There are plenty of ways to make money online from home in the UK.

And most of them are a load of bollocks.

Here’s why.

You’ll earn pennies on the hour…

…or nothing at all.

That’s what I discovered when I tried my hand at filling out online surveys, doing click-work jobs, and generally wasting my time with other menial online tasks.

But earning chump-change was actually an improvement on the five years that I collectively spent trying to master online poker and dominate the Forex markets.

Because from 2007 to 2012, I studied those subjects like my life depended on it.

Only to end up losing money.

Fancy slowly starving to death?

Then try freelancing on the most popular job ‘market-places’.

My attempts to climb Amazon’s Best Sellers list with my Kindle eBooks had also failed miserably.

But I thought that during the process, I’d improved my writing skills to the point where I could earn a living as a freelance writer.

How naive.

Because even if I’d possessed the talents of Stephen King, Roald Dahl, and J. R. R.Tolkien all rolled into one.

I’d still be sat on getting outbid today.

Last stop… Scam City

Money for nothing.

That’s what we all want.

And the online fraudsters and scam artists know it.

Did you hear about MOBE?

This enormous online ‘coaching business’ was recently sued by the FTC for fraudulently ‘bilking $125,000,000 from thousands of consumers’.

What started off with a rather innocuous $49 entry fee quickly escalated into $1,000s upon $1,000s in ‘upsells’ as customers progressed through MOBE’s 21-step funnel.

MOBE Scam User Reviews

Image credit: Dale Rodgers –

Thankfully, I was never involved in MOBE.

But I have bought some pretty crappy Betfair ‘trading’ systems in the past.

And I did sign up for that ‘hero of the people’ Bitcoin bullshit that was supposedly ‘endorsed’ by Piers Morgan (fake news!).

However, I quickly bailed when the first thing they asked me to do was deposit money with their ‘number 1’ broker.

It had all the hallmarks of a revenue share affiliate scam.

This all serves to illustrate the point that there are plenty of unscrupulous folks out there willing to ‘sell you the dream’.

Only to end up scamming you senseless.

15 Legit Ways to Make Money Online – No Scams!

But fear not.

Because in my last 11 years of trying to make money online.

I’ve managed to uncover some real gems that are still making me money from home today.

15 to be exact!

But before you dive in.

There’s something else that you should know.

Real Jobs Are a Con Too!


Why would you trade nearly ALL of your time for a fixed sum of cash?

Suffering away 40 – 60 hours a week in some god-forsaken office.

Just so that you can turn up every day and get used like a toilet brush by your boss?

This just doesn’t make sense anymore.

Because the low-risk appeal of a 9-5 job went out of the window with the financial crisis of 2008.

The smart thing to do is to use the internet to set up multiple streams of income.

Which is what this guide is going help you do.

Warren Buffet quote: If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die

Image credit: AZ Quotes.

Loopholes vs A Sustainable Online Business

But as the MOBE incident sadly highlights.

The internet opens up its own can of worms.

The truth?

There’s no such thing as a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme that actually works.

If you really want to make good money online, you have to work hard to create something valuable that people will actually pay for.

In other words, you need to create a legitimate online business.

And then leverage that asset ‘passively’.

Everything else can be classified as ‘loopholes’ – things that are good for a bit of quick cash.

But this style of online ‘active’ income has its drawbacks too.

Active Income

Active income requires you to trade your time and effort for money.

The benefit of active income is that you’ll be rewarded pretty much right away for your troubles.

The downside is that as soon as you stop working – your income will dry up.

And if the relative ‘earnings per hour’ for that online income channel is very low – you might actually be better off getting a job!

The active income strategies listed below have the highest online ‘hourly’ rate that I know of.

Passive Income

Conversely, passive income leverages your initial efforts multiple times over to generate ‘recurring’ income.

This is smart.

Because once you’ve got the asset up and running, you can leave it alone to make you money.

Whilst you then work on another passive income stream.

That’s how you build up multiple streams of passive income.

Thus ensuring that you never have to answer to a ‘real’ job ever again.

Passive income is king in my book.

Combine Your Efforts…

Passive income requires you to put in a lot of initial effort up front for not much in return.

So, there’s little point in trying to ‘force’ a passive income strategy to make you money right away.

