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The Bettingfamily is a sports betting tipster marketplace.

This means that all of their tipsters have their tips publicly recorded and results cannot be altered after the fact.

In my opinion, this is a step in the right direction for improving honestly and trust in an otherwise unscrupulous ‘industry’.

At the time of writing, all of the tipsters have a bias towards a high win rate.

Potentially making this a good service for those that like frequent winners and shorter losing runs in my view.


  • Profitable tipsters.
  • Good collective win rate.
  • Tipsters cannot alter results.
  • Active community group.
  • App to get tips instantly.


  • Low collective ROI.
  • Unclear pricing.
  • More tipsters would be good.

Payments and Ownership: I DON’T own or work for the Bettingfamily. If you have payment issues or need to get a refund – you’ll need to contact the Bettingfamily directly. ALWAYS make sure that you understand the payment and re-billing arrangements BEFORE subscribing or buying anything.

Name:The Bettingfamily
Type:Tipster marketplace
Price:Various + automatic rebills
Trial?3-day free trial per service
Money-Back Guarantee?Unclear
Rating:3 / 5
How to Join?Via their website

I’ve been using and reviewing tipsters for a number of years now.

And I’ve seen quite a few services that manipulate their results to paint a more favourable picture on their sales page.

For example, I remember one football tipster that included the winnings from matched betting offers to pad out his profits!

However, as I’m about to explain in this Bettingfamily review.

This service may be able to shield you from such shenanigans.

Allow me to explain.

The Bettingfamily Homepage Screenshot

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What is the Bettingfamily?

The Bettingfamily is a tipster marketplace.

This means that rather than pushing their own ‘in-house’ tips.

The Bettingfamily simply provide a platform that allows independent tipsters to record their results publicly for all to see.

And punters can sign up to the services that most appeal to their betting style.


This model would stop individual tipsters from playing around with their results.

Potentially providing an answer to the ‘trust’ issue that I just mentioned.

More on this at the end of the review.

Who’s Behind the Bettingfamily?

The Bettingfamily are a Danish company that launched in 2017.

Their associated address is Ryesgade 27, 3 8000 Aarhus Denmark.

I think that the WinGroup APS are behind the Bettingfamily.

Is the Bettingfamily Legit?

It would appear so.

They have a 4/5 star rating on Trustpilot based on 43 reviews.

With 86% of users giving the Bettingfamily an ‘excellent’ vote.

And whilst Trustpilot is certainly not immune to biased or ‘fake’ reviews.

I personally feel that 43 entries is a reasonable sample size to weed out such outliers.

The Bettingfamily Trustpilot User Reviews Screenshot

Furthermore, I’m not currently aware of anything that would suggest that the Bettingfamily is a scam of any sort.

Plus, I signed up myself to have a look around the membership area.

And the quality of the content doesn’t appear to fall short of the expectations set on their sales page in my opinion.

So, I’m inclined to say that the Bettingfamily are legit at the time of writing.

How Many Tipsters Do They Have?

When I signed up they had 6 tipsters available:

  • Ptoenner – football;
  • Shyldgaard – football;
  • P2K – ice hockey;
  • Farmen – basketball and football;
  • Mvester – basketball;
  • Rrasmussen – football.

The Bettingfamily Tipster Examples

Is There a Proofing Process?

My research suggests that each tipster must pass a ‘proofing process’ before they are allowed to go live with their tips.

However, I’m unsure as to its duration or parameters.

How Do You Get Tips?

Unlike most other tipping services.

The Bettingfamily don’t send out tips via email.

Instead, you can use The Bettingfamily App to get tips and notifications.

What Are the Staking and Bankroll Plans?

The Bettingfamily say that you don’t need a specific amount of money to get started.

Although it looks like they advise a 100 point starting bankroll.

With each tipster coming with its own point-based staking plan.

Which Bookmakers Are Used?

It looks like the tips are issued for UK and Nordic bookmakers.

I saw the likes of Unibet, Betsafe, and Nordicbet quoted in the results history.

Are There Any Tipsters for the Exchanges?

I couldn’t see anything specific.

However, you may be able to find equivalent value prices (EVPs) on the exchange using the following formula:

EVP = ((quoted decimal odds – 1) / (1 – decimal exchange commission )) + 1

Are There Any Special Features?

There’s a Discord group.

Where you can connect with other users and the tipsters themselves:

The Bettingfamily Discord Group Screenshot

There’s also an ‘accounting’ tool that allows you to record your own bets.

How Much Does a Subscription Cost?

You can try any of the tipsters for 3 days for free.

After that – you’re automatically rebilled on a monthly basis.

But you can cancel anytime.

However, I wasn’t able to find a clear pricing table on the website.

And whilst one of the pop-up boxes told me that a subscription to the Ptoenner service would cost £19 per month after the 3-day free trial.

The modals for the other services did not state their prices.

So, I can’t say for sure how much each service costs at the time of writing.

Can You Claim a Refund?

According to their Terms and Conditions.

You have a ’14-day cancellation period’.

I’m going to assume that this means that you can claim a refund within 14-days from your purchase.

But I’m not 100% sure.

So, you might want to reach out to them for clarification if you’re concerned about this.

My Initial Thoughts

Having subscribed to one of their premium services: P2K.

And played around with the features of the Bettingfamily’s platform.

Here are my general thoughts.

1: There’s a Bias Towards ‘Win Rate’

The average win rate for all six of the tipsters combined is 54% at the time of writing.

This is reflected in the individual win rates for each tipster which currently range from 44% – 59%

And whilst winning more than half of your bets on average isn’t a bad thing.

It does come at the expense of the ROI.

Which doesn’t break the 10% mark for either the individual or the collective basis.

This means that you’ll probably have a lot of outlay for relatively little return.

However, the high strike rate and shorter losing runs means that you could potentially scale out your stake sizes as your bankroll grows to make more money.

For example, a 10% edge applied to a £50 stake is going to yield more profit on average compared to a £10 stake.

2: Some Key Information is Unclear

As I’ve already said.

I think this service would benefit from a clear pricing table.

Along with a more conspicuous refund policy.

A ‘live chat’ feature may also be useful for helping people get support quickly and make new users feel at ease.

3: I’d Like to See More Tipsters

I’m going to assume that the team are working on adding more tipsters.

Because this would be a clear way to offer more value and grow their business.


I’d like to see some services with greater ROIs.

This can often be achieved with golf and horse racing services due to the longer odds.

Plus, they can be combined with higher strike rate services to create a more balanced portfolio.


  • Profitable tipsters;
  • Good collective win rate;
  • Tipsters cannot alter results;
  • Active community group;
  • App to get tips instantly.


  • Low collective ROI;
  • Unclear pricing;
  • More tipsters would be good.

Conclusion: Looks Promising

Whilst there’s certainly room for improvement.

I do like what the Bettingfamily have to offer.

And whilst you cannot really trust anyone online 100%

I do feel that their ‘marketplace’ approach for recording results is a step in the right direction for building trust in an ‘industry’ that’s full of rip-off artists.

I think that as the Bettingfamily currently stands at the time of writing.

Those who favour higher strike rate tipsters and frequent winners may get good value from this service.

And their 3-day trials allow you to test the waters for free.

What Do You Think of the Bettingfamily?

Have you used this service?

What do you like?

What could be improved?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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