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Eazy Dollars is a malicious data harvesting scam.



  • None.


  • You won’t get paid.
  • Your personal details will probably be stolen.
  • A waste of your time.

Opinion Disclaimer: the content in this review is ultimately a reflection of my own opinions and is not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual, anyone, or anything.

Name:Eazy Dollars
Real owner:Unknown
Type:Data harvesting scam
Money-back guarantee?N/A
Rating:< 1 / 5
How to join?Don’t

Are you thinking about signing up to Eazy Dollars?


Because as I’m about to reveal in my honest Eazy Dollars review…

This ‘social influencer’ platform is actually a malicious data harvesting scam.

One that’s been set up to steal your personal information.

Allow me to explain.

Screenshot of the Eazy Dollars website.

Image source: eazydollars.co

What is Eazy Dollars?

Eazy Dollars claims to pay you for using your social media accounts to get others to join up to Eazy Dollars.

And your reward?

That would supposedly be $2 for each person that clicks your unique referral link…

Plus a further $10 for each person that then joins Eazy Dollars as a result.

Which would be great.

If that’s how Eazy Dollars actually worked.

How Does Eazy Dollars REALLY Work?


You’re never going to get paid a single PENNY for referring others to Eazy Dollars.

I’ll explain exactly why in just a moment.

But for now…

All you need to know is that Eazy Dollars has been set up to steal your personal information.

So that it can be sold on to spammers and marketing companies.

And that’s not all…

As reported by other victims of similar data harvesting scams…

It appears that either the owners of these scams or the folk they’re selling the data on to…

Are trying their luck by lifting the email and password combinations…

And then seeing if they can be used to break into your personal accounts:

Screenshot of Gmail Hacking Attempt Warning

What About the Eazy Dollars Payment Proofs?

I’m sorry to say…

But the Eazy Dollars payment proofs on their website are completely made up.

And the ones that you’ve seen on social media have probably been posted by genuine Eazy Dollars users…

That have sadly yet to realise that they’ll never be able to withdraw their Eazy Dollars account balance.

The bottom line is that…

All of the ‘positive’ Eazy Dollars reviews are fake.

What if You’ve Already Signed Up To Eazy Dollars?

Did you use the same password and email combo that you use for your personal accounts?

(Email, PayPal, bank, etc).

If so…

Then you MUST change those details on your personal accounts.

Because there’s a risk that they could be hacked into.

Can You Delete Your Eazy Dollars Account?


The creators of these scams want to steal your information.

So it wouldn’t make sense for them to allow you to delete your account.

Is Eazy Dollars a Scam or Legit?

I can say with near certainty that Eazy Dollars is a massive scam.

Here’s why I think this to be the case.

3 Reasons Why Eazy Dollars is a Scam

Take a look at my reviews page.

And you’ll see that I’ve uncovered this type of data harvesting scam many times already.

Here’s how the specifics relate to Eazy Dollars.

1: Copy of the Clout Pay Scam

Take a look at my Clout Pay review.

And it’s pretty clear that based on the features, UX, and earnings claims…

Eazy Dollars is a clone of the now proven Clout Pay scam.

2: No One Ever Gets Paid

Did you read the comments at the end of the Clout Pay review?

Because they unfortunately confirmed my original statements that no one would ever get paid by Clout Pay.

And given that the Clout Pay website is now offline…

It certainly possible that the currently defunct cloutpay.co domain may end up redirecting to eazydollars.co.

3: Same $30 Task Wall

The ‘$30 Task Wall’ shows up in just about every single version of these data harvesting clone scams.

And few people actually realise just how dangerous it is.

Because not only do the CPA links allow the owners of the scam to cash in when you click through and perform an action…

It’s the task wall that was supposedly instrumental in the hacking attempt made on one user’s Gmail account…

The associated screenshot of which I posted earlier.

Screenshot of the Eazy Dollars Task Wall.

Conclusion: Complete Scam – Avoid

Based on what I’ve seen so far?

I’m almost certain that Eazy Dollars is a data harvesting scam.

And as time goes on…

I’m sure that the reports of users having their accounts randomly closed, payment dates changed, and withdrawals refused for non-existent ‘click fraud’ will soon start to come in.

Do NOT get involved with Eazy Dollars under any circumstances.


  • None.


  • You won’t get paid.
  • Your personal details will probably be stolen.
  • A waste of your time.

What’s the Alternative?

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