Which is why I’ve included the active income strategies too.

So that you can get some ‘quick’ results to keep you going.

…But Don’t Try to Do Too Much!

With that said.

I suggest that you pick:

  • ONE passive income strategy (probably affiliate marketing) and;
  • ONE active income strategy (probably basic matched betting).

And just stick to those until you have mastered them before attempting any more techniques from this list.

This will stop you from getting overwhelmed.

And help increase your chances of success massively.

3 Passive Income Strategies that Work (Worldwide!)


This guide is about making money online from home in the UK.

But the three passive income strategies below can be used by pretty much anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Making them my top picks for making money online.

Strategy #1: Monetise Your Own Website

Man Building a Website

Setting up your own website is the number one thing that you can do to help you make money online.

Simply because there are so many ways to generate revenue from it.

You can use your own piece of online real-estate to:

  • Promote affiliate products and earn commissions;
  • Sell your own digital products and bank 100% of the profits;
  • Monetise ad placements with Google Adsense and Mediavine;
  • Sell your own advertising space; 
  • Write sponsored posts;
  • Sell high-ticket coaching programmes;
  • Build an email list and sell to it for years to come;
  • Sell digital and physical products using WooCommerce;
  • Recruit clients interested in your freelancing services;
  • Host webinars (charge directly or use them to sell high-ticket items);
  • Develop JV (joint venture) partnerships;
  • Get found by start-up companies in your niche;
  • Create recurring revenue each month with memberships and forums (BIG money to be made here!).

And once you’re done.

You can sell your website for a profit.

How to Build Your First Website in 30 Seconds

Anyone can create a professional looking website.

Even if you have ZERO technical abilities.

I’m serious.

Because after wasting more time than I care to admit faffing about with domains, themes, plugins, and budget hosting companies who didn’t know their arse from their elbow.

I was astounded when I actually managed to set up a website in just a couple of clicks using Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteRubix interface.

So, if you’re a tech-dunce like me.

Click the button below.

And learn how to create your first website in 6 easy steps.

Strategy #2: Master Affiliate Marketing

How the Affiliate Marketing Process Works Infographic

Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to start making money with your new, shiny website.

Because you’ll not have to spend time creating your own product, hold any stock, deal with refunds, or provide customer service.

Basically, all you need to do is drive traffic to your affiliate links so that when a resulting sale is made – you get a commission.

The more traffic that you can generate and the more clicks that you can get.

The more money that you’ll make.

For example, one of my niche betting websites generated $10,893.77 in passive income last year:

ClickBank Paychecks

Just by promoting a handful of ClickBank products.

Pretty sweet, huh?

Well, that’s barely a drop in the ocean compared to what’s really possible.

For example, just take a look at these 6-figure ClickBank paychecks banked by the folks over at

Six Figure ClickBank Paycheck Examples

(Image source:

Keywords – The Secret to Unlocking a Tsunami of Traffic (And Sales!)

Get high volumes of targeted traffic to your website.

Optimise for conversions.

And you’ll make money.

Despite what you may think, you DON’T have to pay for Facebook ads or use Google AdWords.

The easiest way to get sustainable traffic to your website for FREE is to write keyword focused blog posts.

And then use SEO to get your articles ranked on the first page of Google.

Don’t Try to Figure Out Affiliate Marketing by Yourself

When I tried to learn affiliate marketing by myself.

I failed completely.

Because with affiliate marketing and passive income strategies in general.

There’s a ‘lag’ between the effort applied and the profits gained.

Which made it really hard to figure out if my lack of results was down to poor strategy – or just a lack of patience.

So, I kept flip-flopping from one technique to the next.

YouTube videos one day – Facebook and Pinterest ads the next.

Which resulted in burnout and disappointment.

Just Do What’s Proven to Work

But when I followed Wealthy Affiliate’s Online Entrepreneur Training.

I actually started to get traffic to my website and make money.

Everything they teach is legitimate, scalable, and proven to work.

Which is why Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommendation for learning how to succeed with affiliate marketing online.

So click the button below.

And learn how to get started for FREE right now in my full Wealthy Affiliate review.

Strategy #3: Sell Your Own Digital Products

How eCommerce and Online Selling Works Infographic

Selling your own products is where the big money is.

And whilst branching out into eCommerce is always an option.

