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Welcome to my ultimate matched betting profit optimisation guide.

It’s packed with my top 37 matched betting tips and tricks to help you make more money in less time.

Whilst simultaneously avoiding the common matched betting mistakes that I see people making time and time again.

Because I started my matched betting journey waaay back in 2012.

And since then I’ve banked literally tens of £1,000s in tax-free profits.

But the path has been far from plain sailing.

Learn from My Matched Betting Mistakes

I started out as a self-learner.

Which led to a lot of costly ‘newbie’ matched betting errors and blunders.

Even once I’d joined just about every major matched betting platform on the market, purchased every add-on tool that you can think of, and mastered even the most advanced matched betting strategies.

I still had to deal with account restrictions and gubbings.

But even now.

I’m still taking money from the online betting outfits in one way or another.

In the last few months, for example, I’ve cleared more than £4,000 from the advanced casino matched betting offers alone:

Casino Profit vs EV Graph

(More on this later).

The 37 Matched Betting Tips and Tricks that You Must Know

I’ve learned a ton of useful stuff over the years.

So, here are my top 37 matched betting tips and tricks to help guide you towards matched betting success.

I’ve covered everything from getting started with matched betting.

Right up to maximising your matched betting profits using advanced tips, tricks, strategies, and tools.

This is a fairly thorough and comprehensive matched betting optimisation guide.

So, I’ve broken it down into numbered sections to make it more digestible.

But you’ll still probably want to bookmark it for later use.

And share it with your fellow matched bettors to help them out too (use the ‘social share’ buttons on the left bar).

Oh, and feel free to leave your own top matched betting ‘hacks’ in the comments section at the end of the post 🙂

Your 7 Steps to Matched Betting Success

You have a long and profitable matched betting journey ahead of you.

Here’s the exact seven-step process that you should follow to build your matched betting bankroll.

And keep it growing for years to come.

1: Take the Easy Money First and Make £500

It all starts with the bookmakers’ SUBs (‘sign up bonuses’).

Because this is where the easy money is.

You’ll be following a proven formula that allows you to claim the bookmakers’ free bets for ‘no-risk’.

And cash them out for a ‘guaranteed’ profit.

Now, I’ve put ‘no-risk’ and ‘guaranteed’ in quotation marks because there’s every chance that you could make a mistake and end up losing money.

The easiest way to avoid this is by having the Bonus Bagging semi-automated software find the bets for you:

Bonus Bagging Home Page

And following the resulting ‘done-for-you’ instructions that are sent to your inbox is the easiest way to grow your bankroll up to £500.

See how it’s done in my Matched Betting Made Easy Guide.

2: Hit the Advanced SUBs to Break the £1,000 Barrier

Have you cashed out all of the bookmakers’ ‘easy’ SUBs with Bonus Bagging?


But DON’T spend your profits just yet!

Instead, you’ll want to use that money to bankroll yourself so that you can make even more money from the bookmakers’ advanced SUBs:

Profit Maximiser New Bookmaker Account Offers

I say ‘advanced’ because you’ll need more exchange funds to cover the larger associated Betfair liabilities.

To do this effectively – you’ll need access to a high-quality matched betting service.

Personally, I use Profit Maximiser because it was the first advanced matched betting platform of its kind and it still leads the way.

Learn how to grow your bankroll to £1,000 with Profit Maximiser in this ‘bonus training’.

3: Exploit the High-Value Refunds to Bank £500 Per Month

Now that you’ve got £1,000 to play with.

Your next objective is to exploit the bookmakers’ ECOs (‘existing customer offers’).

And by focusing on the high value offers such as Bet365’s In-Play Offer, racing refunds, and guaranteed bet £X get £Y promotions.

You can earn between £100 and £500 (or more) each month.

Check out my Guide to Matched Betting After the Sign Up Offers to learn more.

4: Bump Up Your Earnings With Accas (Whilst You Still Can!)

Accumulator matched betting is a great way to bump up your monthly income.

But you’ll need to act fast.

Because this highly sophisticated branch of matched betting is becoming less profitable as time passes.

Because the bookmakers are getting fed up of savvy punters like ourselves laying off our accumulator bets to claim their ‘acca insurance’ refunds for no risk.

And locking in a guaranteed profit from the resulting free bet.

But this form of matched betting is not quite dead just yet.

So, go ahead and check out my Accumulator Generator Review to find out how this software can help you cash in today.

