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Advantage Play Secrets shows you how to make money using four mathematically proven strategies that are able to exploit legal betting loopholes.

No free bets are required to make money with Advantage Play Secrets.

Three of the strategies are for use with the bookmakers.

The other strategy works on the Betfair Exchange.

Two of the strategies are risk-free – the other two are not.

Advantage Play Secrets is best suited to intermediate and advanced matched bettors looking to work around account restrictions.

IMPORTANT: If you live outside the UK or Ireland – there’s a high probability that Advantage Play Secrets WON’T work for you.


  • £1 trial available.
  • No free bets required.
  • Includes two low-risk strategies.
  • Mathematically proven to work.
  • Good training and support.
  • Trusted product – launched in 2017.


  • Takes time to work.
  • Patience required.
  • May not work for non-UK residents.

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Name:Advantage Play Secrets
Type:Value betting
Price:£99 + VAT per year’s access
Trial?£1 for 14-days
Money-Back Guarantee?Not stated
Rating:4 / 5
How to Join?Try for £1 here

Matched betting is the easiest way to make real sums of cash online in the UK.

However, as you probably already know, the major downside to matched betting is that of being inevitably ‘gubbed’ by the bookmakers.

Which means that you are no longer eligible to avail of their free bets.

Thankfully, there are other ways to make money from the bookmakers that don’t rely on such enhancements.

And in this Advantage Play Secrets review, I’ll be finding out if this product is indeed capable of generating decent profits without relying on the bookmakers’ free bets.

Let’s dive in.

What is Advantage Play Secrets?

Mike Cruickshank Photo

Launched in 2017, Advantage Play Secrets is a subscription-based digital product created by matched betting ‘guru’ Mike Cruickshank.

Advantage Play Secrets contains four betting strategies that are mathematically proven to make money.

Three of the strategies are to be used with the bookmakers and the other works on the Betfair Exchange.

You also get access to custom-built software that will help you make money from each appropriate strategy.

Full video training and support is also provided.

How Much Does Advantage Play Secrets Cost?

You can try Advantage Play Secrets for 14-days for £1 here.

If you decide to stay with the system, you then pay £99 + VAT for a year’s access – renewable annually.

Advantage Play Secrets Sales Page Claims

Image: the claims made on the Advantage Play Secrets sign-up page.

What Does ‘Advantage Play’ Mean?

Advantage play means to bet with an ‘edge’.

That is, even if the bet itself does not make an immediate profit, placing a large number of such bets will yield a positive return over time.

This ‘evening out’ process is facilitated via the mathematical phenomenon known as The Law of Large Numbers.

Thankfully, you don’t need to understand the mechanics of such mathematical proofs to make a profit with Advantage Play Secrets.

What Do You Get When You Join Advantage Play Secrets?

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of what you get when you join up.


Strategy #1: Golden Parachute (Bookmaker)

This strategy shows you how to exploit BOG (‘Best Odds Guaranteed’) price drifts with the bookmakers for minimal risk.

For example, if you back Horse A for £10 with William Hill at decimal odds of 5.0 – you’re looking at a £40 profit if it wins.

But William Hill are a BOG bookmaker.

So, for example, if Horse A left the stalls at odds of 7.0 (after you’d backed at 5.0) – William Hill would honour the higher price of 7.0.

This would give you an extra £20 in profit.

The Golden Parachute software finds races where you can back every horse in the race for a tiny loss.

Allowing you to make a decent profit when a horse does indeed drift and win at a BOG price.

Golden Parachute Calculator

Does it Work?


However, you’re not going to hit a BOG drift every time.

But if you do enough of these bets you’ll make a long-term profit.

Any Downsides?

To make this work, you’ll need to have your BOG entitlements with a number of bookmakers intact.

Because quite often, your BOG privileges are revoked at the same time you lose your right to any further free bets.

Strategy #2: Duching Bounty (Bookmaker)

This strategy shows you how to lock in a variable profit by placing each-way bets on every horse in a race.

This time, however, you do NOT have to rely on BOG drifts to make money.

The profit comes from the bookmakers’ pricing errors in the each-way place markets.

The Dutching Bounty software finds the most profitable races for you.

And the in built calculator tells you how much to bet on each horse to make money.

Does it Work?


The bookmakers’ mispriced place-odds create a legitimate ‘loophole’ that can be exploited for a profit.

