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Betting Mastermind
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The former ‘lifetime access’ deal has been removed.

This means that you must now pay YEARLY for ongoing access.

Betting Mastermind comprises of 13 mathematically proven betting systems that can help you make money online by exploiting legal betting loopholes.

Betting Mastermind has massive short and long-term earning potential and will save you a fortune on subscription fees.

Betting Mastermind is my #1 solution for UK residents who want instant access to the most profitable betting systems available online.

IMPORTANT: If you live outside the UK or Ireland – there’s a high probability that Betting Mastermind WON’T work for you.


  • Huge earning potential.
  • Works for all ability levels.
  • Massive long-term savings.
  • 30-day money back guarantee. 


  • UK only.
  • Possibly overwhelming.

Payments and Ownership: I DON’T own this product. If you have payment issues or need to get a refund – you’ll need to contact ClickBank or Mike directly. ALWAYS make sure that you understand the payment and billing arrangements BEFORE subscribing or buying anything.

Affiliate Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you click a link and buy something, we might make money. This is at NO extra cost to yourself. But it helps to keep this website up and running. 🙂 As per the Review Policy, the presence of affiliate links does NOT influence the content of the review.

Name:Betting Mastermind
Type:Betting system – matched betting + value strategies
Price:Yearly fee: (4 x £58.80) OR (1 x £216)
Money-Back Guarantee?30-days
Rating:4.8 / 5
How to Join?Get instant access here


Mike has now reopened this service.

However, you now have to pay YEARLY for ongoing access.

Rather than getting lifetime access as before.

The good news is that the upfront costs have been reduced.

In this Betting Mastermind review, I’ll be doing two things:

1: Walking you through the exact 5-step process that’s earned me £1,000s using Betting Mastermind;

2: Helping you decide if Betting Mastermind’s right for you.

Let’s begin.

What is Betting Mastermind?

Mike Cruickshank Photo

Betting Mastermind is a membership-based, ‘all-in-one’ digital product launched by Mike Cruickshank (pictured) in October 2016.

Because although you buy it as a stand-alone product – you actually get 13 unique betting systems.

That is, Betting Mastermind gives you access to all of Mike’s individual betting systems, strategies, software, tools, and training resources that he’s created over the last 10 years.

Betting Mastermind Sales Page Heading

Image: Mike’s “Inner Circle” invitation on the Betting Mastermind homepage.

How Do You Make Money With Betting Mastermind?

Each one of the systems is mathematically proven to make money by exploiting legal betting loopholes.

Many of the core systems are virtually ‘risk-free’.

This means that you can build up your bankroll very quickly with just a tiny starting amount.

You can then move on to the more advanced systems to compound your earnings.

Does it Work?


I’ve been using Mike’s products since 2014.

And I’ve made £1,000s upon £1,000s without leaving my computer.

For example, here’s a snapshot of some of my earnings from exploiting the bookmakers’ ongoing free bets with Mike’s Profit Maximiser system (+£1,700):

Profit Maximiser Free Bet Profit Graph

And here’s what I’ve made over the last few months turning over the casinos’ bonuses using EV Maximiser and Profit Maximiser (approx £8,000):

EV Graph Profits

What Do You Get When You Join Betting Mastermind?

Here’s an overview of the individual systems and how you can expect to benefit from them.

System #1: Bonus Bagging – Earn Up to £500 Cashing Out Free Bets

Bonus Bagging teaches you how to cash out the bookmakers’ welcome bonuses for a guaranteed profit.

This is the baseline system that will build your bankroll from almost nothing.

The proprietary Bonus Bagging software will find the bets for you and email the instructions to your inbox.

Bonus Bagging is where the easy money is.

Bonus Bagging Home Page

System #2: Profit Maximiser – Bank £100s Each Month from Ongoing Bonuses

Profit Maximiser is the follow on product to Bonus Bagging.

You’ll be shown how to profit from an array of more complex bookmaker sign up bonuses.

Plus, you’ll be able to make money – potentially every day – from the bookmakers’ ongoing offers.

You can also start exploiting the casino and bingo bonuses too – to generate long-term profits.

Profit Maximiser is the core of the Betting Mastermind package.

Profit Maximiser Main Menu

System #3: Each Way Sniper – Make Money Without Relying on Free Bets

Each Way Sniper shows you how to lock in guaranteed money by exploiting the bookmakers’ pricing mistakes.

