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The Elite Betting Syndicate is an independent tipping service that issues profitable win and each-way bets for the UK horse racing markets.

Although this service does not boast particularly exceptional ROI and SR figures in my view.

My statistical analysis of their betting record suggests that the Elite Betting Syndicate team are able to beat the odds with a degree of consistency that implies a legitimate edge over the odds.

This is a robust tipping service that appears to get the job done without any bells and whistles in my opinion.

Making it a good choice if you’re looking for a solid addition to your betting portfolio.

Overall: recommended.


  • Probably has an edge.
  • Results likely down to skill.
  • Might work on the betting exchanges.
  • £1 trial.


  • No tip justification.
  • Unclear refund policy.

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Name:Elite Betting Syndicate
Type:Tipster – horse racing
Price:£39 + VAT per month
Trial?£1 for 10 days
Money-Back Guarantee?Not stated
Rating:4 / 5
How to Join?Click here to get your tips now for £1

Welcome to my honest Elite Betting Syndicate review.

Do you trust tipsters that claim to have ‘insider information’?

Because not only is that what the Elite Betting Syndicate claim to have access to.

Their sales page also states quite boldly that they can help you ‘earn a second income from betting’.


I was.

That’s why I decided to perform some statistical analysis on the Elite Betting Syndicate’s betting record to see if they actually have a legitimate edge.

Or if their results are just down to luck.

Here’s what I discovered.

What is the Elite Betting Syndicate?

In their own words?

‘Elite Betting Syndicate is a team of betting professionals established in 2009’.

Apparently, their backgrounds are in ‘race horse ownership and statistical analysis’.

And this, combined with their ‘connections to stables across the country’ is what allows them to ‘make excellent long-term profits’.

The Elite Betting Syndicate tips in the win and each-way markets the evening before the race.

Here’s a full service breakdown.

(Stats correct at the time of writing).

Launched:October 2016
Bets on record:2,322
Cumulative profit:+385.12 points
Ave. odds7.08
Strike rate:22.52%
Ave. monthly profit:Approx. +13 points
Starting bankroll:100 points (assumed)
Bank growth:385% (assumed)
Bet size:1 pt single or 0.5 pts E/W
Bet volume:50 – 120 per month
Selections sent:Evenings
Bookmakers:All major UK brands
Works on the exchange?Possible value at BSP

What’s the Cost?

You can get your first 10 days’ of tips for £1.

After that, ongoing access costs £39 + VAT each month.

You can cancel anytime.

My Thoughts On the Elite Betting Syndicate

I’ve only just started receiving tips from the Elite Betting Syndicate team myself:

Elite Betting Syndicate Tip Example

However, having taken a close look at their betting record.

Here are my opinions on the Elite Betting Syndicate service.

1: Probably Has An Edge

The average odds for this system are 7.08 at the time of writing.

This would imply that you’d roughly be expected to win 14% of your bets.

However, the system is currently winning at a rate of 22.5%.

Which means that you should be getting paid at odds of 4.44.

And because 7.08 > 4.44.

I think that it’s fair to conclude that value is being secured.

The only caveat is that I didn’t split and compare the odds for the E/W parts of the bets to make the estimate more accurate.

However, the +ROI for the dataset suggests that the above aggregate is valid

2: Results Likely Down to Skill – Not Luck

With that said.

Is it possible that the Elite Betting Syndicate have simply been on the favourable side of variance?

Well, given that the dataset contains 2,322 bets recorded over 2.4 years.

I’m inclined to say ‘no’.


In order to feel more confident in my assumptions.

I used the following formula in Excel:


To help me conclude that the chance of the Elite Betting Syndicate’s results being down to ‘good fortune’ to be LESS than 0.006%

In my opinion, this indicates that skill is probably the primary driving factor behind the Elite Betting Syndicate’s profits.

3: Might Work At The BSP

I haven’t been able to verify this first-hand.

But when a well-known betting tipster review website trialled the Elite Betting Syndicate for 3 months.

Not only did they record a profit of +32 points at the advised prices.

They also banked +18 points at the BSP.

And as I’m sure you already know.

It’s quite difficult to find services that are profitable at the BSP because this price point tends to reflect the selections’ ‘true’ chance of winning more accurately.

Hence, this further leads me to believe that the Elite Betting Syndicate team really do have a legitimate edge.

And that’s not all.

If this system is indeed able to consistently deliver profits at the BSP.

Then it could be a good choice for you if you’re restricted with many of the bookmakers.

Alternatively, you could just take an equivalent value price (EVP) on the exchange.

You can use the following formula to calculate the EVP:

EVP = ((quoted decimal odds – 1) / (1 – decimal exchange commission )) + 1


  • Probably has an edge;
  • Results likely down to skill;
  • Might work on the betting exchanges;
  • £1 trial.


  • No tip justification;
  • Unclear refund policy.

What Do Others Think?

I discovered a few more ‘positive’ Elite Betting Syndicate trials on other reputable tipster review websites.

However, I always like to get feedback from real punters.

And a good place to do this is on TipstersReview.co.uk and Trustpilot.

Because even though individual reviews can be faked.

A high volume of reviews tends to give a fairer picture of what’s really going on.

I couldn’t find anything on Trustpilot.

But I found that Elite Betting Syndicate has a 4.5 / 5 rating based on 224 individual reviews on TipstersReview.co.uk at the time of writing:

Elite Betting Syndicate User Review Aggregate from Tipsters Review Website

Image source: https://www.tipstersreview.co.uk/rating-system/elite-betting-syndicate

Conclusion: Does the Job

I have to be honest.

This system doesn’t boast any exceptional metrics in my opinion.

(Although the assumed bankroll growth is pretty good).

The ROI and strike rates are really nothing to get excited about.

And I have absolutely no idea if the Elite Betting Syndicate team really do have access to ‘insider info’ or not.

But whatever it is that they’re doing appears to be working.

As such, I’m going to conclude that the Elite Betting Syndicate is a good option if you’re looking to increase the long-term profitability of your betting portfolio.

And the £1 trial gives you the chance to test out this service for minimal risk.

Click the button below to try the Elite Betting Syndicate now.

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