I’ll be honest.

I’ve been doing matched betting since 2012.

And I really believed that the days of clearing £2,000 in a single month from free bets and bonuses alone were a distant memory.

Simply because matched betting seems to get less profitable on the whole with each year that passes.

But it appears that contrary to popular sentiment…

Matched betting is NOT dead yet.

Because as I’m about to demonstrate in my matched betting earnings report for this month…

There’s still plenty of tax-free cash to be made.

(If you know where to look).

Making matched betting still worth the effort as we head into 2019 in my opinion.

My Matched Betting Set Up

I don’t multi-account.

Nor do I exploit the ‘partner-friendly’ loophole.

I only use accounts in my own name.

And yes.

I’m gubbed with a lot of the more valuable bookmakers like Coral and Ladbrokes.

Which makes the matched betting earning figures below seem more realistic for the average matched bettor.

I spend around 1-2 hours doing matched betting first thing in the morning.

And I might do up to another hour in the evening (but not always).

What I DIDN’T Do…

My earnings report below does NOT include profits from the following strategies:

  • Ante-post arbitrage betting;
  • Value betting;
  • Betfair trading.

The reason being that most of my time is currently spent working on my passive income strategies.

Meaning that there just aren’t enough hours in the day for me to execute every matched betting technique at the moment!

1: Matched Betting Sign-Up Offers (£0)

I didn’t sign up to any new bookmakers this month.

So, my gains from the bookmakers’ initial offers this month amounted to a big fat zero.

What’s Really Possible?

The bookmakers’ sign-up offers should be your first target if you’re brand new to matched betting.

And if you cash out every single offer.

You’ll probably make more than £1,000.

What’s Realistic?

I’d say between £500 – £1,000 is typical in my experience.

The variation mainly being down to the fact that the bookmakers do alter their offers from time to time.

This can result in either an increase or a decrease in overall value.

Also, if you’ve already claimed the free bets from some of the bookmakers in the past.

You won’t get a second chance.

How to Get Started?

OddsMonkey will teach you the basics of matched betting for FREE.

And you can potentially make up to £45 in the process.

After the free trial, you can upgrade to their Premium Membership.

And get full access to instructions for cashing out ALL of the bookmakers’ sign-up offers (and more).

Click the button below to get started.

2: Ongoing Matched Betting Offers (+£756.43)

The bookmakers’ ongoing offers are an excellent source of regular profits.

Admittedly, it’s the value of these ‘reload’ offers that have taken the biggest hit in recent times.

As the bookmakers took action against the matched betting community by being less generous with such offers.

It’s pretty rare these days to get a ‘bet £50 get a £50 free bet’ offer sent to your inbox just after joining up.

But I still managed to make more than £750 this month from the bookmakers’ ongoing free bets.

Here are a few examples.

i) 2UP Offers

After some initial variance.

Bet365 and Paddy Powers’ Early Payout offers are now my biggest earners.

And the fact that Bet365 are now running their 2UP promotions on darts, NFL, and rugby has done wonders for my matched betting profits.

For example, just last night I pocketed +£296.47 from a darts-double payout that I let run.

Here’s the payout from Bet365:

And the corresponding lay bet that paid out on Betfair (commission not deducted):

I’ve also been cashing out my football 2UPs at both 2-2 and 2-1 in-play.

For example, I netted a total profit of £109.87 when I ‘greened up’ on the recent Aston Villa v Leeds game for £36.60 (minus commission):

When Bet365 had already paid me my £75 profit:

There were some instances where I cashed too soon.

For example, I banked £50.49 from the Jets v Packers NFL game.

But I’d have secured around £230 in profit if I’d let it run.

(Which is what I normally do on NFL games).

What I’ve learned here is to be consistent in the strategy that I use.

ii) Darts Cash Refunds

Unibet shocked us all when they rolled out one of the best cash refund offers that we’ve seen in recent times.