5: Overcome Gubbings With Place-Market Arbitrage

Once you’ve been matched betting for a few months, you’ll start to get ‘gubbing’ emails like this:

Account Gubbed Betbright

This is typically a great worry for most intermediate matched bettors.

Because free bets the lifeblood of matched betting.

And yes.

Once you’ve had your bonus privileges revoked with a bookmaker.

That account becomes significantly less profitable.

But it’s not the end of the world.

Because you can still make money from a gubbed account by exploiting the bookmaker’s pricing mistakes.

It’s devastatingly effective.

Find out how to ‘matched bet without free bets’ in my Guide to Place-Market Arbitrage Betting.

6: Use Splinter Strategies to Plug Profit Leaks

Your core strategies for generating serious matched betting profits from the bookmakers are:

  • Basic matched betting – cashing out the bookmakers’ easy SUBs;
  • Advanced matched betting – exploiting the bookmakers’ advanced SUBs and ongoing offers;
  • Accumulator matched betting – profiting from the bookmakers’ accumulator insurance offers;
  • Place-market arbitrage betting – locking in returns from the bookmakers’ pricing mistakes.

But there’s more…

Here are a further SEVEN matched betting ‘splinter strategies’ that you can use to top up your profits:

  • Advantage play accumulators;
  • Advantage play price boosts;
  • Advantage play each-way value selections;
  • Ante-post arbitrage;
  • Betfair exchange trading;
  • Betfair exchange value betting.

And if you’re not applying these strategies…

Then you’re constantly leaving tax-free money on the table.

Don’t do that.

Instead, learn how to apply these techniques using the tools and resources listed in my Betting Mastermind Review.

7: Transition to Casino Matched Betting for Long-Term Profits

Do you want to know a shocking matched betting fact?

Cashing out free bets is the LEAST profitable aspect of matched betting.

As it turns out, casino matched betting is actually the most lucrative aspect of online bonus ‘abuse’.

Need some proof?

Well, you’ve already seen my £4,000 casino matched betting graph at the start of the post.

And when you consider that this person banked £15,360 from a single £2 bet:

Casino Matched Betting £15,360 Slot Win

Chasing after £10 free bets doesn’t seem like the most profitable way to spend your time!

The downside?

You’re not going to make a profit from every casino offer.

So, you’ll have to apply strict bankroll management strategies to ride out the losing runs.

But the major upside is that casino offers are in abundance.

Meaning you can continue to make money long after your sportsbook accounts are gubbed and stake restricted.

Profit Maximiser is the best matched betting platform for advanced casino offers.

Because it uses the proper EV calculations to exploit a greater range of casino bonuses.

10 Things You MUST Do Before You Start Matched Betting

You’ve got your matched betting journey all planned out.

And you’re ready to start making bank.

But before you dive in.

Here are TEN things that you MUST do before you even think about opening your first bookmaker account.

1: Set up a Dedicated Email Address

Once you’ve opened a number of online bookmaker accounts.

Your inbox is going to light up with juicy ongoing promotions that you can cash out for a profit.

But it’s also going to attract a fair bit of spam too.

That’s why you should set up a dedicated email address for opening betting accounts.

Oh, and don’t name it something stupid like ‘ilovematchedbetting@…’.

Pick a ‘muggy’ email like ‘[name of a football team + numbers]@…’.

Because that’s what recreational gamblers do.

2: Get a ‘Burner’ Phone

Just as your email inbox will be blowing up with notifications from the bookies.

So will any mobile number that you register with them.

Which can get a bit annoying.

So, I’d recommend setting up a dedicated number for registering with the bookies.

Because you’ll need to have access to a valid number to verify some of your accounts.

Plus, you’ll also be able to avail of ‘mobile only’ matched betting offers whose codes are delivered by SMS.

3: Open a Separate Bank Account

Admittedly, this step is a bit of a ball-ache.

But it’s not really a good idea to have a lot of ‘gambling’ transactions on your current account if you’re being considered for a loan.

Plus, having your matched betting bankroll getting mixed up with your day-to-day transactions makes it hard to monitor your cash.

Also, in the unlikely event that your bank account is compromised, you’ll not want to put your current account at risk.

4: Bankroll Yourself Properly

Some matched betting sites say that you can get started with as little as £20.

Maybe so.

But personally, I’d recommend at least £50 – £100 to comfortably cover the initial exchange liabilities.

All of your profits will be reinvested into this amount.