Digital products are the easiest way to get started (even something as simple as an eBook can work).

Once you’ve completed Wealthy Affiliate’s training you’ll have learned how to use keyword research to get targeted traffic to your website.

This will allow you to communicate with your core audience to better understand their needs, wants, desires, and problems.

One of the best ways to do this is by analysing and responding to user comments on your website.

Pay attention to what your users are asking for.

Do they have a prevalent problem that’s not being met by your affiliate products?

That could be your cue to develop your OWN solution!

And get paid handsomely for it.

Create What People Will Actually Buy

But don’t just jump in with both feet.

Because you’ll probably end up creating a digital product that you THINK your audience wants.

And not one that they will ACTUALLY buy.

For example, I wasted 6 months creating a combined membership website and eLearning course showing gamblers how to bet more profitably.

The whole thing bombed.


Because I simply ASSUMED that’s what they wanted.

The reality?

Gamblers don’t want to read about betting.

They want ‘done-for-you’ betting software that will find the profitable bets for them.

And analytical tools that make it easier to identify value.

The whole project was an absolute disaster.

Learn How to Create a Digital Product that Will Sell

Learn from my mistakes.

Before you create a single shed of content, you’ll need to:

  • Clearly identify the problem that you’re solving;
  • Validate that your solution is actually viable;
  • Define why your product is better than your competitors’ offerings;
  • Identify your USPs;
  • Come up with a suitable pricing point;
  • Have an effective route to market already in place (the ‘build it and they will come’ maxim is a DANGEROUS LIE!).


If these points already have you scratching your head.

Then you’ll need to check out Justin’s Vendor Training inside the ClickBank University 2.0.

In particular, spend a bit of time watching the videos in Week’s 2 and 3.

Because they could save you from months of mind-ravaging frustration and stomach-churning misery.

As you fruitlessly try to figure out why no one wants to buy your product.

ClickBank University Vendor Training 12 Week Lesson Plan

Justin will show you how to:

  • Analyse the market;
  • Learn from your competition;
  • Leverage your own interests and passions;
  • Correctly market your product’s features;
  • Find joint venture (JV) partnerships;
  • Create an effective ‘hook’ to differentiate yourself from your competition;
  • Price your product competitively;
  • Find your ideal customer;
  • Identify pain points to make your product the logical solution to your customers’ problems;
  • Clarify your key selling points;
  • Brand your domain name properly.

There’s also a bonus section called The Official Copywriting Guide by Matt O’Connor.

It transformed my landing pages from dry waffle that could anesthetise a rhino.

Into crisp and clear copy that converts like crazy.

So click the button below.

And learn how to successfully create and sell your first digital product with the ClickBank University 2.0 today.

8 Active Income Strategies that Work in the UK

These are the top eight ‘active income’ strategies that I’ve personally used to make £1,000s online from home since 2012.

And they all involve betting (but not gambling!).

The list is progressive.

Meaning that I’ve listed each strategy in the exact order that you should complete them.

Don’t Dabble – Focus On One Strategy at a Time!

It could well take you a year or more to complete the list in real time.

But slow and steady is the secret to making the most amount of money physically possible with these techniques.

‘Dabbling’ will only lead to confusion and ultimately failure.

Learn and apply each strategy in full.

Then come back to this list and make a start on the next one.

None of these Strategies Involve Gambling

Yes, you’re going to be placing bets.

But you’re not going to be relying on the laws of chance or dumb luck to make money.

How is this possible?

By using something called an online betting exchange to bet against (‘hedge’) your bookmaker bets.

This removes the risk.

Betfair Exchange Interface

(Image: the Betfair Exchange – the world’s most popular betting exchange).

Hedge Your Bets to Remove the Risk

The image above shows the basic interface of the Betfair Exchange.

By using the pink squares, you can hedge your bookmaker bets to cover you when they lose.

All of the active income strategies listed in this section use the Betfair Exchange – making them very low-risk.**

And the profits come from the bookmakers’ free bets, pricing mistakes, and odds-enhancements.

You DON’T need to already know anything about betting to make these strategies work.

Providing that you use the resources that I have linked to.