It’s basically the same core strategy that you used in Bonus Bagging (‘backing’ and ‘laying’ for no risk).

Except you don’t need to rely on the bookmakers to give you a free bet to make a profit.

Making it perfect for anyone who’s been ‘gubbed’ by the bookmakers.

Each Way Arbitrage Profit

System #4: Accumulator Generator – Sequentially Exploit the Bookmakers’ Acca Offers

Accumulator Generator gives you everything you need to profit from the bookmakers’ accumulator insurance offers.

This strategy was covered in Profit Maximiser.

But the Accumulator Generator software will find the most profitable bets for you almost instantly.

And the purpose-built calculator will handle the complex calculations without you having to tax a single brain cell.

Accumulator Generator can be used to make money on a wide range of bookmaker accounts.

Acca Matcher

System #5: Matched Betting Software – Generate More Money in Less Time

The Matched Betting Software finds the best ‘odds-matches’ for your qualifying bets and free bets.

This will save you from having to find the bets manually.

Plus, you’ll make more money from your free bets because you’ll be getting a higher retention percentage – thanks to the better back and lay odds.

The Matched Betting Software is essential if you’re to get the most out of Profit Maximiser.

Arbitrage Odds Matching Software

System #6: Bookie Blowout – Syphon Value from Your Gubbed Accounts

The Bookie Blowout system identifies value bets in the ante-post horse racing markets.

The alerts come through in the evening – telling you which horses to back.

You then go ahead and lay off the bet the next day when the lay odds have dropped.

Thus locking in a profit.

This is a great system to use on your gubbed accounts.

Bookie Blowout Software

System #7: Golden Parachute – Cash in on BOG Drifts for Minimal Risk

The Golden Parachute system shows you how to back every horse for minimal risk.

You’ll then make a much larger profit when a horse drifts and wins at a BOG (‘best odds guaranteed’) price.

The Golden Parachute software identifies the races with the lowest overround and calculates the ideal bet sizes.

Golden Parachute Calculator

System #8: Dutching Bounty – Lock in a Variable Profit from this Racing Loophole

The Dutching Bounty system shows you how to Dutch the field to lock in a profit from the bookmakers’ pricing errors.

It uses the same loophole as Each Way Sniper.

Except you’ll not have to place any bets on the Betfair Exchange.

Again, another excellent low-risk technique to use on your bonus-banned bookmaker accounts.

System #9: Acca Booster – Exploit Raw Value Betting Opportunities

The Acca Booster software flags up boosted accumulators that will win more often than what the odds imply.

This system is not risk-free.

But place enough of these types of ‘value bets’.

And you’ll make a profit over time.

Acca Booster Oddsmatcher

System #10: EV Maximiser – Drain Cash from the Casinos by Exploiting their Bonuses

The EV Maximiser software exploits Monte Carlo simulation theory to make money from casino bonuses.

Profit Maximiser comes with a lot of ‘done-for-you’ casino bonuses.

But the EV Maximiser tool allows you to find even more profitable offers on your own.

This is a highly advanced piece of kit.

One that has produced huge profits for myself and others too.

Profit Maximiser Casino Matched Betting Jackpot Win

System #11: Betfair Sniper – Make Money without Relying on the Bookmakers

Betfair Sniper is a horse racing trading system to be used on the Betfair Exchange.

This is not a ‘set and forget’ system.

So, you’ll need to spend time in front of your computer to get results.

But you don’t have to rely on the bookmakers to make a profit.

Which is great if you’ve been gubbed and ‘limited’ on many of your accounts.

System #12: Betfair 1% Club – Scalp Steady Profits all Season Long

The Betfair 1% system exploits market shifts in popular football matches.

Mike shows you how to maximise this simple strategy through the principles of bankroll compounding.

This system is a slow-burner.

So use it alongside the core systems to generate steady profits when the major football seasons are on.

System #13: Betfair Renegade – Claim Value in the Exchange-Based Football Markets

Betfair Renegade is a ‘set and forget’ value-based football backing system to be used on the Betfair Exchange.

This is quite a high variance strategy.

So make sure that you stick to the advised bankroll and staking pan to minimise your exposure.

But once again.

You’ll not have to worry about account restrictions using Betfair Renegade.

Bonus: Project Prosperity Live Training Webinar

This 90-minute webinar shows you how to make as much money as possible with Betting Mastermind.

