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Cannabis Wealth is based on the classic binary options and Bitcoin ‘broker’ scams.

If you deposit any money to their ‘recommended broker’ you’ll almost certainly never get it back.

Do NOT give away your personal information or send copies of your ID for ‘verification’.

Because there’s a strong possibility that your identity may be stolen.

Stay away from Cannabis Wealth and its ‘clone’ scams.

Share this review to warn others.


  • None.


  • Proven scam.
  • You’ll almost certainly lose money.
Name:Cannabis Wealth + others
Type:Trading scam
Price:$/£250 minimum broker deposit
Money-Back Guarantee?No
Rating:<1 / 5
How to Join?Don’t

Thinking of investing in cannabis stocks?

Well, you certainly should NOT do it with the Cannabis Wealth system.

Or any of its other ‘clones’ that exist in this vast and persistent network of viral investment scams.

Identical marijuana trading cons also include:

  • Weed Millionaire;
  • Cannabis Trader;
  • Cannabis Millionaire;
  • CannabisCRAZE.

Because in this Cannabis Wealth review…

I’ll be demonstrating how this viral scam has previously left countless people out of pocket in the binary options and cryptocurrency sectors.

And Cannabis Wealth looks set to do the same.

As people start jumping blindly on the cannabis investment bandwagon in 2019 without any real thought as to what they are doing.

What is Cannabis Wealth?

Cannabis Wealth is advertised as a ‘brilliant revenue system’ that supposedly teaches you how to make ‘$1,838’ daily.

Of course, this is absolute nonsense.

The whole thing is set up to take your money.

And I’ll show you how they do it in just a moment.

Cannabis Wealth False Advertising Claims

Image: false claims made on the Cannabis Wealth homepage.

Who’s Behind Cannabis Wealth?

The name associated with Cannabis Wealth is that of ‘Jacob Walters’.

Who claims to be the CEO of Cannabis Wealth and the creator of more than 20 businesses.

This is almost certainly nonsense.

Since many of the other investment scams that follow the same template are proven to use stock images and pen names.

The real identities of the folks behind these kinds of scams remains hidden.

But it typically involves a network of affiliates who drive traffic to the unlicensed brokers that hide behind the phony investment websites.

More on this in a moment.

How Much Does Cannabis Wealth Cost?

It looks like you can join for free.

But in reality, you’ll be pressured into depositing $250 – $500 in order to ‘get started’.

And if you do.

You’ll almost certainly NEVER see that money again.

Can You Make Money With Cannabis Wealth?


Because every single one of these ‘clone scams’ that I’ve seen results in the client losing their money.

Here’s the proof…

How the Cannabis Clone Scams Work

These kind of cannabis investment scams aren’t really new.

Because they’re based on a classic binary options scam that was rife a few years ago.

The scammers realised that folks were getting wise to what they were doing.

So in 2018, they migrated their framework to operate under the guise of Bitcoin.

These too were exposed by review sites like mine.

And even Martin Lewis from MSE became vocal about these kinds of ‘trading cons’.

After his image was used repeatedly without his consent on Facebook to lure folks into the scam.

He eventually took legal action against Facebook over this (see video below):

Video source: Good Morning Britain

And now?

It looks like ‘cannabis stocks’ are the latest front for this persistent scam.

Here’s how it all works.

1: Misleading Ads


You’ll be suckered in via a fake post on Facebook that uses a celebrity and a clickbait headline.

Usually, it’ll look something like this:

Jim Davidson Facebook Fake News Advert for Bitcoin

However, in the case of Cannabis Wealth and its clones.

They are also using paid advertisements to get listed on the first page of Google.

Here’s one that’s worded to look like a legitimate ‘review’ of Cannabis Millionaire:

Cannabis Investment Scams Paid Google Advert

2: Spoof Website

Once I’d clicked the ad.

I was taken to a scam review website.

Where I saw a table packed with affiliate links that redirected me to the various cannabis investment scam sites:

Cannabis Wealth Fake Review Website

And if you clicked the bogus Facebook advert?

Then you’ll be redirect to a fake news website.

Where you’ll discover a completely made up story about how some celebrities made money with the fraudulent scheme.

The ‘Dragons Den’ fake investment story appears to be a popular way of trying to convince folks to get involved with the cannabis stocks sham.

Fake Daily Mirror Story

3: Details Captured

Regardless of the nature of the advert.

Clicking it will take you to the Cannabis Wealth website.

Where you’ll discover more fake news and fabricated testimonials.

The goal here is to get your email address and phone number.

So that you can be pressured into making a deposit in the next step.

Do NOT give away any of your personal information!

Just leave the website.

Because you aren’t missing anything good!

