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Accumulator Generator is a low-risk betting system that shows you how to lock in a profit from the bookmakers’ accumulator insurance offers by exploiting a legal betting loophole.

The Acca Matcher software finds the bets for you instantly.

And the integrated calculators handle the complex calculations automatically.

Accumulator Generator is best suited to advanced matched bettors looking to boost their income when the football season is on.

IMPORTANT: If you live outside the UK or Ireland – there’s a high probability that Accumulator Generator WON’T work for you.


  • £1 trial available.
  • Low-risk.
  • Advantage Play option for long-term value.
  • Good training and support.
  • Trusted product – launched in 2015.


  • UK only.
  • Only works during the football season.
  • Steep learning curve for novices.

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Name:Accumulator Generator
Type:Accumulator matched betting
Price:£99 + VAT
Trial?£1 for 14-days
Money-Back Guarantee?Not stated
Rating:4.1 / 5
How to Join?Try for £1 here

In this Accumulator Generator review, I’ll be doing two things:

1: Finding out if this low-risk, ‘never-lose’ football betting system still works;

2: Heping you decide if Accumulator Generator is right for you.

Let’s begin.

What is Accumulator Generator?

Accumulator Generator is an online, subscription-based advanced matched betting software and training package.

Showing you how to ‘lock in’ a profit from the bookmakers’ football accumulator insurance offers for almost zero-risk.

Accumulator Generator is based on the fundamental principles of matched betting.

Which is why it’s sometimes referred to as a ‘never-lose’ system.

Because by betting to cover all possible outcomes – the element of chance is completely removed.

And so you’ll not lose money like you would with regular gambling strategies.

Accumulator Generator Sales Page Claims

Image: Mike Cruickshank’s claims on the Accumulator Generator sign-up page.

Who Created Accumulator Generator?

Mike Cruickshank Photo

Accumulator Generator was launched by matched betting ‘guru’ Mike Cruickshank in October 2015.

The practice of sequentially laying off accumulators using spreadsheets was already in circulation on some matched betting forums.

But Mike was the first person to embody this methodology using dedicated odds-matching software.

For me, this was a welcome development.

Because I no longer needed to waste hours manually searching for profitable accumulator combinations.

What Do You Get When You Join Up?

Once you’ve signed up and logged in, you’ll get full access to the following features:

Accumulator Generator Menu

1: Training

Under the training tab, you’ll be taught everything you need to know to make money using Accumulator Generator, including:

  • How to lay off an accumulator;
  • How to use a betting exchange;
  • Money management strategies;
  • How to use the Accumulator Generator software, calculators, and tools;
  • The five different techniques for creating a profit.

2: Acca Matcher Software

The Acca Matcher software is what finds the bets for you.

In the training, Mike explains how to use this ‘odds-matching’ software to find the most profitable bets.

Acca Matcher

3: Offers

Here, you can view the exact terms and conditions for each bookmaker accumulator insurance offer.

The Acca Matcher automatically pre-filters the bets to ensure that only qualifying selections are displayed.

But the ‘Offers’ tab allows you to view other key elements such as:

  • The number of times you can claim an offer each day;
  • Free bet retention rates;
  • Deposit method restrictions.

4: Reminders

This feature allows you to keep track of your bets.

Which is very important because forgetting to lay off a leg could end up being very costly indeed.

Acca Reminders Function

5: Bet Finder

This is an additional feature that allows you to search for your own accumulator bets.

You’ll not have to use this very often – if at all.

6: Calculators

The Acca Matcher software has it’s own sequential lay calculators built in.

Where most of the data is pre-populated to save you time.

But you can also use the ‘Calculators’ tab to build your own accumulator from scratch.

7: Affluence Bankroll Building Plan

The ‘Affluence Training System’ is a webinar that explains how to turn “£500 into £5,000” and withdraw a profit of “£840 a month” thereafter.

To be honest, this kind of money is going to be tough to make in the current matched betting climate (more on this below).

But once you’ve grasped the basics of Accumulator Generator – I still strongly advise giving this video a watch.

Because it’ll give structure to your learning and the application of the strategies taught in Accumulator Generator.

And you’ll probably make more money as a result.

Affluence Bankroll Building Plan

How Do You Make Money With Accumulator Generator?

Many online bookmakers offer ‘accumulator insurance’ offers.

