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Arise Work From Home is a legitimate work from home job where you can get paid to be a remote call centre assistant.

The nature of the work means that this opportunity is best suited to those who enjoy customer service and have the motivation and discipline to manage their own schedule.

There is capacity for regular and consistent work with flexible hours to suit you.


  • A legitimate work from home job.
  • Run by an established company.
  • Flexible hours.
  • Consistent work.
  • Reasonable rates of pay.


  • Upfront and ongoing costs.
  • Lengthy qualification process.
  • UK, US, and Canadian applicants only.

Payments and Ownership: I DON’T own or work for Arise. If you have payment issues or need to get a refund – you’ll need to contact Arise directly. ALWAYS make sure that you understand the payment and billing arrangements BEFORE subscribing or buying anything.

Opinion Disclaimer: the content in this review is ultimately a reflection of my own opinions and is not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual, anyone, or anything.

Name:Arise Work From Home
Type:Work from home – virtual call centre
Money-back guarantee?Unclear – but it doesn’t appear so
Rating:3.5 / 5
Recommended?Yes – if you like customer service
How to join?Apply on their website

In my experience?

Legitimate work from home jobs are very difficult to find.

Because what often looks like a promising opportunity advertised on a legit job board like Indeed…

Often ends up leading you to a low-paying online survey or micro-task website.

From which you haven’t got a hope of earning an acceptable wage.


I recently came across Arise Virtual Solutions (aka. ‘Arise Work From Home’).

Which promises to be able to help you set up a legitimate home-based business that can free you from the 9-5 grind.

But is this just another work from home scam?


In this Arise Work From Home review…

I’ll be revealing if this is a legit work from home job opportunity…

Or just another let down.

Here’s what my research uncovered.

Screenshot of the Arise Work From Home Website.

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What is Arise Work From Home?

Arise Work From Home is a platform that connects home-based virtual call centres with prospective clients.

This means that Arise is offering you the opportunity to make money by setting up your own remote call centre from home.

The work itself relates to customer service, tech support, and sales.

Which typically sees you handling inbound telephone calls, emails, and engaging with customers via live chat.

There may be some selling involved.


You DON’T work for Arise.


You’ll have to set up as an independent contractor.

And you’ll agree to be available during a specific timeframe to work as a virtual call centre assistant for your client(s).

But you’re not entirely on your own.

Because Arise will help you connect with prospective clients.

Many of which are supposedly ‘Fortune 500’ companies.

You can ‘pick and choose’ who you work for.

Which means that you can potentially work for multiple clients.

And that’s not all…

Arise will train you to become a fully competent call centre operative.

This means that you genuinely can get started with Arise even if you have no prior experience working in a call centre.


You have to pay Arise for the privilege of being trained.

This contrasts with other call centres that typically cover such costs.

And you’ll also need to set up as a registered company in order to become a ‘Virtual Service Corporation’.

I’ll explain more about the costs in just a moment.

Is Arise a Legit Company?


Arise Virtual Solutions Inc was founded on the 28th of December 1994.

Arise Virtual Solutions Inc has an A+ rating on the BBB website [source].

Screenshot of Arise Work From Home BBB Rating

How Does the Arise Application Process Work?

It’s a bit of a faff.

But the Arise application process basically works like this:

  • Click the ‘register now’ button on their website.
  • Select your location and tick the boxes.
  • Enter your details into the form that pops up to create your account.
  • Sign an NDA (‘non-disclosure agreement’).
  • Submit your company information.
  • Select one of the clients to work for.
  • Enrol in a client certification course.
  • Sign a SOW (‘statement of work’) contract.

You must also join or form a limited company.

Which means that you’ll be responsible for your own taxes.

Can Anyone Apply?


You can only apply for Arise Work From Home if you reside in the UK, US, or Canada.

And you need to be over 18.

What Are The Start-Up Costs?

