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This service is no longer operational.

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  • Historically profitable.
  • Scope to use on the betting exchanges.
  • Prices fairly easy to obtain.
  • Big priced winners.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Professionally managed by the Betting Gods.


  • Fairly volatile.

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Name:Chloe’s Football Focus
Platform:Betting Gods
Type:Tipster – football
Price:£29 per month
Trial?£1 trial sometimes available
Money-Back Guarantee?30-days
Rating:3.6 / 5
How to Join?Get your tips here


This service is no longer operational.

Click here to see my top 3 football tipster alternatives.

When it comes to betting, football’s a tough sport to make money consistently in.

Because the sheer volume of historical data available makes it relatively easy for the bookmakers to factor in their overrounds.

This makes finding value prices in these efficient markets very difficult indeed.

And if you’ve ever followed a ‘1×2’ odds-on football tipster, you’ll have probably realised that a high strike rate does not always correlate to a positive ROI.

Which is why I decided to conduct this Chloe’s Football Focus review.

I wanted to know if the higher average odds and more obscure selections mapped to a higher value margin.

Let’s dive in.

What is Chloe’s Football Focus?

Chloe’s Football Focus is a value based soccer tipster operating out of the Betting Gods network.

Here’s a full service breakdown:

How Do You Make Money With Chloe’s Football Focus?

You sign up for the service and place the bets that are emailed to you at the prices advised.

Aside from sticking to the recommended staking plan – that’s all you need to do.

But if you’re interested in the mechanics of how Chloe’s Football Focus works – here’s a general overview.

This is a value-based betting service.

Which means that the selections sent to you are believed to win more often than what the odds reflect.

Obviously, Chloe isn’t going to reveal how she reaches such conclusions.

But just about every profitable value betting tipster follows some version of the following model.

Betting Gods Free Pro Football Tips

1: Estimating a Fair Price

For example, if Chloe has decided that with all factors considered, Team A has a 50% chance of beating Team B – then a fair price would be decimal odds of 2.0 because:

(0.5 x 1) + (0.5 x (-1)) = 0

In other words, you’d break even over a large sample of bets because your wins and losses would be proportionate.

2: Calculating a Value Price

Consequentially, a value price would be any that’s greater than 2.0 because you’d win more than what you’d lose over a large sample of bets.

For example, if Team A has a 50% chance of beating Team B – but is priced at 2.2 with Bet365 – this is a value bet because:

(0.5 x 1.2) + (0.5 x (-1)) = 0.1

The positive answer indicates value.

3: Beating the Odds

Furthermore, decimal odds of 2.2 suggests that Team A would win 45.45% of the time because:

100/2.2 = 45.45…

Yet analysis estimates that Team A will win 50% of the time.

Therefore, Team A is expected to win ‘more often’ than what the decimal odds of 2.2 would reflect.

This is called ‘beating the odds’.

Does Chloe’s Football Focus Work?

Mostly yes.

At the mathematical level, the theory is sound.

And if you’d followed every bet to date exactly as Chloe advised – you’d be in profit.

However, it’s not always going to be possible to place the bets at the quoted prices.

And if you take a worse price – then you’re going to be missing out on value.

Which translates into fewer profits for you.

Chloe's Football Focus Winnings

What Are the Risks?

The main risk is that not every bet is going to win.

Which of course means that you’re going to lose money at some point.

Notice that in the above value calculations, I said that you’d expect to be in profit over ‘a large sample of bets’?

This is because it takes time for the true value of each bet to manifest – by virtue of The Law of Large Numbers.

And with this being a ‘longer-odds’ service – you’re going to have to commit to at least 3-6 months’ worth of bets to allow for this regression to the mean to occur.

Another risk is that past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

In other words, you’re banking on the fact that Chole is able to keep finding value going forward.

My Chloe’s Football Focus Trial Results

I tested Chloe’s Football focus for 9 weeks and the results were as follows:

As you can see, I scraped a micro profit of 0.06 points at the prices I was able to obtain.

But despite the timeframe – 88 bets isn’t all that much.

I believe that statistical significance only begins to arise at around the 500 bet mark.

And given that there are just over 440 bets on record – with an associated profit of +51.5 points (correct at the time of writing) for this service – I believe that this supersedes my results.

With that said, you also need to factor in the monthly subscription fees.

How Much Does Chloe’s Football Focus Cost?

At the time of writing, you can get 7 days of tips for £1.

If you like what you see, you can then carry on receiving tips for £29 per month.

Or you can take the annual plan to save the most money.

Can You Claim a Refund?

You can claim a full refund anytime within 30-days.

Does Chloe’s Football Focus Work on the Betting Exchanges?

It’s not really designed for use on the betting exchanges.

But I had a go anyway 🙂

I added 5% to the win part of the odds and placed an order at this equivalent value price (EVP) on the Betfair Exchange.

In doing so, I was able to get 61.6% of my 88 bets matched.

And I made a profit of +10.6 points.

You might have better results on Smarkets or Matchbook – where the commission is lower.

Chloe's Football Focus Profit and Loss Graph

Testimonials: What Do Others Think?

People tend to either love Chloe’s Football Focus – or absolutely hate it.

This is because the higher average odds and relatively low bet volume can result in some long losing runs.

Which tends to upset people.

Chloe's Football Focus User Testimonials and Reviews


My Opinion: A Decent Football Tipping Service that Requires Patience

Like I said before.

A consistently profitable football betting tipster is hard to find.

And a profit of more than 50 points over a sample of 440 bets indicates that Chloe more than likely has an edge over the odds.

With that said – this is not a service for the impatient.

With just 1-2 bets trickling in each day, the bad patches do feel like they go on forever.

But when a big priced selection comes in – ‘all is forgotten’.

I think that I’d want to combine Chloe’s Football Focus with a higher volume tipster like the Flat Racing Master or Quentin Franks Racing to turn my bankroll over faster.

This will get their combined edges working harder and thus make more money.


  • A historically profitable football tipster.
  • Prices relatively easy to obtain.
  • Big priced winners.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Scope to work on the betting exchanges.


  • Long losing runs.

Is Chloe’s Football Focus Right For You?

If you’re absolutely certain that you want to follow a longer-odds football tipping service – then Chloe’s Football Focus is a good choice.

Have you used Chloe’s Football Focus before?

Let me know what you thought about it in the comments section below.

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