Mike also covers:

  • How to make £3,500 per month;
  • Risk management;
  • The optimal mindset;
  • 5-stage bank-building plan;
  • Live Q&A.

There’s also a downloadable worksheet to help you take effective action.

Project Prosperity Stage 5

How Much Does Betting Mastermind Cost?

The pricing has changed.

You can now pay either (4 x £58.80) OR (1 x £216) for YEARLY access.

The lifetime option is no longer available.

But the upfront costs have been reduced.

What’s the Refund Policy?

You can claim all of your money back within 30 days of your initial purchase.

Is it Really Worth the Price Tag?

In my opinion – yes.

Because I made back the entire cost of Betting Mastermind very quickly.

And I’ve banked £1,000s upon £1,000s using this system since.

How to Get the Most Out of Betting Mastermind

Here are a few of my pro tips for Betting Mastermind success.

1: Take the Easy Money First

The bookmakers’ free bets are where the easy money is.

You should hoover up as much value from their welcome offers as possible – before even thinking about any of the other strategies.

Focus on Bonus Bagging and Profit Maximiser to make £1,000 or more in low-risk profits ASAP.

You can then move on to the daily bookmaker offers to generate steady profits.

2: Don’t System Hop

‘Dabbling’ will lead to failure.

The key to success in just about anything is the application of a sustained, laser-like focus.

So, follow Mike’s advice in the training videos and the Project Prosperity webinar to the letter.

And you’ll make more money in less time.

3: Prioritise Value

Do the high value offers first.

There’s little point in tying up your bankroll on a multi-conditional trigger refund offer when there’s a great ‘bet £X get £Y’ offer elsewhere.

A lot of the time, people ignore the easy money simply because they can’t be bothered to try a new technique.

Get out of your comfort zone and take consistent, measured action every day.

And the profits will follow.

4: Manage Your Risk Properly

If you’re going to tackle one of the non-risk free strategies – you must do so correctly.

Which means bankrolling yourself properly as Mike advises, sticking to the staking plan, and NOT giving up when you hit a ‘bad run’.

Effective risk management and bet volume is the key to success with the speculative strategies.

So trust in the maths and knuckle down.

5: Take CONSISTENT Action – Every Day!

Betting Mastermind WORKS.

But I’ve seen plenty of people screw it up by trying to ‘reinvent the wheel’.

The secret to success isn’t really a secret – just do what Mike tells you in the training.

And take consistent action each and every day.

What’s My Biggest Earner?

The casino stuff by far.

The graph I posted earlier doesn’t include all of my results.

I’ve made £1,000s some months with the higher-risk casino offers on several occasions.

Here are a few of my recent slot wins.

Big Slot Win £1,570

Big Win Immortal Romance Slot

Casino Matched Betting Win

Bonus Round Big Win

Free Spins Big Win

Betting Mastermind Review Conclusion: The Most Profitable Betting System that I Own

Betting Mastermind is my #1 profitable betting system of choice.

I use it every day to make money.

And there’s long-term earning potential via the casino, exchange, and value-based betting strategies.

Basically, it blows all of the other tipping services, Betfair trading, and sports arbitrage systems that I’ve reviewed out of the water.

This is my top rated recommendation for making money if you live in the UK.


  • Mathematically proven to work;
  • Huge earning potential;
  • Suitable for beginner, intermediate, and advanced betting system users;
  • Systems that work on gubbed accounts;
  • High-quality training and support;
  • Massive long-term savings;
  • Pays for itself multiple times over.


  • Only works in the UK;
  • Potentially overwhelming if you don’t stick to the training.

Who Can Benefit the Most from Betting Mastermind?

I would recommend betting Mastermind to:

  • Students who want to make extra money at university;
  • Stay at home parents looking to make tax-free cash from home;
  • Online business owners who’d like to generate a second income without leaving their work-station;
  • Recreational gamblers who’re sick of losing;
  • Tipping service enthusiasts who are fed up of wasting money on systems that don’t work;
  • Betfair traders who’re struggling to gain an edge over the markets;
  • Slots players who want to know which casino bonuses are ‘+EV’;
  • Novice matched bettors who are totally new to betting;
  • Intermediate matched bettors who have completed all of the sign-up bonuses;
  • Advanced matched bettors who need to work around account restrictions.

The Bottom Line?

If you are a UK resident and over 18 – you can make money with Betting Mastermind.

Do you want to make money online?
Yes - show me how!

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