They refunded losing win-market bets if your selection secured the highest checkout.

I haven’t got a clue about darts.

But I managed to hit the refund twice for a £100 profit:

Before Unibet realised they were giving away too much value.

And pulled the offer early.

iii) Racing Refunds

Racing refunds aren’t quite what they used to be.

With many outfits now stipulating that your selection must place to the SP favourite.

However, I’ve had some luck this month with William Hill’s £25 racing refund.

And Paddy’s ‘refund if horse X wins’.

I’ve also been cashing in on Betfred’s ‘bet 3x £10 for a guaranteed £10 free bet’ on greyhounds.

The odds can be pretty volatile in these markets.

So, you can get some good qualifying matches if you’re quick.

I’ve not bothered with Bet365’s 4/1 offer because I think these are a quick-ticket to Gub City.

iv) Football Cash Refunds

Bet365 rolled out their classic £50 in-play offer for the Liverpool v Napoli game this month.

From which I bagged a guaranteed £33.11.

I haven’t done any ‘bore draw’ offers this month because the odds were pretty pants each time I checked.

Which is why I often give Unibet’s £100 penalty refund a miss too.

Plus the fact that there needs to be a penalty AND your bet needs to lose to hit the trigger.

However, I did get a £50 refund on the Manchester City v Crystal Palace game – off a £3.70 qualifying loss:

v) Advent Offers

The advent offers were a real goldmine this year.

I banked £115 in pure cash from Bet Hard’s ‘Xmas Quiz’ offer alone.

Often at £25 a pop!

Bet Hard Cash Refunds

Unibet also came up trumps again.

With several £10 risk-free bets.

What’s Really Possible?

It’s always fun to look at the anomalies.

So let’s do that.

This OddsMonkey member claims that they made £10,320 in a single month from matched betting:

OddsMonkey Testimonial

I have absolutely no way of validating this.

Nor do I know how many accounts they were running – or what offers they did.

But given that this person also claims to have made £43,000 from matched betting when the World Cup was on:

World Cup Matched Betting Profits

And that many more are reporting earnings into the £1,000s from staking larger on the 2UP offers:

Bet365 Early Payout Matched Betting Results

I can conclude that it’s probably possible to beat my personal total of £756 for this month!

What’s Realistic?

If you’re new to matched betting.

Forget about the screenshots above for now.

I’d say that £100 – £500 each month from the bookmakers’ ongoing offers is realistic.

The reason being that a lot of the offers are ‘trigger’ based.

For example, racing refunds require your horse to finish in a certain place.

So, you’re not going to hit the refund every time.

Which means that some months will be better than others.

How to Get Started?

I use OddsMonkey’s Calendar to help me blaze through the bookmakers’ ongoing offers every day:

OddsMonkey Daily Calendar

If you’re already an OddsMonkey member.

I suggest hitting the Calendar once you’ve cashed out most of the bookmakers’ sign up offers.

If you’re not yet a member.

Click the button below to read my OddsMonkey review to find out how to join for free.

3: Casino Matched Betting Offers (+£1,244.80)

The casino element is probably the most controversial aspect of matched betting.


Because unlike the sports offers.

Most of the casino matched betting offers are NOT risk free.

Leading many to falsely believe that casino matched betting is no different to regular gambling.

This is untrue.

Here’s why.

It’s All About the EV (Expected Value)!

If you just play casino games with your own money.

You’ll end up out of pocket over time because the odds are stacked against you.

However, if you play through casino bonuses with a positive expected value (+EV).

You’ll make money over time because the value of the bonus is enough to tip the odds in your favour.

What About the ‘Luck’ Factor?

The only similarity between raw gambling and casino matched betting is that of the short-term wins and losses.

You just don’t know what’s going to happen from offer-to-offer.

This variance is the ‘luck’ factor.

But if you complete a large volume of +EV casino offers.

You’ll more than likely show a profit.

