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Crypto Bank Trader is a classic binary options / Bitcoin trading scam that should be avoided.

Do NOT enter your details into the Crypto Bank Trader website – you’ll be emailed and phoned relentlessly to make a deposit.

Do NOT deposit any money with their ‘recommended broker’ – you’ll never be allowed to withdraw it.

Do NOT send any copies of your ID to ‘verify’ your account – these may be used to steal your identity or sold on.

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  • None.


  • Complete scam.
  • You will lose money.
Name:Crypto Bank Trader + others
Website:Changes often
Type:Bitcoin scam
Price:$250 minimum broker deposit
Money-Back Guarantee?No
Rating:<1 / 5
How to Join?Don’t

Thinking of signing up to Crypto Bank Trader?


Because as I’m about to reveal in this Crypto Bank Trader review.

The whole thing is a clever scam designed to take your money.

Here’s how the con works.

What is Crypto Bank Trader?

What Crypto Bank Trader claims to be and what it ACTUALLY is are polar opposites.

The Crypto Bank Trader claims to be a piece of Bitcoin trading software that has ‘earned over $18,484,931.77 in profits within the past 6 months alone’.

And their website specifically states that you can:

Ride the wave of Bitcoin and earn a guaranteed $13,000 in exactly 24 hours’.

Crypto Bank Trader Sales Page Claims

Of course, this is all absolute nonsense.

Here’s what’s really going on…

Crypto Bank Trader Isn’t What it Seems

Crypto Bank Trader is a complete scam.

It’s designed to trick you into depositing with an ‘approved broker’.

Where you’ll actually end up losing your money rather than making it.

How do I know?

Because the Crypto Bank Trader is a ‘clone scam’ that keeps replicating under multiple names.

Such as The Bitcoin Code, The Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Trader, and many more.

I have exposed this type of fake news scam on several occasions.

And my findings are backed up by a host of credible sources.

Such as Martin Lewis from MSE:

Martin Lewis Bitcoin Scam Headline

Image credit: Money Saving Expert – Martin Lewis: Spread the word – don’t believe scam Bitcoin Code or Bitcoin trading ads.

Martin eventually took legal action against Facebook for allowing his likeness to be used on their platform by the scammers without his consent.

And whilst Facebook claim to be tackling the problem.

Crypto Bank Trader is evidence that the issue is still rife.

Who’s REALLY Behind Crypto Bank Trader?

The name associated with Crypto Bank Trader is that of Steve McKay.

As per the Crypto Bank Trader sales page, Steve McKay claims to be:

‘An ex-software developer for a large firm whose name I prefer not to disclose’.

And is the alleged mastermind behind the Crypto Bank Trader software.

This is all false.

The true identity of the folks behind Crypto Bank Trader / Bitcoin Code remains hidden.

But I do know they are willing to pay $600 for a single lead to their affiliates:

Bitcoin Code

This explains why the fake news stories that funnel to the Bitcoin sites are so prevalent.

I’ll explain how the scam works in more detail in just a moment.

How Much Does Crypto Bank Trader Cost?

Access to the ‘system’ appears to be free.

But this isn’t exactly true.

Because in order to ‘use’ the ‘software’ you’ll first be forced to deposit at least $/£250 of your own money with their ‘recommended broker’.

Do NOT deposit any money!

Because you’ll never see it again.

Here’s why.

How Does the Crypto Bank Trader Scam Work?

I already know how this scam plays out.

Because I’ve seen it so many times before.

But just to make sure that I wasn’t missing anything new.

I went ahead and actually joined up to Crypto Bank Trader.

And the scam unfolded in almost textbook fashion.

Here’s how the Crypto Bank Trader scam works from start to finish.

1: Fake News

The scam starts with a ‘fake news’ story that typically pops up on Facebook.

Where a celebrity’s image is used without their knowledge alongside an attention-grabbing headline.

The aim here is to get you to click through.

Jim Davidson Facebook Fake News Advert for Bitcoin

2: Spoof Website

If you click the Facebook story.

You’ll end up on a ‘spoof’ website that’s coded to look like a newspaper’s website such as the Mirror.

