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CB Automator is a WordPress plugin that can automatically generate review websites with pre-written content complete with your unique ClickBank affiliate link.

Whilst the product works well on paper, the main issue with CB Automator is duplicate content.

See the full review below to find out why this could potentially impact your ability to make money with CB Automator.


  • You could make money.
  • Possible time saving qualities.


  • Duplicate content issues.
  • Reviews might not rank.
  • May damage the SEO value of your website.

Opinion Disclaimer: the content in this review is ultimately a reflection of my own opinions and is not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual, anyone, or anything.

Name:CB Automator
Real owner:Ankur Shukla
Platform:Warrior Plus
Type:Affiliate marketing – DFY plugin
Price:$17 (discounted)
Money-back guarantee?30 days
Recommended?Caution advised (longevity)
How to join?Via W+ sales page

There’s already loads of CB Automator reviews out there.

The only problem is that the ones I’ve seen so far have been written by launch jackers looking to entice you to buy through their affiliate links with their many bonuses.

Which is totally fine if you’re already sold on the idea of CB Automator and are simply looking to add value to your order.

But if you’re sat there trying to figure out if CB Automator is a scam or legit then keep reading.

Because as I’m about to reveal in this honest CB Automator review…

There’s one hidden catch to this product that the sales page doesn’t reveal.

Screenshot of CB Automator product graphic.

Image source: cbautomator.convertri.com

What is CB Automator?

CB Automator is a WordPress plugin.

The idea is that you install it in the back end of your website and with just a few clicks…

The plugin will automatically generate review-based content for various ClickBank products – complete with your affiliate links.

This content will then supposedly rank in the search engines, so that people looking for reviews for said ClickBank products will land on your site, click your affiliate link, and you’ll earn a commission if a purchase is made.

And to be honest?

The idea sounds really cool.

Because I’ve created many review websites in several different niches over the years…

With one recording more than $10,000 in profit in less than 12 months (here’s how).

So I can personally attest to the fact that review websites are a legitimate way to make money online from affiliate marketing.

And I know just how much work and time you need to put in to keep writing content.


As I’ll explain in just a moment…

I personally believe that there’s a fundamental flaw in how CB Automator works.

Which could sink the whole thing for you – depending on your approach.

How Does CB Automator Work?

The CB Automator plugin allows you to create a ‘fully functioning ClickBank affiliate site’.

This can be done either on a brand new site or on a domain that you already own.

CB Automator comes preloaded with 30 pre-written product reviews and articles.

You also get a free theme that comes as a bonus with the software.

You can set the software to import a varying number of articles each day on autopilot.

There’s also an option to import a featured image with the article to be published along with your ClickBank affiliate ID.

You can also drive additional traffic with automated social media posts.

In this video, Ankur Shukla – the creator of CB Automator – shows you how the product works:

Video credit: Ankur Shukla

How Much Does CB Automator Cost?

When I checked?

CB Automator was available for the discounted price of $17 – down from $47.

The price may well go back up.

Can You Get a Refund?

CB Automator is sold through the Warrior Plus platform and comes with a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee.

Is CB Automator a Scam or Legit?

CB Automator isn’t a scam.

Because in exchange for your money, you’ll get a product that is technically capable of earning you money as described on the sales page.

But as I’m now about to reveal, there are a few things that you might want to keep in mind before buying CB Automator.

My Thoughts On CB Automator

Just to be clear.

I haven’t actually bought CB Automator for myself.

But having run review websites for a few years now, and given that I’m quite familiar with the common limitations that these sorts of DFY (‘done for you’) IM products can present…

I do feel that I can add some potentially valuable insights here.

1: You Really Could Make Money


The reality is that you most certainly could end up making money with CB Automator.

Because what CB Automator is actually doing is creating an ‘organic’ sales funnel for you.

This is achieved by providing you with a pre-written review for an affiliate product that may capture traffic – that has some intent to buy – from the search engines.

This could result in commissions for you if someone clicks your affiliate link and does go on to make a purchase.

But in my opinion?

There’s a pretty major issue that could break the funnel at the first step…

And completely sink any hopes of you making money.

2: Your Reviews Might Not Get Traffic

Here’s the main problem as I see it.

I believe that each of these pre-written review articles is the SAME (word for word).

This means that as more people buy CB Automator, the search engines will start to become saturated with duplicate content.

This is bad.

Because the search engines will typically rank this content lower than unique content that adds real value and insights.

You may even find that your review pages get de-indexed completely.

This will result in zero traffic and thus a complete absence of sales.

3: May Damage Your Website’s Reputation

In the worst case?

If you’ve been using CB Automator to add ‘duplicate content’ to your existing website, then you may find yourself getting a slap from Google.

But even if you don’t…

How do you think your audience is going to react if they see you posting identical content that’s clearly crafted in a way to make money and add little value for them?

Trust is everything when you’re trying to build a brand.

Especially in the scam riddled MMO niche.

In my case?

I personally wouldn’t feel happy using CB Automator to add reviews to Online Income Solutions.

I’d rather try the product out for myself – or do some thorough research on the product to help people make the best buying decision possible.

This has resulted in my reviews being well received by Google and thus ranked on the first page in many cases.


  • You could make money.
  • Possible time saving qualities.


  • Duplicate content issues.
  • Reviews might not rank.
  • May damage the SEO value of your website.

Conclusion: Not a Long Term Solution

In my opinion?

I actually think that CB Automator is a clever little tool.

I’m pretty impressed with how it can import content, add in your affiliate links, and post on social media platforms for you.

So it could be a decent time saving device initially – if you’re prepared to then go in and change the copy of the reviews and articles to make them ‘unique’ to your site.

This may keep you on the right side of Google and allow you to still provide value to your visitors.

But sadly?

I won’t be buying it.

Because the aim of my website is to produce unique content that helps people.

And not churn out duplicate or spun content that’s been created exclusively for making a quick buck.

Because I’d rather put my efforts into creating a long term business that can earn me money passively for a long time.

But that’s just me.

Who is CB Automator For?

I think CB Automator is best used by launch jackers or internet marketers that are happy to churn out content that’s designed to snag a quick sale.

You could use CB Automator to quickly create your base review content and then go in yourself to add your bonuses and other changes.

Because it can get tiring if you’re doing one launch jack after another and having to re-write the sales page yourself by hand each time.

But be aware that CB Automator may potentially restrict which product reviews you can import.

Is There an Alternative?

If you’re done with hopping from one DFY IM product to the next…

Then my honest advice would be to set up your OWN website that’s geared towards creating content that solves a specific problem in a niche that you’re interested in.

But it doesn’t have to be a charity either.

Because you can still add in your affiliate links in the right places to make money ethically.

This strategy is likely to keep you on the good side of Google too.

Which means that you’re actually creating a legitimate online business that could make you money for years to come…

Instead of churning out an infinite amount of low quality duplicate sites over and over again.

And if you click the button below…

I’ll show you how I built my 5-figure online affiliate business from scratch.

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