So you’ll not have to redeposit.

Here’s a rough guide to my advised minimum bankroll amounts for each stage of your matched betting journey:

  • Basic matched betting – £50 – £100;
  • Advanced matched betting – £500;
  • Accumulator matched betting – £500;
  • Place-market arbitrage betting – £500;
  • Casino matched betting – 1% – 3% of the maximum buy-in amount.

5: Prepare Your KYC Documents

Do you want to be able to withdraw your money from your betting accounts?

Then you’ll need to be prepared to submit clear copies of the following items to the bookmakers’ customer support teams to comply with their KYC (‘know your customer’) checks:

  • Passport or driving licence;
  • Utility bill less than 3 months old;
  • Front and back copies of any cards used to make deposits.

6: Realise that You CAN’T Do Matched Betting Full Time (Unless…)

The days of making £1,000 – £2,000 per month exclusively from the bookmakers’ free bets are over.

Unless of course you are multi-accounting.

But I strongly advise that you steer well clear of this legally ambiguous area.

Because fund confiscations could be the least of your worries if you’re taken to small claims court.

7: Take Practical Precautions

Depositing and withdrawing from the bookmakers is generally quite safe.

But I’d still recommend that you:

  • Install a good antivirus program on your device;
  • Blank out sensitive information when submitting your KYC documents;
  • Submit your KYC documents on-site rather than via email if at all possible;
  • Use super-strong passwords;
  • NEVER use the same password more than once;
  • Give false answers to your security questions;
  • Protect your Betfair Exchange account with 2-Factor Authentication.

8: NEVER Use PayPal

Never use PayPal to deposit funds to a gambling site.

For whatever reason, PayPal don’t like it when you do this.

And they will close your accounts seemingly at random and without explanation:

PayPal Close Accounts for Matched Betting and Gambling Transactions

If you want to use an eWallet.

Use Skrill.

But be aware that if you deposit via anything other than a bank card.

You usually won’t get the bonus.

9: Don’t Bet Outside the Offers

The whole point of matched betting is to make money by exploiting legal betting loopholes.

And every time you bet outside these offers, you lose money to the bookmakers’ overround.

Don’t do this.

And if you have a history of gambling issues.

I suggest that you give matched betting a miss completely.

10: Choose a Learning Resource

Having taught myself the basics of matched betting – I strongly advise that you don’t try to learn matched betting in this way!

Simply because it wastes so much time and vastly increases the chance of making a costly mistake.

I’d also advise against using free forums to learn matched betting.

Because there’s so much bad advice floating around on them.

Here are the top learning resources and software tools that I recommend for correctly learning – and effectively applying – each phase of the matched betting process:

5 Matched Betting Tools and Resources You Can’t Be Without

In addition to the above learning resources.

Here are FIVE more matched betting tools that you’ll need.

1: Matched Betting ‘Oddsmatching’ Software

Finding close back and lay matches is the key to minimising your qualifying losses.

And the secret to making the most amount of money from your free bets.

I used to try and do this manually.

And it took AGES.

But only once I started using the PM Matched Betting Software did I realise just how much time I was wasting.

Odds-matching software is pretty much essential once you’re ready to hit the bookmakers’ ongoing offers.

Profit Maximiser Matched Betting Software Oddsmatcher

2: Matched Betting Calculators

I used to manually apply the basic matched betting formulas to work out the size of my required lay bets.

Yet another massive waste of time and energy.

The Bonus Bagging package that I linked to above totally removes the need to even use a basic matched betting calculator.

Because the exact bet sizes are emailed to you for every bet that you request:

Bonus Bagging Email Instructions

And once you’re ready to hit the advanced matched betting stuff.

The calculators that come with Profit Maximiser have got you covered.

Plus, the PM Matched Betting Software has calculators integrated into the odds feeds.

So one click is all that’s required to bring up a selection with the key data already pre-populated:

Profit Maximiser Matched Betting Calculator

3: Profit Tracker

You should keep a record of all the offers that you take part in.

Not only does this allow you to keep track of the free bets that you are owed and by whom.

It’s also great for motivation.

There’s nothing like an upwards trending profit graph to keep you taking consistent action 🙂

Most matched betting platforms have their own profit trackers.

But I like to create my own in Excel:

Profit Maximiser Free Bet Profit Graph

4: Bankroll and Transaction Tracker

Of equal importance is keeping track of your deposits and pending withdrawals.

