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Betfair Renegade is a software package that identifies value bets exclusively in the football markets on the Betfair Exchange.

I cannot say for sure if this system has a legitimate edge over the Betfair odds or not.

But I’ve made more money with it than I’ve lost through sporadic use.

This is a set-and-forget system best suited to advanced matched bettors looking to work around account restrictions and are willing to sit through the losing runs.


  • No bookmaker accounts required.
  • Easy to use.
  • Plenty of bets during the football seasons.


  • Fairly high variance.
  • Fewer bets during the off-season.
  • Limited availability.
Name:Betfair Renegade
Type:Betfair value betting
Money-Back Guarantee?Yes
Rating:3.9 / 5
Recommended:Yes – for advanced matched bettors
How to Join?Via Betting Mastermind here

Welcome to my Betfair Renegade review.

Betting systems that work on the Betfair Exchange are considered to be the ‘Holy Grail’ of profitable sports betting.

Because you can theoretically make money indefinitely.

Since you’ll not have to worry about having your stake sizes restricted.

The downside?

Such systems are incredibly hard to find.

Because the Betfair markets are typically very efficient.

I’ve been dabbling with Betfair Renegade on and off over the last few years.

Here’s what I’ve discovered.

What is Betfair Renegade?

Betfair Renegade is a software package that identifies value bets exclusively in the football markets on the Betfair Exchange.

This is executed by using an in-house ‘mathematical model’ to estimate the ‘true’ odds of some event occurring.

If the Betfair odds are greater than the ‘true’ price.

Then this is a profitable bet.

Because it will win more often than what the odds reflect.

Obviously, we’re not told exactly how the model is formulated.

But I suspect that quantitative analysis on historical data sets is used to extrapolate potential value zones.

To which real-time prices are then compared.

I could be mistaken though.

Who’s Behind Betfair Renegade?

Mike Cruickshank launched Betfair Renegade in around 2015/16.

Mike is well known for developing profitable betting systems and software that genuinely makes money.

I’ve bought just about every single one of Mike’s products.

And I’ve made £10,000s from them altogether.

Does Betfair Renegade Really Work?

I’m inclined to say yes.

But this conclusion is anecdotal.

Because my use of this system has been sporadic.

So, I don’t have a continuous data set from which to pull ROI and strike rate figures.

However, on the whole.

I’ve made more money than I’ve lost.

What’s the Minimum Starting Bankroll?

Mike advises to start with £2 bets and scale up.

Personally, from my own experience.

I’d say that a 100-point bankroll is the absolute minimum to start with.

Betting at 1 point flat stakes.

So, you’d need at least £200 to get started with Betfair Renegade.

However, if you’re more risk-averse.

You might want to start with a 200-point bankroll and bet at 1 point flat stakes.

This would reduce your exposure to 0.5% per bet.

How Do You Buy Betfair Renegade?

You can’t buy Betfair Renegade as a stand-alone product.

The only way to get access to the system is by signing up to Betting Mastermind.

I assume this exclusivity is to preserve the liquidity in the exchange markets.

Because if too many folks lump-on at the value prices.

The system would lose its edge.

You can learn more about Betting Mastermind in my full review here.

If you’d like to try Betfair Renegade.

You can do so by joining Betting Mastermind by clicking here.

How Does Betfair Renegade Work?

Betfair Renegade comes with its own training guide and videos.

Here’s a summary of how Betfair Renegade works.

1: Find a Qualifying Bet

Click the ‘Software’ tab:

This will bring up a list of bets currently available:

The red ‘Rating’ column tells you the percentage advantage for that bet.

As calculated as the difference between the odds in the ‘Betfair Odds’ and ‘BR Odds’ columns.

The higher the ‘rating’ value the better.

The software feed refreshes every 10 minutes.

Mike advises that you do NOT bet on selections with a rating of LESS than 15%

However, in order to minimise the losing runs.

Mike also advises that you do NOT bet on selections with ‘Betfair Odds’ greater than 10.0.


IF: (‘Rating’ is greater than or equal to 15);

AND: (‘Betfair Odds’ is less than or equal to 10);

THEN: the bet is eligible.

Otherwise: no bet.

2: Check the Back-Book Percentage

There’s one more step that you must take before you can go ahead and place the bet.

And that’s to make sure that the ‘back-book’ percentage is below a certain threshold.

Mike gives you this figure in the training materials.

3: Place Your Bet

With all the qualifying criteria met.

The last remaining step is to go ahead and place your back bet on Betfair.

Make sure that the odds are still the same.

For example, the software told me to back Torino at 9.4.

And I was able to secure those odds:

My Thoughts On Betfair Renegade

Here’s what I think about Betfair Renegade based on my own experiences.

1: I Don’t Know if the System Has a TRUE Edge

It’s certainly true that I’ve made money with Betfair Renegade.

And I’ve never known Mike to publish a betting system that doesn’t work.

But I don’t have enough consistent data on record to be able to reliably compare the actual win rate to the implied win rate.

Which would give me a better indication as to whether this system has a legitimate edge over the Betfair odds or not.

2: You’ll Need to Place a Lot of Bets

Mike advises that you commit to placing at least 100 bets to allow the variance to even out.

Personally, I’d increase that figure to 250 – 500.

Because it can take quite a while for ‘regression to the mean’ to occur.

3: It’s Very Easy to Use

This is a true set-and-forget system.

Because once you’ve placed your bets.

There’s no need to ‘trade out’ or monitor the markets.

The bet either wins or it doesn’t.

Plus, you can check the software at any time that suits you.


  • No bookmaker accounts required;
  • Easy to use;
  • Lots of bets available during the football seasons.


  • Fairly high variance;
  • Fewer bets during the off-season;
  • Limited availability.

Conclusion: Worth a Look – If You Can Handle the Variance

The set-and-forget aspect of this system really appeals to me.

Because I just don’t have the time to be sat around watching the markets all day.

However, this is quite a high variance system.

And like I said.

Although I’ve experienced good results with Betfair Renegade.

I cannot say for sure that it has a true edge.

In summary, I think this system is best suited to advanced matched bettors looking to work around account limitations.

And don’t mind sitting through the losing runs.

Let me know how you get on with Betfair Renegade in the comments section below.

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