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Type:GPT (‘get-paid-to’) invite members
Money-Back Guarantee?N/A
Rating:N/A (not enough information)
Recommended?No / serious caution advised
How to Join?Via their website

I’m on a bit of a scam-busting rampage at the moment.

Because a lot of the ‘GPT’ (‘get-paid-to’) opportunities I’ve reviewed recently such as ViralPay, Viral Dollars, and Notion Cash have turned out to be data harvesting scams.

Where unsuspecting folk are conned into joining these sites for ‘free’ under the impression that they will get paid to invite their friends on social media.

Only to have their ‘payments’ blocked and their personal details sold on to 3rd party companies or even criminals.

And as I’m about to reveal in this honest bUnited review.

There are 3 things that really worry me about this ‘startup’ company.

bUnited Homepage Graphic

Image source: bunited.com/en-us/account

What is bUnited?

bUnited claims to pay you for inviting new members to join bUnited.

And you’ll supposedly get paid when the people that you have recruited also successfully invite others to join bUnited.

The whole thing is done under the guise of ‘getting paid to help a good cause’.

And by helping people to save money by:

‘…giving members the lowest prices on everyday products and services that they are already buying’.

Source: bunited.com/en-us/lower-prices-on-things-you-are-already-buying

bUnited claim that they have ‘pipelines’ with companies such as Vodafone, Netflix, Disney, and other corporate entities that allow them to do this.

I’ll shortly explain why I suspect that this may not be true.

How Much Money Can You Make With bUnited?

The payout claims are staggeringly high.

Because in addition to being paid ‘$10 per person’ that you invite.

You’re also supposedly compensated at an exponential rate for the people that subsequently join.

In their own words:

‘Let’s say six of your friends join. Your friends and their friends bring an average of four new people. That means 2046 people will have joined because of you. We pay you ten dollars for each person. Therefore, your potential earnings are US$20,460’.

bUnited Earning Claims Table

Source: bunited.com/en-us/get-paid-to-unite

How Do You Get Paid?

That’s a very good question.

Because despite having actually joined bUnited myself.

I’m still none the wiser.

According to bUnited themselves:

‘Some people will be able to withdraw some earnings within 60 days. Most people will be able to withdraw some earnings later in 2019, and continue to get paid until they have received the full amount – it could take a couple of years’.

Source: bunited.com/en-us/get-paid-to-unite

Although they do also state on the same page that payments can be requested ‘at any time’.

And withdrawals can be processed via ‘PayPal, PagSeguro, WeChat, Alipay, PayTM, PhonePe, ACH, and SEPA bank transfers’.

Whether that’s true or not remains to be seen.

How Much Does it Cost to Join bUnited?

It’s free to join up.

And whilst this absolves bUnited of being a pyramid scheme.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that bUnited is legit either.

I’ll explain why shortly.

Who’s Behind bUnited?

If you go to bUnited’s ‘About’ page.

There are 54 names associated with bUnited at the time of writing.

Jim Jorgensen is listed as the Chairman & Co-Founder.

And there’s apparently support from a range of professors and entrepreneurs too.

Such as Prof. Stephen S. Cohen from the University of California Berkeley.

Screenshot of the People Behind bUnited

Image source: bunited.com/en-us/about/team-and-advisors

Is bUnited a Scam or Legit?

At the time of writing?

It’s incredibly hard for me to say.

Because on the one hand?

There are red flags that point to this being a possible data harvesting / chain letter scam.

But there are other things that make bUnited seem legit.


I think the best course of action here is for me to share my opinions for each side of the argument…

To help you reach your own conclusions.

2 Reasons Why bUnited Might Be Legit

Just to be clear.

The following two points do NOT prove that bUnited is legit.

Because they could all be faked.

1: Huge Facebook Following

bUnited’s Facebook page has over 1.2 MILLION likes.

And there does appear to be engagement on the page from bUnited ‘staff’:

Screenshot of bUnited's Facebook Page

2: ‘Established’ Business on LinkedIn

I did some research on the ‘team members’ associated with bUnited’s ‘About’ page.

And it’s plausible that these people may in fact work for bUnited:

Screenshot of LinkedIn Profile for bUnited Employee

3 Reasons Why bUnited Might Be a Scam

In my view?

There are also a few things that may point to bUnited being a scam.

But the following points are just my opinions and may not be correct.

1: Focus On Recruitment

Your personal data is very valuable to con-artists and criminals.

Because even something as simple as an email address can be leveraged via phishing attacks to extract more sensitive information from you such as your bank details.

This is why data harvesting scams are so popular.

Because even if the people behind these scams aren’t going to exploit your details first-hand.

They can still sell it on for a nice profit.

And what’s the easiest way to obtain millions of such records?

By setting up a ‘viral’ data harvesting portal.

Where not only are the first wave of ‘victims’ duped into giving away their name and email address when they ‘sign up’.

But they then inadvertently become complicit in the scam by unknowingly using their ‘referral link’ to recruit others into the same scam.

Typically under the illusion that they are going to get paid.

(Which hardly ever happens).


Is bUnited a malicious data harvesting scam?

I don’t yet know.

Because I don’t have any actual proof at the time of writing.

But the huge focus on ‘recruitment’ makes me suspicious.

Especially given the ‘chain letter’ feel that the copy and paste invites have to them (in my opinion):

Screenshot of Copy and Paste Invites for bUnited

Image source: bunited.com/en-us/account/#start_earning

2: Payments Seem Overly Generous

I’ve reviewed a lot of GPT services.

And $10 per lead on its own is insanely high.

But when you factor in the exponential payment claims then I feel that things are starting to become a bit unbelievable.

bUnited’s earnings calculator, for example…

Is telling me that I’ll make $78,100 if I invite 10 people who then recruit just 5 people on average!

bUnited Earnings Calculator

Image source: bunited.com/en-us/get-paid-to-unite

3: Testimonials Lack External Validation

bUnited cite testimonials from the likes of Vodafone and university professors on their website.

But when I did further research.

I was unable to find any mention of bUnited’s ‘partnership’ with Vodafone anywhere else online.

And the same goes for the ‘professors’ mentioned too.

Take from that what you will.

Screenshot of bUniteds Testimonial Claims

Pros v Cons

Here’s how I think it stacks up for bUnited.


  • Might be legit.


  • No payment proof as of yet.
  • Lack of external validation for ‘testimonials’.
  • Unrealistic compensation plan.

Conclusion: Serious Caution Advised

In my opinion?

It’s too early to tell if bUnited really is a scam or not.

Because on the one hand…

This could certainly be a malicious data harvesting scam.

But at the same time…

This could be a legitimate start up company that’s yet to gain any real traction in the public eye.

But if you put a gun to my head?

It’s my personal opinion that bUnited is not what it seems.

Because not only are the rewards ‘too good to be true’.

I have serious doubts about the supposed partnerships with Vodafone and the cited universities.

And much of the ‘social proof’ can easily be faked.

The bottom line?

Until more details emerge…

I personally think that you should stay away from bUnited.

But if you want to get involved with bUnited.

Then I strongly suggest that you do NOT use an email address or any passwords that match your bank, gmail, PayPal accounts etc.

And that you keep a close eye on your inbox to avoid clicking on any spam or phishing emails.

What Do You Think About bUnited?

Have you been paid?

Do you think they are a scam or legit?

Let me know your thoughts on bUnited in the comments section below.

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