And by betting to cover all outcomes, you simultaneously remove the risk whilst locking in a profit.

But without the need for a free bet to be present.

Any Downsides?

There are not a lot of races that meet the qualifying criteria.

On average, you can expect to find one race per day that’ll allow you to lock in a profit no matter the outcome.

Only bet on races where the ‘expected value’ figure is positive.

Strategy #3: Acca Booster (Bookmaker)

This is a pure value betting strategy.

The bookmakers often boost the price on a batch of teams to all win their football matches.

The Acca Booster software finds the bets that have a greater chance of winning than what their odds imply.

By betting on a large number of such bets – you’ll make a profit via The Law of Large Numbers.

Acca Booster Oddsmatcher

Does it Work?


If you’re being paid more than what is mathematically fair on your winning bets – you’ll eventually make money.

This is mathematical law.

Any Downsides?

It’s not risk-free.

So, you’ll have to stick to the bankroll management plan that Mike advises.

And although you’ll make a profit over a large sample of bets, you have no way of knowing when you’ll actually end up in profit.

The only solution is to place a high volume of bets to allow The Law of Large Numbers to work in your favour.

Strategy #4: Matched Bettors Exploit (Exchange)

If a lot of matched bettors are laying off their bookmaker bets at the same time – the corresponding Betfair market gets artificially distorted.

That is, excessive and concentrated laying can pull the back price up to the point where value can be secured.

In the Matched Bettors Exploit strategy, Mike explains how to work out if there’s money to be made from such a price shift.

Does it Work?


Again, this is a value betting strategy.

Which means that the odds are mathematically stacked in your favour.

Leading to a profit over time.

Any Downsides?

It’s not risk-free.

So, you’ll once again have to stick to the staking plan and commit to placing a lot of bets.

Video Training and Software

Each strategy comes with its own ‘over-the-shoulder’ style video training.

All of the strategies except ‘Matched Bettors Exploit’ come with associated software.

Again, you’ll be shown how to use each one in the training.

Abundance Bank Building Plan

Mike has prepared a 20-minute presentation that shows you how to potentially turn £300 into £10,000 in 12 months using Advantage Play Secrets.

He then explains how to make £900 each month in withdrawable profit thereafter.

This is all possible thanks to the mathematical principle of ‘compounding’.

Abundance Bank Building Plan

Conclusion: Is Advantage Play Secrets a Good Way to Make Money Without Free Bets?

Mostly yes.

You do not need to rely on free bets to make money with any of these systems.

However, you may not be able to avail of BOG enhancements on your gubbed accounts.

Which is essential for success with the Golden Parachute system.

It’s also worth noting that because the Golden Parachute, Dutching Bounty and Acca Booster systems are value-strategies – you’ll eventually have your stake sizes restricted on your bookmaker accounts.

However, if you’re already bonus banned – this won’t really matter as the account is otherwise dead anyway.


  • All the systems are mathematically proven to work;
  • No free bets required;
  • Scope to turn £300 into £10,000;
  • One of the systems works on the Betfair Exchange;
  • Includes low-risk strategies.


  • Patience required – you won’t make a profit from every bet;
  • Value strategies will eventually lead to stake restrictions with the bookmakers;
  • Not all the strategies are risk-free.
  • May not work for non-UK residents.

Are There Any Good Alternatives to Advantage Play Secrets?


Mike’s Each Way Sniper software is also excellent for making money from your gubbed bookmaker accounts.

In fact, I would advise that you buy Each Way Sniper before Advantage Play Secrets.

Because there are more profitable betting opportunities available each day.

Read my Each Way Sniper Review here to learn more.

Who Should NOT Use Advantage Play Secrets?

Advantage Play Secrets is not for beginners.

You should complete Mike’s Bonus Bagging product first – if you’re totally new to matched betting.

You should then move on to his Profit Maximiser system to extract ongoing profits from the bookmakers’ existing customer offers.

Then do Each Way Sniper.

And finally, add Advantage Play Secrets to your profitable betting portfolio.

You’ll make more money in less time if you do things in that order.

Who Can Benefit the Most From Advantage Play Secrets?

Advantage Play Secrets is best suited to advanced matched bettors who are trying to work around account restrictions.

I’ve experienced great success with this product (and all of Mike’s products in general).

But I advise taking the £1 trial for 14-days to check that Advantage Play Secrets is right for you.

Let me know what you think of Advantage Play Secrets in the comments section below.

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