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Corkie’s Casino System is a PDF and video guide that shows you how to use several cashback sites to profit from online casinos by exploiting a specific loophole.

This system is low-risk because the profit comes from the cashback websites.

And not the casino’s welcome bonuses.

This is an excellent system for making a few £100s without having to gamble or rely on luck.

Highly recommended.


  • Low-risk.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Good training and support.
  • No prior experience required.


  • Cashback times vary.

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Name:Corkies’ Casino System
Type:Casino system – cashback
Money-Back Guarantee?Not stated
Rating:4.1 / 5
How to Join?Here

I’m no stranger to the ‘casino’ element of advanced matched betting.

In fact, for a good few years now, wagering through ‘+EV’ casino bonuses has proved to be one of my top earners.

Which means that I’m well aware of the big losses and wild swings that are to be expected from these ‘higher EV’ types of casino offers.

And equally familiar with the low value that’s intrinsically tied to the ‘risk-free’ casino offers that are covered by the major matched betting platforms.

So when I came across ‘Corkie’s Casino System’:

Corkies Casino System from Catbets

I was pretty sceptical.

Because this system from Catbets claims to show you how to make more than £580 with ‘no risk and no heavy wagering’.

In my experience, to bank those kinds of returns, you’d have to be wagering through casino bonuses with a higher degree of risk.

Which is why I decided to try this product myself.

And report my findings in this Corkie’s Casino System review.

What is Corkie’s Casino System?

Corkie’s Casino System is a PDF and video guide that shows you how to use several cashback sites to profit from online casinos.

The concept is pretty simple.

However, the guide explains how to exploit a specific loophole that guarantees a profit no matter what happens.

The product is aimed at matched bettors who are looking to boost their bankroll by a few £100s.

Without taking on any extra risk.

Who Created the System?

Corkie’s Casino System was created by Adam Corke who runs the Catbets website:

Adam Corke from Catbets

Adam started doing matched betting in April 2015.

And just over a year later, he decided to leave his accountancy job to do matched betting full time.

He now helps other people learn how to do matched betting and maximise their profits via his website and YouTube channel.

Adam currently has two other products available to buy on Catbets:

‘Corkie’s Matched Betting Diary’ and ‘Corkie’s Additional Bookmakers List.’

How Much Does the System Cost?

Corkie’s Casino System costs £19.99.

You can buy the system here.

What Do You Get When You Join Up?

Here’s what you get when you purchase the system.

1: PDF and 50+ Training Videos

The PDF guide walks you through the exact same process that Adam used to make £583.83 from the casino sites using the cashback loophole.

Topics covered include:

  • How to set up and correctly use various cashback websites where the loophole works;
  • How to guarantee a profit from certain offers;
  • How to minimise the risk whilst performing the wagering requirements;
  • How to profit from casino ‘reload’ offers to make money long-term.

In addition to the PDF, there are more than 50 videos that explain each section of the guide in full.

I’m a visual learner, so I found these videos to be very helpful when setting up my cashback accounts.

2: Profit Guide

There are step-by-step instructions for profiting from 32 casino offers.

This includes a ‘minimum profit’ figure.

The amount of money Adam made from the offer himself.

The minimum deposit and wagering amount.

And a video for each offer.

3: Bonus Sections

The guide also features three ‘bonus’ sections.

These mainly focus on how to exploit no deposit bonuses and free spin offers.

4: Full Support

I found the training to be more than adequate.

But if you get stuck at any point.

You can always contact Adam via email for support.

Does Corkie’s Casino System Work?


I used the cashback loophole to make £22 from two offers.

This profit was guaranteed.

The system is structured in a way so that you DON’T have to accept the casinos’ welcome bonuses.

Because the profit comes from the cashback sites.

Cashback Times Vary

The only minor ‘drawback’ to this system is waiting for the cashback.

Sometimes you’ll get the cashback right away.

But be prepared to wait up to 10 days in some cases.

In rare occurrences, you may have to submit a claim to the cashback site if the cashback hasn’t been credited.

I didn’t have to do this.

Advanced Users

Knowing what I know about ‘expected value’.

I did complete some bonuses that were ‘+EV’ when the cashback was factored in.

This is totally optional and is not covered by the guide.

(Adam actually discourages it – so only do this if you know how to calculate EV and model the risk effectively).


  • A low-risk way to make money online;
  • No need to complete the casino’s welcome offers;
  • Complete +EV casino bonuses to boost your profits (optional);
  • Excellent training;
  • Detailed videos for visual learners;
  • Full support.


  • Cashback times vary.

Conclusion: A Low-Risk Casino System That Works

I found Corkie’s Casino System to be both simple and effective.

And because you’re exploiting the cashback loophole – the risks are minimised.

Whilst the ‘upside’ earning potential is theoretically uncapped because you can win large amounts from slot machines.

This explains why some of the system’s users have apparently been able to exceed Adam’s personal profit of £583.

With figures of £2,750, £972, and £700 being reported:

Corkie's Casino System User Review and Testimonial

So, it’s definitely possible to make more than £580 as Adam has claimed.

But I’d recommend aiming for a more modest amount to begin with.

And make use of the reload offers to boost your profits long term.

Overall, I feel that this system is well suited to both novice and intermediate matched bettors alike.

In fact, anyone who’s over 18, a resident of the UK, and looking to make extra money online can benefit from this system.

Click the button below to try Corkie’s Casino System now:

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