The strategies themselves do not rely on traditional gambling strategies – making them ‘risk-free’ on paper. However, money can still be lost if you place the wrong sequence of bets; due to a technical glitch, or some other unforeseen circumstance. Thus making it CRUCIAL that you ONLY EVER BET WITH MONEY THAT YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE. I strongly discourage recreational gambling. Please bet sensibly. BeGambleAware

Strategy #4: Basic Matched Betting

Matched betting is the most powerful active income strategy that I have ever come across.

Because unlike online surveys and those other bullshit, multi-level-marketing (MLM) ‘work from home jobs’.

Matched betting yields tangible sums of cash that you can actually use to pay for stuff.

Almost instantly.

Here, I was able to bank £84.46 in real money from the £100 free bet that comes with Bet365’s ‘new customer’ offer:

Free Bet Profit Bonus Sniper

I had to place 4 bets to make this money.

Which took me about 2 minutes in total.

And then I simply repeated the process for another bookmaker to bank even more profit.

What Exactly is Matched Betting?

Matched betting is a process.

One that allows you to convert the bookmakers’ free bets into real money that you can keep.

Free bets are ‘tokens’ that the bookmakers use to draw in new customers and keep the ones that they have interested in betting.

For regular ‘punters’ – this carries a risk.

Because they are just betting and hoping to win.

But we matched bettors use the Betfair Exchange to ‘qualify’ for these free bets without worrying about losing our initial bookmaker bet.

This is facilitated by using the matched betting calculator to size our exchange bets perfectly in just one click.

Which also allows us to lock in a ‘guaranteed’ profit from the free bet.

Check out my Complete Matched Betting Guide to see the process in action.

Or take a look at this rather nice explanation of how matched betting works by the OddsMonkey Team:

How Much Money Can Be Made from Matched Betting?

I was able to make around £1,000 from the bookmakers’ NCOs (‘new customer offers’).

NCOs (also called ‘sign-up bonuses’) are the easiest way to build your bankroll.

Because you are guaranteed to get a free bet just for signing up to a bookmaker and placing a bet.

You’ll then go ahead and cash out the free bet for a profit.

Do this for each of the 40 – 50 UK online bookmakers and you’ll probably make around £500 – £1,000.

(The exact value of the offers fluctuates).

Who Should Do Matched Betting?

Matched betting is pretty much a UK and Ireland only thing.

But it does appear to work in South Africa, Sweden, and some parts of Australia too.

Matched betting is a great way for students, stay at home parents, retirees, and shift workers to make extra money online.

Even if you work full-time, you can still place bets in the evening or early morning.

I think the reason why most people don’t do matched betting is because they automatically assume that it’s gambling.

Even though matched betting has been featured positively in several major UK newspapers:

Matched Betting The Guardian

(Image source:

Learn How to Bank Up to £500

My matched betting guide walks you through the basic matched betting process.

Theoretically, this will allow you to go off and start matched betting by yourself.

But that’s the hard way to do matched betting.

The easy way is to use inexpensive software to find the bets for you and email the instructions to your inbox.

Click the button below.

And I’ll show you how to bank up to £500 from matched betting with minimal effort.

Strategy #5: Advanced Matched Betting

Cashing out the online bookmakers’ NCOs (‘new customer offers’) is only the beginning.

Because like I said earlier.

The bookmakers also offer out free bets and bonuses to keep people interested in betting long-term.

And most of these ECOs (‘existing customer offers’) can be exploited for a profit too.

How Much Money Can Be Made from ECOs?

The average tends to be around £100 to £500 each month.

But you can earn more if you put in more effort.

Or if the bookmakers roll out a new offer that’s particularly profitable.

High profile sporting events like Cheltenham, Goodwood, and the Grand National typically lead to some nice profit spikes too.

For example, I banked more than £500 cashing out World Cup free bets this year:

Matched Betting Profit Graph World Cup

When Should You Start Advanced Matched Betting?

Once you’ve cashed out most of the bookmakers’ welcome offers.

Because you’ll have built yourself a nice bankroll of around £500 – £1,000.

But rather than spend that money.

I’d suggest using it to start exploiting the bookmakers’ ongoing offers.

This will allow you to potentially make an extra £100 – £500 (or more) each month on average.

Click the button below.

And I’ll walk you through the process of generating ongoing profits in 7 steps.

