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Bookie Blowout finds profitable arbitrage bets for you in the overnight horse racing markets and mails instructions for their placement to you each evening between 6 pm and 11 pm.

No free bets are required to make money with this system.

You will have your stake sizes restricted by the bookmakers if you use Bookie Blowout for long enough.

Bookie Blowout is best suited to advanced matched bettors looking to make money from their bonus-banned accounts.

IMPORTANT: If you live outside the UK or Ireland – there’s a high probability that Bookie Blowout WON’T work for you.


  • A legitimate system.
  • Low-risk.
  • Ideal for bonus-banned accounts.


  • May not work for non-UK residents.
  • Will result in stake restrictions.
  • No money-back guarantee.
  • Time intensive.

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Name:Bookie Blowout
Type:Arbitrage betting
Price:£99.97 + VAT (annual)
Money-Back Guarantee?No
Rating:3.7 / 5
Recommended:Yes – for advanced matched bettors
How to Join?Get instant access here

I’ve been using Bookie Blowout sporadically for the last few years.

So, whilst I don’t have a robust data-set with accompanying P/L, ROI, and strike rate figures.

I do have a very good understanding of how this system works.

Which is why I’ve written this Bookie Blowout review.

To provide some insight beyond the somewhat vague sales page.

And help you decide if Bookie Blowout is right for you.

What is Bookie Blowout?

Bookie Blowout is an ‘ante-post’ horse racing arbitrage system.

I say ‘ante-post’ because the bets are sent to you the evening before the races go off – typically between 6 pm and 11 pm.

And ‘arbitrage’ because you ‘lay off’ the bets the next day when the lay odds on the Betfair Exchange have dropped.

When this happens, you can hedge your bookmaker bet to lock in a guaranteed profit.

Image credit: Bookie Blowout sign up page.

Who’s Behind Bookie Blowout?

Bookie Blowout was launched by Mike Cruickshank in 2013/14.

Mike is well known in the profitable betting niche for creating systems that actually work.

I’ve bought nearly all of Mike’s systems.

And I’ve made £10,000s using them over the years.

Is Bookie Blowout a Scam?


The system works pretty much as described.

However, as mentioned in the next section.

There are a few drawbacks to Bookie Blowout.

What’s the Risk?

If you forget to lay the bet off the next day you risk losing your initial back bet.

Also, sometimes, the lay odds won’t drop.

If the lay odds are similar to the back odds.

You can trade out for a small loss.

If the lay odds drift out, however.

You could end up taking a bigger hit.

But over the long run, you’ll make more money than you’ll lose.

Providing that you stick to the bankroll management strategy advised by Mike.

How Much Money Can Be Made?

Mike gives examples of placing bets with a 100% ROI.

Meaning that a £100 bookmaker bet would result in a £100 profit.

However, these opportunities are quite rare.

I would say that an ROI of 10% – 30% over a large sample of bets to be more realistic.

Which is still very good.

How Much Time is Required?

You’ll need to be available to place the bookmaker bets between 6 pm and 11 pm at night.

And around 10 minutes the next day to lay the bets off.

Any Prior Experience Needed?

Technically, no.

Because the system works as a stand-alone product – with full instructions being provided.

However, if you have no prior experience with matched betting.

Then you should do that first.

Because not only will it give you confidence in placing lay bets.

You’ll be able to make up to £1,000 from the bookmakers’ welcome offers.

Does it Work in [X Country]?

Bookie Blowout will only work if you have access to the Betfair Exchange.

(Or an exchange with equivalent lay-prices and suitable liquidity such as Smarkets or BetDaq).

You’ll also need to be able to secure back-prices that are in line with the UK-based online bookmakers.

What’s the Minimum Starting Bankroll?

Mike recommends that each bookmaker bet amount to no more than 5% of your total bankroll.

I personally believe that you’ll need to place back bets of at least £10 or more to produce reasonable returns.

Which means that you’d need at least £200 to start with.

However, this doesn’t take into account the money required to lay off your initial bet.

This will vary depending on the lay odds.

As a guideline, laying a £10 back bet at decimal lay odds of 10.0 will require approximately £90 in liability.

But as the back odds climb above the lay odds – the liability will increase progressively.

Does it Work On Gubbed Accounts?

If you’re just bonus banned – yes.

If you’re severely stake restricted on the horse racing markets – no.

Which Bookmaker Accounts are Required?

Most of what I’d call the ‘top tier’ bookmakers.

Such as Bet365, Coral, Ladbrokes, William Hill, and so on.

How Much Does Bookie Blowout Cost?

You can access Bookie Blowout for £99.97 + VAT here.

This will give you a year’s access to the system.

You’ll need to renew annually.

Alternatively, you can also access Bookie Blowout through the Betting Mastermind package.

Giving you unlimited access to Bookie Blowout for the lifetime of the product.

With no renewal fees.

Learn more about Betting Mastermind here.

What Do You Get?

Here’s what you get once you’ve joined up.

1: Bookie Blowout PDF Guide

This is the core of the system.

The Bookie Blowout PDF explains how to make the system work for you.

Bookie Blowout Graphic

2: Lay Calculator

This is just a standard matched betting calculator.

It allows you to work out the size of the lay bet required to lock in a profit.