There are a few:

  • Background check – £25 through Disclosure Scotland.
  • CSP101 Basic Certification Course – £15.
  • Client Specific Certification Course – £20 – £50.
  • Consumer Check – £30 payable to PeopleCheck.

Are There Any Ongoing Costs?


The Arise UK Monthly Service Fee is £20.

If you earned less than £20 for the month you will not be charged.

How Much Money Can You Make With Arise?

Revenue varies from client-to-client.

But Arise claim that you can expect to average around £7 – £10 per hour [source].

Arise say they will pay you on the 9th of each month (or the next business day if the 9th is on a holiday).

How Much Work is Available?

Each opportunity has a variable number of hours.

With a set minimum amount required each week.

This may be as low as 10 with some clients.

You can expect to be on calls 85% – 95% of the time you are logged into the Arise system.


Arise say that hours are posted weekly and are booked up on a first-come, first-serve basis [source].

This means that minimum hours are not guaranteed.

You can apply for multiple clients to ensure that the maximum number of hours are available to you.

Can You Use a Laptop With Arise?


But it must meet the specified requirements.

Are Wireless Connections Permitted?


You must use a hard-wired internet connection.

You are not allowed to access the Arise platform through an unauthorised proxy or VPN.

Satellite, microwave, and cellular hotspots are not permitted.

Can You Use a Cell Phone With Arise?


You will need to use a VoIP headset for client certification classes.

And a Telephone Headset to service the calls hands free.

Is Arise Work From Home a Scam or Legit?

Arise is a legitimate work from home job opportunity.

Because the hourly rate is above the national minimum wage.

And although hours are not guaranteed…

There is capacity to work ‘full-time’ with Arise by registering with multiple clients.

My Thoughts On Arise

Just to be clear.

I’ve not worked for Arise myself.

But based on my thorough research…

Here’s what I think you need to know about Arise.

1: It’s a Real Job Opportunity

Most work from home ‘jobs’ either don’t pay well enough or lack consistency in the number of hours available.

But Arise is able to offer a fair level of pay and the scope for both flexible and consistent work.

Because as long as there are businesses that require remote workers…

You’ll have a job.

Of course, it’s up to you to be able to do the job to the required standard.

But the work’s there if you want it.

2: It’s Flexible (To Some Extent)

It’s certainly true that you can pick and choose who you work for.

And you can decide how many hours you would like to work.

But you’re asked to give 48 hours notice if you need to cancel your hours.

Any less and your ‘metrics’ may be affected.

Arise may terminate your SOW contract if you do not meet your priority commitment for 30 days or more.

3: Upfront Costs and Hassle

This is probably the biggest issue with Arise.

Because not only is it a bit of a rigmarole to get your checks completed and register as an independent contractor…

You’re going to have to shell out at least £60 to get started (probably more).

Plus, you’ll have to deduct the £20 monthly service fee from your earnings too.


  • A legitimate work from home job.
  • Run by an established company.
  • Flexible hours.
  • Consistent work.
  • Reasonable rates of pay.


  • Upfront and ongoing costs.
  • Lengthy qualification process.
  • UK, US, and Canadian applicants only.

Conclusion: A Legit Work from Home Job

It’s not often that I get to say this…

But Arise is actually a legitimate work from home job opportunity.

Because it looks like you’ll be paid more than the national minimum wage per hour.

And there are enough hours available (on paper) to allow you to earn a fair level of income.

But is Arise Right For You?

Because as legitimate as Arise is…

It’s not going to be for everyone.

Take myself for example.

I have the wrong personality type for customer service of any kind.

And I’d really struggle to summon the inner strength to deal with customer complaints and queries for any length of time.


I think that Arise is only going to be a good option for you if you’re able to commit to regular hours.

Possibly with the view to making it a long-term ‘career’.

But if that’s what you’re looking for…

And you enjoy customer service…

Then Arise Work From Home could be just what you’re looking for.


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