Strategy #6: Accumulator Matched Betting

An ‘accumulator’ is a single bet that comprises of several individual bets called ‘legs’.

For example, if I bet on Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Newcastle, and Everton to ALL win their respective football matches.

This would be called a ‘5-fold’ accumulator bet.

And ALL five of the legs must win for the bet to be successful.

This would be straight up gambling.


Many online bookmakers will refund your stake in full as a free bet if exactly one leg loses.

Which opens up a potential profit channel.

The Science of Sequential Hedging

Just like ‘single’ bets.

Accumulator bets can be hedged on the Betfair Exchange to remove the risk.

However, you must hedge each leg in turn.

Stopping when you either hit a losing leg – or all the legs win.

And if exactly one leg out of the accumulator loses.

The bookmaker will give you a free bet.

You’ll then go ahead and hedge the free bet for an even profit as normal.

Acca Matcher

When Should You Start Doing Accumulator Matched Betting?

Once you’ve mastered the following advanced matched strategies:

  • Horse racing refunds;
  • Basic extra-place ‘double payouts’;
  • Football trigger refunds;
  • Price boosts;
  • Bets with rollover;
  • Free bet if your first bet loses.

Boost Your Profits With Accumulator Generator Today

You’ll need special software to find the profitable accumulator bets for you and handle the complex mathematics.

Personally, I use Accumulator Generator by Mike Cruickshank.

Because the software was the first of its kind.

And it comes with five distinct strategies for profiting from accumulator bets.

Check out my Accumulator Generator Review to get started.

Strategy #7: Place-Market Arbitrage

Eventually, the bookmakers will get sick of you profiting from their free bets and gub you.

Being ‘gubbed’ means that you’ll no longer be able to receive free bets.

Which will render that bookmaker account useless for matched betting purposes.

This may take a few months or a few years.

Depending on the bookmaker and just how much value you have claimed from them.

But you can still make money on your gubbed bookmaker accounts.

Here’s how.

Each Way Sniper Odds Matching Software Example

Exploit the Bookmakers’ Pricing Mistakes

The bookmakers calculate the odds of a horse ‘placing’ as a fixed fraction of its ‘win’ odds.

This leads to favourable pricing mistakes between the bookmaker and the Betfair Exchange in the ‘place-markets’.

And by slightly adjusting the basic strategy for hedging your bookmaker bets.

You can hedge your ‘each-way’ bets to ‘lock in’ a profit no matter which horse wins the race:

Each Way Sniper Lay Calculator Profit Output

When Should You Start Doing Place-Market Arbitrage?

You’ll need to be super-confident in hedging your bookmaker bets quickly on the exchange.

Since the prices move quickly.

So certainly not whilst you are just getting to grips with basic matched betting.

Place-market arbitrage can lead to your bookmaker accounts being permanently banned.

Which is why I would probably only recommend using it on gubbed accounts.

Start Banking £1 – £10 Per Race Today

There are literally dozens of these ‘place-market’ pricing mistakes available to exploit each day in the UK horse racing markets.

You’ll need special each-way arbitrage software to find them and calculate your bet sizes.

But it will allow you to continue making low-risk profits without relying on the bookmakers’ free bets.

Check out my Place-Market Arbitrage Guide to get started now.

Strategy #8: Win-Market Arbitrage

The place-market strategy that I’ve just discussed is a type of ‘bookmaker-exchange’ arbitrage betting.

Which basically means that you bet to cover all possible outcomes to remove any risk.

Whilst simultaneously locking in a profit from the bookmaker’s pricing mistakes.

This strategy can also be applied to the ‘win’ markets of just about any sport to secure a profit no matter the outcome.

The returns from win-market arbitrage betting can dwarf those produced by its place-market counterpart.

In fact, bookmaker-exchange arbitrage betting is the fastest way to make money online that I know of.

Professional ‘arbers’ can make £1,000s upon £1,000s each month.

But there’s one HUGE drawback.

The Bookmakers Permanently BAN Arbitrage Bettors

Bookmaking is a zero-sum game.

Which means that if you’re able to make money by exploiting the bookmaker’s pricing mistakes.

The bookmaker’s profit margins will be dented.

Which is bad for their business.

So, as soon as the bookmaker’s trading team realises that you’re betting on prices at the ‘top of the market’.