Where your stake is refunded in full as a free bet – if exactly one leg loses.

The Accumulator Generator software identifies bet combinations that are profitable when the value of the insurance refund is taken into consideration.

And the ‘sequential lay’ calculator allows you to lay off each leg in turn – covering you when your bookmaker bets lose.

There are five derivatives to this core schema that can result in a profit – which are as follows:

1: Back Lay and Hope

This is the fundamental technique for making money.

As Mike explains in the training videos, you’ll place your accumulator bet and keep laying off each leg until you hit a loser.

(Or all the legs win).

You’re hoping that exactly one leg loses so that you’ll get the free bet.

From which you’ll extract a guaranteed profit.

2: Lay the Refund – Variable Return

Statistically, you’ll hit the refund 40% of the time on average.

And although this is actually the most likely outcome, waiting to hit a ‘winner’ can be tedious.

This second strategy sees you placing lay bets until you hit two losers.

By continuing to lay against the value of the refund, you can lock in a small profit.

3: Lay the Refund – Equal Return

Using the second technique, you’ll make more money if the first loss occurs later on in the accumulator.

Which is good.

But if the first leg loses, you’ll probably just end up locking in a tiny profit – or even a loss.

This third strategy is designed to equalise your profit – regardless of the order of the losing legs.

4: Lay All

The ‘lay all’ technique means that you can lay off all the legs in one go and forget about it.

This is the most time-efficient strategy.

But there are not many bets that meet the qualifying criteria.

5: Advantage Play

Alternatively, you can choose to not lay off your accumulator at all.

But this doesn’t mean you can start profiting from random 15-fold accumulators though!

You’ll only make money with this strategy if you take the selections displayed under the ‘AP’ section of the software feed.

This strategy is not risk-free.

So, you’ll need to apply the bankroll management rules outlined in Mike’s training videos.

How Much Does Accumulator Generator Cost?

Accumulator Generator costs £99 + VAT for a year’s access – to be renewed annually.

Click the button below.

And you can test out Accumulator Generator for 14-days for just £1.

Can You Still Make Money With Accumulator Generator?

Accumulator Generator was a game-changer when it first launched.

Because with access to so many profitable bets on tap – making more than £500 each month was entirely doable.

I actually knew of someone who made more than £40,000 in a single year from accumulator offers alone.

But then, disaster struck.

The Bookmakers Reduced the Value of their Accumulator Offers!

It used to be that most bookmakers would cap their refunds at £50.

From which you’d bank around £10 – £15 in real money on average over time.

But with so many people doing accumulator matched betting – many of the bookmakers now only offer £10 refunds to protect their profits.

And William Hill have removed their accumulator insurance offer entirely.

How Much Money Can You Make Realistically?

Assuming that you’re not multi-accounting.

I’d say that £100 or so each month using the back lay and hope method is realistic.

You could potentially earn more using AP (‘advantage play’) but this method is not risk-free.

I wouldn’t bother with the lock-in strategies any more – since the value is so thin.

Conclusion: There’s Still Cash to Be Had if You Want It!

Accumulator Generator still works.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using the AP or the back, lay and hope method.

The key to getting results is placing a high volume of these bets.

Because the system’s edge will thus be applied to a greater volume of money – resulting in more absolute profits.

Ok, it’s not the most gratifying matched betting strategy available.

But profit is still profit!


  • A genuine way to make money online;
  • Low risk if applied correctly;
  • Full training provided;
  • Good support.


  • More effort now required to get results;
  • Doesn’t work outside the UK/ROI;
  • Not much money to be made when the major football seasons are out of action;
  • Manual mistakes can be costly.

Is Accumulator Generator Right for You?

Technically, anyone who’s over 18 and lives in the UK or Ireland can make money with Accumulator Generator.

But this product is going to be easier to use if you’ve already got some matched betting experience under your belt.

Plus, it makes sense to hoover up the easy money from the higher value matched betting offers first.

If you’re very new to matched betting, I suggest that you use Mike’s Bonus Bagging system to quickly bank up to £500 from the bookmakers’ welcome offers first.

You can then bump this up to around £1,000 in total using his follow-on product – Profit Maximiser.

Where you’ll be able to bank ongoing profits from the bookmakers’ higher value daily promotions too.

Then you can move on to Accumulator Generator.

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