Because although very rare indeed.

I’ve had withdrawals get ‘stuck in the bookmaker’s ‘system’.

Meaning that they’ve (allegedly) been processed.

But they never actually reached my bank account.

Through accurate record keeping, I was able to identify the issue.

And get it resolved on Live Chat very quickly.

5: A (High Quality) Matched Betting Forum

Follow the wrong advice on a low-quality matched betting forum or Facebook group.

And you could end up out of pocket.

But access to a highly knowledgeable bunch of experienced matched bettors could do the opposite.

Because since joining the 7,000 other members on the Profit Maximiser forum.

I’ve massively increased my matched betting IQ.

And my bankroll 🙂

3 Critical Techniques to Prevent Catastrophic Matched Betting Losses

When executed correctly.

Matched betting basically ‘risk-free’.

But click the wrong buttons and you could end up seriously out of pocket.

Here are THREE solutions to the most common matched betting mistakes that befall both new and experienced matched bettors alike.

1: Know How to Fix Unmatched Bets

Unmatched lay bets occur when there’s not enough liquidity in the market.

If this is not resolved before the event goes in-play, you’ll lose money if your bookmaker bet does not win.

Here’s how to properly deal with unmatched and partially matched lay bets.

Unmatched Lay Bets

If no part of the lay bet has been matched – simply cancel it.

Then update the matched betting calculator to reflect the lay odds where there’s enough liquidity to match your bet.

Proceed as normal.

Unmatched Lay Bet

Partially Matched Lay Bets

Sometimes, only part of your lay bet will be matched.

The simple fix is to just match the remainder of your lay bet at the next odds bracket with sufficient liquidity.

However, this does not hedge your position evenly.

Meaning that you’ll lose more money if the bookmaker bet wins because the corresponding lay liability is disproportionately larger.

You should use an advanced matched betting calculator with a ‘part-lay’ function to resolve this.

Such as the one that comes with OddsMonkey.

2: Understand How to Cancel a Misplaced Lay Bet

Layed the wrong selection on Betfair?

If you have no other bets on the same market – just click the ‘Cash Out’ button on the Betfair Exchange:

Cash Out Lay Bet

But keep in mind that this will hedge out ALL of your bets.

Which is no good if you have other lay bets in place to cover other bookmaker bets.

How to Cancel a Single Lay Bet Using Betfair

Simply back the selection for the same amount using the blue squares on the Betfair Exchange.

For example, I’ve mistakenly placed a £2 lay bet on Celtic at odds of 1.21 and I want to cancel it:

Wrong Lay Bet

To scratch this bet, I simply need to back Celtic for £2.

I initiate this process by clicking the blue back square for Celtic:

Celtic Back Bet

I then place a £2 back bet on Celtic at odds of 1.2:

Back Celtic

Due to the difference between the back and the lay odds, I’ve locked in a small loss of £0.02 (if Celtic win):

Back Lay Outcomes

Had the gap been bigger – I’d have lost more.

But it’s better than losing all of your associated liability if you were to simply let your un-hedged lay bet run.

3: Read the Terms and Conditions for Yourself

You should always read the bookmaker’s Terms and Conditions before taking action.

Key things that you should look out for:

  • What do you have to do to qualify for the free bet?
  • Is the free bet SNR or SR?
  • Are there any additional rollover requirements?
  • Will the bonus be voided if you deposit via anything other than a bank card?
  • Is there a winnings cap?

7 Tips to Make Matched Betting Go Smoothly

Here are SEVEN things that you should do to make matched betting less frustrating and more profitable.

1: Check Your Calculations

Always double check that the information you’ve entered into the matched betting calculator is correct before placing any bets.

In particular, make sure that you have selected the correct ‘bet type.’

Because if you select ‘qualifier’ instead of SNR for a SNR free bet – you’ll not make any money!

Also, once you’ve pasted the lay stake into the exchange bet slip.

Check that the resulting liability figure matches that displayed by the matched betting calculator.

Lay Bet Slip Liability

2: Make Sure the Bets Have Been Placed

Some betting sites like Bet365 only require a single click for your bet to be accepted.

But most others require you to ‘confirm’ your bet.

Which is quite easy to miss during the heat of the moment.

3: Monitor Your Exchange Funds

Always keep a close eye on your exchange funds.

It’s easy to get carried away placing bookmaker bets and forget that your exchange funds are being depleted as you lay off each one.

