house edge/RTP of the game:

EV Maximiser Calculator

The sections below this start to change depending on the type of the bonus being exploited.

For example, here I’ve set the simulator up to work out the EV of a £20 ‘cashable’ bonus that has a wagering requirement of 20 x the (deposit + bonus) amount.

The RTP of the game is 96.5%, I’ll be using £1 spins throughout, and there’s no winnings cap:

EV Maximiser Interface

The Monte Carlo simulator is going to run 100,000 hypothetical ‘trials’ to work out the average wagering requirements based on the parameters that I’ve specified.

This is what allows the EV Maximiser tool to work out the true value of a casino bonus with great accuracy.

Monte Carlo Simulator Trials
EV Maximiser Output

I’ve clicked ‘Run Simulator’.

And I’m told that the £20 bonus has a true value of £11.05.

Crucially, I’m also told that 85.9% of the time I’ll lose my £20 deposit in full.

Making this a ‘high-risk offer’.

As such, I can manage my bankroll and my risk accordingly.

3: Slots Simulator

If you click the ‘Slots’ tab.

You’ll see the same interface.

But if you scroll to the bottom of the screen, you’ll see that the simulator is hooked up to a database of more than 800 slot machines – specifying their respective qualities:

Casino Matched Betting Slot RTPs

This is useful because not only does it allow you to quickly map the appropriate RTP and volatility levels to the EV simulator for a slot machine.

It also allows you to compare the value of a bonus against multiple slot machines concurrently to find out which machine will give you the most value.

For example, here you can see that wagering on the Immortal Romance slot increases the EV of this bonus by £2.62 when compared to wagering on the Starburst slot for the same bonus.

At the expense of a 5.3% increase in risk of going bust:

EV Maximiser Slots Database EV Output Table

Who Should Buy EV Maximiser?

EV Maximiser allows you to head off and find profitable casino offers on your OWN.

This makes EV Maximiser an excellent choice for existing Profit Maximiser members who have already completed the ‘Advanced Casino’ sign up offers:

Advanced Casino Matched Betting Offers from Profit Maximiser

If you’re still fairly new to the casino side of matched betting.

I’d advise that you stick with the lower-risk stuff until you have a sizable bankroll and a solid appreciation for the effects of variance.

I’ve recently seen some posts on another matched betting forum that does NOT carry explicit training for tackling the advanced casino offers.

This means that folks are over-staking and taking unnecessary risks because they don’t understand what they are getting themselves into.

Advanced casino offers are perhaps the riskiest way that I’ve used to make money online.

But also one of the most profitable.

Which is why I think the ‘Profit Maximiser + EV Maximiser’ combination is the best option if you’re ready to take your profits to the next level.

How Much Does EV Maximiser Cost?

EV Maximiser costs £49.99 +VAT.

You can buy EV Maximiser by clicking the button below and clicking the ‘Add to Cart’ button on the next page.

Then simply fill out the ClickBank order form and you’ll get instant access to EV Maximiser.

My Experience Using EV Maximiser

EV Maximiser allows me to locate profitable casino offers that are not featured on any other matched betting platform.

One of the most notable examples being the ‘cash before bonus’ style offers.

It used to be thought that casino offers where the wagering requirements don’t start until you have lost your initial deposit amount were not profitable.

This is untrue.

In fact, with so many casinos now switching to this bonus structure, EV Maximiser opens up a whole new way to make money online from casino offers.

Furthermore, the EV Maximiser software allows me to play around with the stake sizes and game selection until I’m happy with the level of risk relative to the EV of the offer.

Because of this, EV Maximiser is one of my most used tools for generating regular profits effectively.

For example, here I have found a ‘bet £10 get £5’ offer from William Hill:

William Hill Bet £10 get £5 Casino Bonus offer

I’ve read the Terms and Conditions for the offer.

And input the variables into the EV Maximiser simulator.

The simulator tells me that the EV of the offer is £2.38 when doing £1 spins:

EV Maximiser Simulator Output

So I went ahead and did the offer.

After wagering, I came out with a final profit of +£48.25.

Helped by a 58x stake win during a bonus round:

Super Slot Win

The point here is that by intentionally using a larger spin size, I’ve increased the EV of the £5 bonus, reduced the time taken spent on the offer, and walked away with a decent profit for a couple of minutes of work.


  • Increases the number of profitable casino offers available;
  • Mathematically proven to work;
  • The most accurate EV calculator tool on the market;
  • User-friendly;
  • Allows you to model risk;
  • Works out the relative hourly rate for an offer;
  • Increase your profits by manipulating stake sizes and game volatility;
  • Compare slots to find out the most profitable option for wagering;
  • Full money back guarantee.


  • No £1 trial available.

Conclusion: A Powerful Online Money Making Tool

If you’re looking to make some serious money from the online casinos’ bonuses on your own terms.

Then EV Maximiser is the product for you.

Personally, what I like to do is run through the Profit Maximiser Calendar to quickly find the most profitable casino offers for the day that Mike has picked out:

Profit Maximiser Casino Offers Daily Calendar

Then I’ll head over to my inbox.

Where I’ll use the EV Maximiser tool to calculate the value of the ‘invite only’ casino offers.

After that, I’ll start working my way through the bookmaker and casino sites to pull apart the terms and conditions of their offers to find even more value with EV Maximiser.

The ‘Profit Maximiser + EV Maximiser’ combination is one of the most profitable system pairings that I’ve ever used.

How to Get Started With EV Maximiser

Ready to take your casino matched betting to the next level?

Then simply click the button below.

To get started with EV Maximiser now.

Do you want to make money online?
Yes - show me how!

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