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Cashooga presents itself as a GPT site but is actually just a malicious data harvesting scam.



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  • Dangerous scam.

Opinion Disclaimer: the content in this review is ultimately a reflection of my own opinions and is not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual, anyone, or anything.

Type:Data harvesting scam
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How to join?Don’t

I have to admit…

The Cashooga website looks pretty legit on the face of it.

But as I’m about to reveal in this honest Cashooga review…

Cashooga is actually an incredibly dangerous data harvesting scam.

Screenshot of the Cashooga Website.

Image source:

What is Cashooga?

Cashooga presents itself as a GPT (‘get paid to’) site.

Where you’re supposedly able to earn money by completing online surveys, downloading apps and inviting people using your unique referral link.

In addition to allegedly being able to earn $1 for each person that clicks your link and a further $5 for each person who joins up as a result…

It appears that you get $25 simply for signing up.

Which sounds pretty awesome.

But the truth is that you’ll never see a single cent of that money.

Here’s why.

How Does Cashooga REALLY Work?

Cashooga is a malicious data harvesting scam.

The entire website has been set up to steal your personal information.

Such as your email address, password, and phone number.

Because not only can your details be sold on to 3rd parties for a profit…

There have also been reports of people having hacking attempts made on their email accounts:

Screenshot of Gmail Hacking Attempt Warning


It’s thought that the scammers lifted the information the victim entered into the forms when they completed the surveys listed on the ‘task wall’.

The ‘task wall’ or ‘$X surveys’ section is a feature ubiquitous to all of these kinds of data harvesting portals:


Because in addition to their ability to capture valuable information…

The scammers are also able to insert their affiliate links so that when you click through…

And complete a specific action such as downloading an app…

They’ll make money.

Making the whole thing a kind of a ‘double scam’.

What if You’ve Already Joined Cashooga?

Then you need to make sure that you’ve not used the same password elsewhere.

Because it’s thought that the scammers will try their luck and see if they can break into your personal accounts using it.

If you have used duplicate information…

Then you need to change your passwords ASAP.

And enable 2-Factor Authentication if it’s available.

Is Cashooga a Scam or Legit?

Without question…

Cashooga is a scam.

I’ll explain why I know this for a fact in the next section.

Fake Cashooga Reviews

But what about those Cashooga ‘payment proof’ videos?


Those have been created either by the owners of Cashooga to spread misinformation…

Or unsuspecting users that have yet to realise that they’ll never get paid…

And are simply trying to get more people to click and join up via their affiliate link.

Here’s Why Cashooga is a Scam

As I said in the Review Policy…

I’m reluctant to label a product or service as a scam unless I have some solid proof.

And in the case of Cashooga?

The evidence is overwhelming.

1: Replica of Proven Scams

Check this out.

When I clicked on the Terms of Service before joining up…

I noticed that the TOS referenced a website called Kids Get Paid:

Screenshot of Kids Get Paid and Cashooga TOS

And if you don’t already know…

Kids Get Paid was a proven data harvesting scam.

Whose domain ( now redirects to the Kids Earn Cash website.

Kids Earn Cash is also a proven scam:

Kids Earn Cash Payment Complaints On Twitter

In fact…

If you check out my Notion Cash, ViralWork, Kids Have Money, and InfluEarn reviews…

It’s clear to see that they’re all just replica scams.

And if you check the wording, earning claims and layout of the Cashooga website…

It’s obvious that Cashooga is yet another clone.

2: No One Ever Gets Paid

I’ve reviewed a whole stack of these types of data harvesting scams.

And I’ve yet to see a single person get paid.

Because when you come to submit your withdrawal request…

You’ll usually have it refused or your account ‘closed’ due to ‘fraudulent transactions’ or some other made up nonsense.

And if the scam is starting to run out of steam…

Then you’ll probably just have your request ignored.

3: Dates Don’t Add Up

On their homepage…

Cashooga claims to have been in business for 4 years.

But as is typical with these sorts of scams…

The WHOIS record reveals that the domain is just 40 days old at the time of writing:

Screenshot of WHOIS Record for the Cashooga Domain.

4: Fake Testimonials

I’ve already mentioned the fake Cashooga reviews.

And if you head over to Cashooga’s ‘testimonials’ page…

You can see some of these first-hand.

Because these videos are provided by actors that can be hired on Fiverr.

Take this one for example:

Screenshot of Cashooga Fake Video Testimonial

When I looked on the Fiverr website…

It didn’t take me long to find the actor’s profile:

Screenshot of Fiverr Paid Actor Profile.

Conclusion: Avoid This Horrible Scam

In my view?

Cashooga is quite clearly a replica of other proven scams.

And the fact that you can sign up for ‘free’ makes it all the more wicked.

Because the vast majority of people will be oblivious to the danger they’re putting themselves in.

As such?

I strongly advise that you do NOT sign up to Cashooga.

But instead use the buttons at the end of this post to share this Cashooga review…

And help warn others about this horrible scam.


  • None.


  • Malicious scam.

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