4: Forced to Deposit With the Cryptomusu Scam Broker

The whole purpose of this scam is to get you to deposit money to the ‘broker’ associated with Cannabis Wealth.

Do NOT do this.

Because you’ll probably never see any of that money ever again.

Now, I wanted to know the name of the scam broker used in conjunction with Cannabis Wealth.

So… I went ahead and joined up (do NOT do this yourself!).

And as expected.

As soon as I handed my details over to Cannabis Wealth.

I was asked to deposit money with the Cryptomusu broker.

I did a quick search for some Cryptomusu reviews online.

And there are countless reports of people not being able to get their money back from this unlicensed broker:

Image source: Trustpilot – Cryptomusu Reviews

As documented by the images above.

One person deposited £10,000 with Cryptomusu and was never able to get it back.

Instead, they were asked to deposit another £5,000.

And the Cryptomusu agents repeatedly put the phone down when the person tried to contact them to query what was going on.

5: Never Allowed to Withdraw

Unfortunately, this is classic behaviour of a scam broker.

As fully explained in this video:

Video source: Hans Alexander

In addition to the Trustpilot complaints made against Cryptomusu.

I also found further reports on of people not being able to get their money out of Cryptomusu.

Check out this thread for proof.

Aggressive KYC Request


I also noticed that I was being asked to send my ID documents immediately upon logging in to the Cryptomusu website:

Cryptomusu KYC Document Request Notification

As stated in the above video.

The scammers are typically keen to get their hands on your ID because they can use it to steal your identity or sell on for a profit.

Another huge red flag against Cryptomusu.

Linked to Proven Scams

I think this one pretty much confirms that Cryptomusu is a scam broker.

The address at the foot of the Cryptomusu website is:

Agatha Limited, address 8 Copthall, Roseau Valley, 00152 Commonwealth of Dominica.

This address is identical to the one associated with Options Tech Limited.

Proof of which can be found in this 2018 FTC report that warns people to avoid getting involved with Options Tech Limited.

And this rather harrowing thread documents how a group of people had their money intentionally drained from their trading accounts by Cryptex Markets.

Cryptex Markets also ‘trades’ under the same address.

The above thread also states that the following names have also been linked to the Options Tech name:

  • Blockchain Exchange Pro;
  • MWM-Markets;
  • London Crypto Exchange;
  • Options Element;
  • United Markets;
  • London Bitcoin Pro;
  • Crypto London Exchange.

Source: The Bitcoin Pub – Biggest Scam on the Planet – Stay Aware and Share (Options Tech Limited).

Other Cannabis Investment Scams to Avoid

Here’s a list of other cannabis investment schemes that follow the same framework.

And are thus almost certainly scams in my opinion.

Please do add the names of others that you’ve discovered in the comments section at the end of the post.

1: Cannabis Millionaire Scam

This is a fairly new name.

This time using the CFD (‘Contract for Difference’) angle.

But the template is basically the same as Cannabis Wealth.

I did some more research for some Cannabis Millionaire reviews.

And all of the legitimate ones said that Cannabis Millionaire is a scam.


Cannabis Millionaire Logo

2: CannabisCRAZE Scam

In addition to claiming that you can make ‘millions’.

The CannabisCRAZE website basically gives the game away that they are a scam outfit.

Where they tell you about the minimum deposit and that you’re going to be called by your ‘broker’:

Cannabis Craze Scam Warning Signs

And my suspicions were justified.

Because I found a number of CannabisCRAZE reviews confirming that it’s another scam.

3: Cannabis Trader Scam

As soon as I visited the Cannabis Trader website.

My anti-virus flagged it as potential scam site:

Cannabis Trader Website Anti Virus Scam Warning

But just to make sure.

I read a few Cannabis Trader reviews.

And the real ones said that it’s definitely a scam.

4: Weed Millionaire Scam

I didn’t need to look for any honest Weed Millionaire reviews.

Because as soon as I attempted to go to the Weed Millionaire website.

I was instantly redirected to the Cannabis Millionaire domain.

Thus confirming the interlinked nature of these cannabis investment scams.

Conclusion: Avoid Cannabis Wealth and It’s Clone Scams

In my opinion?

I think there’s enough circumstantial evidence to suggest that Cannabis Wealth is a scam.

Because the anecdotal reports made against the associated Cryptomusu ‘broker’ site are pretty damning.

Plus, it’s widely documented by several well-respected sources as to how this con has duped so many under the guise of Bitcoin and binary options schema.

And in light of the fact that we’re now seeing this same framework replicate in the fledgling cannabis investment markets.

I urge you to share this article to warn others ahead of time.

Because I think this malicious scam is going to be sticking around for a while. 🙁


  • None.


  • Proven scam;
  • You’re almost certain to lose money.

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