For example, here I’ve made a total profit of +£5,770.74 by completing 1,771 +EV casino bonuses to date:

Casino Matched Betting Profits

Had I just been playing with my own money, however.

I’d almost certainly show a loss.

The same would likely be true if the bonuses were -EV.

(Had no value).

My Biggest Win This Month

My biggest profit from a single offer this month was +£467.93.

From a ‘bet £20 get 20 free spins’ promotion.

Mainly thanks to this excellent bonus round:

Casino Matched Betting Slot Win

The EV of the offer was £2.80.

And my spin size was £1.20.

What’s Really Possible?

The casino offers can produce some obscene profits.

I think the most I’ve ever heard of from a +EV casino matched betting offer is +£597,136.92 from a 20p spin:

Profit Maximiser Jackpot Win

Obviously, this is not typical.

But those with larger betting bankrolls can still earn a lot of money each month.

For example, I recently met someone on a matched betting forum who has made more than £300,000 in just over a year from 12,000 +EV casino bonuses:

High Risk Casino Winnings Graph

What’s Realistic?

It’s taken me 11 months to make a profit of +£5,770.74 from 1,771 +EV casino bonuses.

That’s an average profit of +£524 per month.

Which is pretty good.

But due to the nature of variance, some months I closed out at a loss.

So, I’m hesitant to quote an exact earning figure for the casino matched betting offers.

But for what it’s worth, I should have made MORE money than this.

Because the cumulative EV for all the offers that I’ve completed so far stands at £6,429.40.

So, I’m ‘owed’ another £658!

How to Get Started?

There are a number of ways to get started with the casino matched betting offers.

1: Minimal Risk – Good Value

The easiest way to make money from casino matched betting is via cashback sites.

There’s a loophole that allows you to ensure that you make more money than you stand to lose.

The best system that I’ve used for this is called Corkie’s Casino System.

Because the upside potential is still massive whilst the risk remains minimal.

For example, this user banked £2,751 using it:

Corkie Review

Click here to find out more in my Corkie’s Casino System review.

2: Minimal Risk – Average Value

The next entry point is to exploit the online bookmaker and casinos’ no-deposit and free spins offers.

These are often risk-free.

The only downside is that the EV of these offers tends to be fairly low.

However, you can still net some decent wins.

For example, I made +£75.08 whilst wagering through the winnings of a 20 free spins (no deposit) offer using £1 bets:

Risk Free Casino Matched Betting Offers Win

If you go to the ‘New Account Offers – Casino & Games’ section of your OddsMonkey membership area.

You’ll find a massive list of these types of offers that you can exploit.

3: Very High Risk – Most Value

This is where the big money is.

Those who are banking upwards of 4-figure and 5-figure returns from the casino matched betting offers like this…

Dead or Alive Slot Win

…are taking part in the casino offers with the highest amount of EV.

This comes at the expense of a greater risk.

Such offers are not recommended for anyone with less than one year’s basic casino matched betting experience.

Or if you have a small betting bankroll, don’t like losing money, or have a history of gambling issues.

But if you think that you’re ready.

Check out Profit Maximiser.

Because this matched betting service is one of the very few that carries such offers.

Conclusion: Is Matched Betting Worth It In 2019?

In my opinion…

Most certainly yes!

Granted the bulk of my profits came from casino matched betting wins this month.

But +£756.43 from free bets and sportsbook trigger refunds is still pretty good.

I believe that the key to making money from matched betting in 2019 is two-fold:

  • Embrace new strategies;
  • Take consistent action.

For example, if you’re not already doing the 2UP offers.

Start now.

Commit to placing 300 bets.

And I reckon that you’ll show a nice profit at the end. 🙂

How to Stay Motivated in 2019 With Matched Betting

You’ll get more out of your matched betting if you’re able to see the ongoing success of others.

Because it will spur you on to take action.

And the easiest way to do that is by joining the Online Income Solutions Mastermind Group.

It’s 100% FREE!

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