Where you’ll see an entirely fabricated story that provides more details as to how the celebrity in question supposedly made a load of money using the Crypto Bank Trader software:

Spoof Mirror Newspaper Website for Bitcoin

Every single piece of information on this website is made up.

Including the Facebook ‘comments’ that appear at the end of the page.

The goal again here is to get you to click on a link or image so that you’ll be redirected to the Crypto Bank Trader website.

3: Details Extracted

Once on the Crypto Bank Trader website.

You’ll be presented with more fake news and made up testimonials.

It’s well documented that the images are sourced from stock photos.

And the videos feature actors that are being paid to read a script.

The objective here is to capture your email address and phone number.

Once I’d submitted my email.

I was then asked to provide my phone number in order to ‘open my account’:

Crypto Bank Trader Sign Up Form

The acquisition of your phone number is critical for the scammers.

Because as I’ll reveal in the next step.

This is how you’re going to be pressured into losing your money.

4: Forced to Deposit With CryptopMarket (Scam Broker)

Once you’ve entered your contact details.

You’ll be automatically redirected to their ‘recommended broker’.

Where you’ll be asked to deposit $/£250.

Now, this where Crypto Bank Trader surprised me a bit.

Because normally in the classic binary options broker scams, you’re not allowed to do anything other than make a deposit in order to gain access to the ‘system’.

However, Crypto Bank Trader allowed me to navigate to what looks like a legitimate trading platform:

CryptopMarket Trader Interface Charts

But this isn’t what it appears to be.

The whole thing has been coded to create a false authenticity.

Because in this case, the ‘broker’ that you’ll be depositing with is called ‘CryptopMarket’.

CryptopMarket is a scam broker.

I know this for a fact because I looked online for some CryptopMarket reviews.

Where every legitimate source confirmed that CryptopMarket is an unlicensed broker located in Estonia.

With possible ties to a Russian organisation.

Furthermore, CryptopMarket appears to be linked with the Weed Millionaire trading scam:

CryptopMarket Scam Review From Twitter

Image credit: Twitter – Scam Broker Investigator.

5: Your Money is Lost

This is the fulcrum of the Crypto Bank Trader scam:

You won’t be able to withdraw a single penny that you deposit into your broker account.

Hence the reason why you’ll be hounded relentlessly by the ‘broker’ to make a deposit.

In fact, shortly after entering my phone number into the form on the Crypto Bank Trader website.

I received a barrage of no less than 50 calls from the scammers trying to convince me to part with my money:

Missed Calls List From Scam Broker on Mobile Phone

But How do the Scammers Actually Take Your Money?

It varies from scam-to-scam.

In many cases, when you’re ‘depositing’ to the broker.

You’re actually just sending money directly to the scammers themselves.

Where the aim of the game is to have you deposit more and more money.

You’ll Never Be Allowed to Withdraw

One ploy is to make it look like your ‘broker account’ is actually in profit by manipulating the software in your membership area.

But really, this is just ‘play money’ that you’ll never be able to withdraw.

In fact, not only will your withdrawal requests be denied.

You may be asked to hand over your ID to ‘verify’ your account.

These documents may be used to steal your identity or sold on for a profit.

The ‘Softer’ Affiliate Scam

In the ‘softer’ version of this scam – where the broker is actually legitimate.

The scammers profit from your losses via the affiliate deals they hold with the brokers.

I didn’t deposit any money with Crypto Bank Trader / CryptopMarkets, so I can’t confirm which way I would have lost my money.

But it wouldn’t have ended well that’s for sure.

Because there are countless reports online of people who HAVE deposited and lost a lot of money.

For example:

Bitcoin Revolution Scam Complaint

Image source: Money Saving Expert.

Conclusion: Avoid this Horrible Scam

Hopefully, I’ve provided you with enough evidence to convince you NOT to get involved with Crypto Bank Trader.

This is an incredibly dangerous and persistent scam.

The good news is that you should now be able to spot the tell-tale signs of a Bitcoin / binary options trading scam from a mile off.

If you found this article useful, please share it with others.

So they can avoid this scam too.

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