Also, you should always ensure that you have enough exchange funds available to cover the entire cumulative liability amount for free bets with rollover attached.

Don’t just assume that some of the bets will lose into the exchange.

(And NEVER back at high odds hoping to win into the exchange – it will eventually backfire!).

4: Check the Lay Liquidity

Here’s a simple way to reduce the chance of having to deal partially matched lay bets:

Check that the market liability exceeds the size of the lay bet you are about to submit.

For example, here I can submit a lay bet up to the amount of £2,016 at lay odds of 3.2 and have it matched instantly:

Lay Liquidity

5: Place the Bookmaker Bet First

Never place the lay bet before the bookmaker bet.

Because you’ll lose more money if the bookmaker’s odds drop – compared to when the lay odds drift out.

Also, if you were to place the lay bet first – only to find that the bookmaker has restricted your maximum stake amount.

You’ll have to cancel the outstanding amount on the exchange.

A real hassle.

6: Use 2-Factor Authentication

Getting your Betfair Exchange account hacked is a real thing:

Betfair Account Hacked for £3,000

And it’s more common than you might think.

The easy way to combat this is to enable 2-Factor Authentication.

Stopping anyone getting into your account – even if they know your password.

You should also enable 2-FA for Skrill if you are using it.

7: Take Screenshots

You probably don’t need to do this for the welcome offers.

Because their Terms and Conditions remain fairly stable.

But if you’re exploiting a high-value ongoing offer – or casino promotion – you might want to take a screenshot of the T&Cs.

Because when an offer is getting hammered, a betting outfit may pull the offer early and try to wriggle out of crediting the bonus – even if you’ve met the qualifying terms.

I’ve shut down a lot of nonsense on Live Chat by simply showing them the screenshot.

Resulting in the bonus being credited right away.

5 Ways to Increase Your Matched Betting Profits

Matched betting requires you to trade your time for money.

Which is why it’s crucial to leverage your efforts using these FIVE strategies.

1: Prioritise By Value

Always go after the high-value offers first.

That’s why you should build your bankroll by targeting the bookmakers’ welcome offers initially.

Because you’re guaranteed to make a profit for your efforts.

When you progress to the ‘trigger refund’ offers, you should focus your efforts on the offers that are the most likely (or certain) to ‘hit’.

Such as:

  • Guaranteed bet £X get £Y in-play free bets;
  • £X risk-free horse racing and football refunds;
  • ITV horse racing promotions;
  • Money back on all losers if horse X wins the race;
  • Sky’s price boosts;
  • Goal-scorer refunds;
  • Mobile deposit bonuses;
  • 2nd place racing refunds;
  • Bet365’s 2-UP offer (low percentage but high value).

2: Get Organised

It’s important that you have a routine to your matched betting.

For example, I start my day by working through the Profit Maximiser calendar:

Profit Maximiser Daily Calendar Offers

I’ll hit the high value offers right away.

And then come back to the lower value ‘free spins’ and ‘trigger refunds’ later on.

I’ll also work my way through the offers in my inbox and apply the same logic to ensure that I’m leveraging my time properly.

Furthermore, you should avoid ‘dabbling’ and ‘flip-flopping’ between strategies.

Just focus on one strategy at a time.

3: Don’t Waste Your Time With Mug Betting

Trying to keep your betting accounts open by placing ‘mug bets’ doesn’t work anymore.

Like I said in my Guide to Matched Betting Gubbings and Account Restrictions.

Don’t try and control the uncontrollable.

Instead, squeeze every penny that you can out of the bookmakers’ free bets.

Then move on to each-way arbitrage to drain even more profit from your gubbed accounts.

Before progressing to the casino offers once you become stake restricted.

4: Take Action!

Unless you take consistent action.

The matched betting tips that I’ve listed in this guide are meaningless.

You need to act on the key points that I’ve highlighted.

5: Get Everything You Need in One Place

I’ve listed a lot of different matched betting products and tools in this matched betting guide.

Click the button below to read my Betting Mastermind Review.

And you can get instant access to ALL of the resources I’ve mentioned in one place.

(Plus a few more that I left out).

At a massively discounted rate.


P.S: What’s Your Top Matched Betting Tip?

What do you wish you’d known before you started matched betting?

What would you tell someone who’s brand new to matched betting to watch out for?

Have you ever made a matched betting mistake – only to have it work out in your favour and end up in profit?

Tell me your best matched betting stories in the comments section below 🙂

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