3: Email Support

If you have any issues with the product.

You can email Mike directly for help.

From personal experience, I’ve found Mike to be pretty quick to respond.

How Does Bookie Blowout Work?

It’s pretty straightforward.

1: Wait For The Bets

Click on the ‘Mail’ tab inside your membership area:

This is where the bets will show up:

2: Back With The Bookmaker

Click on the bet.

This will tell you which horse to back.

And the back odds that you must secure.

You’ll also be told which bookmaker is offering those odds.

For example, here I’m being told to back ‘Coup De Pinceau’ with Paddy Power at odds of 11.0:

3: Lock in a Profit the Next Day

Check the lay odds the next day.

If the lay odds are significantly below the odds at which you backed.

You can use the calculator to work out how much you need to lay to lock in a profit.

For example, Coup De Pinceau’s lay odds have come in to 8.2 a few hours before the race starts:

Assuming I’d backed £25 at odds of 11.0.

I could place a £33.74 lay bet at lay odds of 8.2.

This would result in a guaranteed profit of £7.06 no matter the outcome.

Equating to a 28.2% ROI.

I calculated the ideal lay stake using the calculator provided with Bookie Blowout.

My Thoughts on Bookie Blowout

Like I said.

I’ve been using this product on and off for a few years.

Here’s what I’ve discovered.

1: The System Works

On the whole.

I’ve made more money than I’ve lost.

Because when the price steams in overnight.

It does so at a rate that’s more than enough to offset the times when the price drifts or remains static.

However, you need to use flat stakes.

Otherwise, you could end up betting more on a drifter.

Thus denting your profits when you secure a drop.

You can increase your bet sizes as your bankroll grows to compound your profits.

But you’ll need to do it in-line with Mike’s advice inside the PDF guide.

2: Liquidity Can Be an Issue at Long Odds

Sometimes, there won’t be enough liquidity at longer odds to cover large bet amounts.

To minimise the chances of having to deal with this.

I’ll sometimes stick to backing at odds of 15.0 or less.

If the worst does happen.

You’ll have to match your lay bet at the next odds bracket up with enough liquidity.

See my Guide to Fixing Partially Matched Lay Bets for instructions on how to do this.

3: Use the App

You’ll need to act fast with this system.

Because the bookmakers are usually pretty quick to slash their ‘value odds’.

However, I don’t think anyone will have the patience to sit at their computer all evening waiting for the bets to come in.

Fortunately, Mike has developed a Bookie Blowout app.

Links to the Apple and Android versions can be found under the ‘Set Up’ tab.

4: Your Accounts Will Get Restricted

This is arguably the biggest problem with Bookie Blowout.

After a while, you’ll discover that the bookmakers will start to limit your allowed bet sizes to just a few pence.

This is because you are betting on their ‘weak prices’.

Bookmaking is a zero sum game.

Which means that you’re costing the bookmakers money by taking value.

Unfortunately, there’s no way around this.

The bottom line is that if you use Bookie Blowout for long enough.

Your accounts will get restricted.

5: Use OddsChecker

Has the quoted bookmaker slashed their price before you could get on?

Then have a look on OddsChecker.

You might be able to find an equivalent value price with another bookmaker.

6: You Don’t Have to Lay Your Bets Off

Well, you do if you want to minimise your risk.

But if you don’t mind sitting through the losing runs.

You can back at the prices quoted and let them run for a long term profit.

This works because you are betting on selections that are likely to win more often than the odds reflect.

This is the very essence of value betting.

But you’ll need to adjust your risk accordingly.

0.5 – 1% of your bankroll per bet is probably a fair starting point.

Conclusion: A Legit Product – But Not For Beginners

Bookie Blowout works.

However, I’d only recommend it to those who have already exhausted matched betting.

And are now being forced to make money on their ‘bonus-banned’ accounts.

Don’t know what matched betting is?

Then you need to start with the ‘alternatives’ I’ve listed below.


  • A legitimate system;
  • Low-risk;
  • Ideal for bonus-banned accounts.


  • May not work for non-UK residents;
  • Will result in stake restrictions;
  • No money-back guarantee;
  • Time intensive.

Alternatives to Bookie Blowout

Here are three legitimate alternatives.

Also created by Mike Cruickshank.

1: Bonus Bagging – Novice

New to matched betting?

Then your first job is to cash out all of the bookmakers’ initial free bet offers.

Bonus Bagging will help you do this by finding the bets for you.

And sending the instructions for placement to your inbox.

Learn more in my Bonus Bagging Review here.

2: Profit Maximiser – Intermediate

Cashed out all of the initial offers?

Then the next step is to hammer the bookmakers’ ongoing promotions.

Profit Maximiser will help you do this by finding and listing the most profitable offers for you each day.

You could earn up to £500 or more each month with Profit Maximiser.

Click here to read my full Profit Maximiser Review.

3: Each Way Sniper – Advanced

Each Way Sniper is also an arbitrage system.

Except you can use it at a time that suits you.

And there are more betting opportunities available each day compared to Bookie Blowout.

Each Way Sniper might be better for you if you’re able to place bets in the afternoons and evenings in real time.

Click here to learn more in my Each Way Sniper Review.

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