I’ve said it many times before.

Bookmaking is a scam.

Because the bookmakers intentionally set their odds to short-change you on your winning bets.

But they’ll keep your entire stake when you lose.

This means that you’ll never be able to recoup your losses if you play for long enough.

What does this all mean?

Trying to beat the bookies’ odds on your own is really difficult!

To beat the bookies long-term – you need to claim value.

Typically, this means analysing the odds to pick up on their pricing mistakes.

This is really hard to do with any degree of consistency.

Plus, the bookies absolutely love it when you think you can outsmart their statisticians and professional odds-compilers after you’ve had 4 pints down the pub.

Because your ‘dumb money’ just plays straight into their ‘overrounds’.

The overround is the bookmakers’ mathematical advantage.

And it’s why the gambling industry is worth billions.

Is it even possible to beat the bookies?


There are a selection of legal betting loopholes that we can exploit to beat the bookies.

And you’ll not have to waste your life fruitlessly crunching numbers or studying form either.

How to Beat the Bookies – 5 Proven Strategies

Here are the top five strategies that have helped me take £1,000s off the bookmakers over the years.

All of these techniques can be done online.

This is just an overview to help you quickly find a strategy that’s best suited to your needs.

I’ve linked off to more detailed guides for each one.

1: Matched Betting

This is probably the easiest way to beat the bookies and make some decent cash in the process.

Anyone with half a brain can see that traditional gambling is a mugs game.

So, in order to keep the ‘dumb money’ coming in, the online bookmakers have to give up some value.

This is typically done by giving away free bets.

For example, here, William Hill are offering to give me £30 in free bets when I risk £10 of my own money first:

William Hill Matched Betting Offer

Obviously, you’re not going to be able to just withdraw the free bets.

Matched betting shows you how to use the betting exchanges to remove the risk when placing your initial ‘qualifying bet’.

And then make a profit from the free bet by sizing your exchange ‘lay’ bet in a very specific manner.

How Much Money Can Be Made?

You’re looking at about a grand if you work your way through the bookies’ initial ‘sign-up’ offers.

You can typically make around £100 – £500 each month after that.

Who Should Do Matched Betting?

Matched betting works best in the UK.

Because you’ll have full access to all of the bookmakers and betting exchanges.

This strategy is very low risk and is able to produce good returns.

Making it very popular with students and stay at home parents.

But as long as you’re over 18 – you can make money with matched betting.

How to Get Started?

You’ll need at least £50-£100 of your own money to place the initial bets.

All of the profit from the free bets will go back into this.

Your bankroll will grow surprisingly quickly once you’re over the initial learning phase.

Take a look at my Matched Betting Guide to get started.

2: Sequential Laying

This is an advanced form of matched betting.

The bookmakers love it when you place accumulator bets.

Because it allows them to compound their overrounds and steal your money more efficiently.

That’s why they run accumulator ‘insurance offers’ when the football seasons are on.

Because returning your stake as a free bet if exactly one leg loses seems to draw the punters in.

What’s Our Strategy?

Sequential laying means to progressively ‘hedge’ each leg of your accumulator to remove the risk.

And if exactly one leg goes down.

You’ll get the free bet.

Which you can then profit from using the standard matched betting strategy.

Accumulator Generator Acca Matcher Software

How Much Money Can Be Made?

You’re looking at a bit of pocket money each week with this strategy.

Maybe £100 each month if you put the work in.

It used to be much higher.

But the bookmakers have really clamped down on this sort of ‘bonus abuse’ this season.

Who Should Do It?

You should try sequential laying once you’re proficient in the basic matched betting process.

You’ll need to be confident in placing lay bets to effectively remove the risk.

How to Get Started?

Have a read of my Accumulator Matched Betting Guide.

Where I’ve outline the basic strategy in 7 steps.

3: Arbitrage Betting (Bookmaker-Exchange)

Arbitrage betting is like matched betting.

But without the need for free bets.

The idea is that you place one bet with the bookmaker.

And then another bet with the betting exchange to secure a guaranteed profit.

Where Does the Profit Come From?

The favourable difference between the bookmaker’s [higher] odds and the betting exchange’s [lower] odds.

This strategy can also be used bookmaker-to-bookmaker (sometimes informally called ‘Dutching’).

But I’ve discovered that the profit margins are typically greater when betting bookmaker-exchange.

How Much Money Can Be Made?

You’re looking at around 1-10% ROI.

Although 15-20% is possible.

Arbitrage Odds Matching Software

Who Should Do It?

This style of arbitrage betting will get your accounts banned quickly.

As such, I typically advise that only advanced matched bettors use it once they’ve been gubbed.

How to Get Started?

Head over to my Arbitrage Betting Guide.

Where I’ll show you how to find these ‘surebets’ quickly.

4: Place-Market Hedging

This is also a form of bookmaker-exchange arbitrage betting.

Except the favourable pricing discrepancies occur in the horse racing place-markets.

Relatively, this style of ‘arb’ing’ isn’t as profitable as it’s ‘win-market’ counterpart.

But it’s a lot harder for the bookmakers to pick up on.

Making it a more sustainable strategy overall.

How Much Money Can Be Made?

I’d say that an ROI of 1-10% is about average.

You can typically increase this if you arb the win-market at the same time.

But this increases the risk of getting noticed and having your stakes limited.

Each Way Sniper Lay Calculator Profit Output

Who Should Do It?

If you don’t care about account restrictions.

And you’re confident placing lay bets.

Jump in.

Otherwise, I’d advise phasing this strategy in alongside your matched betting activities on your gubbed accounts.

How to Get Started?

Take a look at my Place-Market Arbitrage Betting Guide.

Where I’ve demonstrated how to find these bets in 7 steps.

5: Value Betting

This strategy carries a risk.

Because unlike the previous strategies, you’ll not be using lay bets to cover the ‘losing’ outcomes.

Instead, you’ll be targeting pure value bets.

But instead of trying to find the value yourself.

You’ll use a high-quality, professional tipping service to do the leg-work for you.

How Much Money Can Be Made?

It depends on the system.

And the stake sizes that you use.

I’ve spent a lot of time using and reviewing tipping services.

And it’s certainly possible to find a good tipster that can produce an ROI of 20-30% each month on average.

The downside is the variance.

Expect even a good tipster to have at least 3 losing months out of the year.

Betting Gods Tipster Table

Who Should Do It?

You’ll need to be comfortable dealing with losing runs.

And have the patience to keep on betting until the wins and losses even out.

I strongly suggest building up your bankroll using the matched betting and arbitrage strategies before progressing to this style of ‘sports investing’.

How to Get Started?

You’ll need to make sure that you’re not throwing your money away on a low quality tipster.

Have a look at my Sports Betting Tipster Guide.

Where I’ve outlined the key steps for finding a tipster that’s right for you.

Conclusion: Take the Easy Money First

Focus on matched betting to begin with.

This will produce the most profit for the least amount of work.

You can then scale in the arbitrage strategies as you see fit.

Leave the value betting strategies until last.

What’s Your Favourite Strategy for Beating the Bookies?

Do you use a different technique for beating your bookie?

Or do you prefer to beat the other punters on the betting exchanges?

What’s working for you right now?

Let me know in the comments section below.

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