Your maximum stake sizes will be restricted to just a few pence.

Thus rendering that account permanently useless.

Arbitrage Odds Matcher

Win-Market Arbitrage – Make Every Bet Count!

Place-market arbitrage bets are much harder for the bookmakers to spot.

Which is why I always advise folks who have just been gubbed to move on to that strategy next.

However, some people don’t care about getting banned or preserving their accounts (either that or they are multi-accounting).

They just want to make as much money as fast as possible and to hell with the consequences!

If this is what you’re looking to do.

Then you’ll have to maximise the ROI (‘return on investment’) of EVERY bet.

Because you won’t be able to place many of them!

Get the Right Software for the Job

There are plenty of bookmaker-bookmaker ‘arbitrage alert services’ out there.

But if you want to maximise your ROI and avoid sitting around waiting for the bets to come through.

You’ll need to get the PM Matched Betting Software.

Because you can log in 24 hours a day and get instant access to the most profitable win-market arbitrage bets right away.

Check out my PM Matched Betting Software Review to get started now.

Strategy #9: Ante-Post Arbitrage

There’s a third type of arbitrage betting that can help you make money from your gubbed accounts.

I call it ‘ante-post’ arbitrage because you place a bet on a horse the night before (hence the term ‘ante-post’).

And then hedge that bet the next day on the betting exchange when the odds have dropped.

This will allow you to lock in a profit.

How to Find Horses Whose Price Will Drop

The key to making this strategy profitable is to consistently be able to identify horses whose price is going to drop.

To do this, I use the Bookie Blowout Software.

Because it automatically scans the markets to pick out the most profitable selections and sends the bets to my inbox between 6 pm and 11 pm each evening:

Bookie Blowout Software

Despite the fact that not every horse will shorten in price.

This is still a very low-risk system for making money on your gubbed accounts.

Try Bookie Blowout here.

Strategy #10: BOG Price Exploitation

If a horse starts the race at a price that’s better than what you originally backed it for.

A BOG (‘best odds guaranteed’) bookmaker will pay out at the higher price.

For example, if you back a horse for £10 at decimal odds of 5.0, you stand to return £50 in total because:

5.0 x £10 = £50

However, if that same horse leaves the stalls at odds of 7.0 and wins.

A BOG bookmaker will pay out at odds of 7.0.

Thus giving you an additional profit of £20 because:

((7.0 x £10) – £50) = (£70 – £50) = £20

Here’s how you can exploit such BOG enhancements for long-term profits.

The Golden Parachute Strategy

It’s quite simple.

You’re going to back every hose in the race (across several bookmakers) to negate the risk.

And bank a sizable profit when a horse ‘drifts’ and wins at a BOG price.

The bookmakers set their prices so that even if you bet on every horse between different sportsbooks – you’ll not make a profit.

(Unless they have screwed up their prices to create an arbitrage opportunity).

So, to minimise the initial ‘qualifying loss’ I use the Golden Parachute Software to find the races with the lowest collective ‘overround’:

Golden Parachute Overround Identification Software

This is a Long-Term Strategy

Because you’ll not hit a BOG drift every time.

So high bet volume and consistency are the keys to success here.

Also, you’ll not be able to use this strategy on your gubbed accounts because the bookmakers generally revoke your BOG enhancements along with your free bet privileges.

Which is why I suggest that you gradually phase in the Golden Parachute strategy alongside your advanced matched betting practices once you’ve nailed the sign-up offers.

To get started, take a look at my Advantage Play Secrets Review.

Strategy #11: Extra-Place Dutching

This is our final active income technique for generating low-risk profits.

When you started applying the advanced matched betting strategies back in step 5.

You’ll have already learned how to position yourself for a ‘double-payout’ by backing and ‘laying’ a horse in an extra-place race.

The only issue with this is that it can be quite a while before you eventually land a ‘winner’.

But there’s a way around this.

Dutching Bounty Calculator

The Dutching Bounty Strategy

Sometimes, certain ‘extra-place’ races offer so much value.

That we can lock in a variable profit by backing every horse in the race across several bookmakers.

However, we won’t have to rely on a BOG shift to make money.

Because this time we will be using ‘each-way’ bets to release the equity conferred by the extra places being offered by the bookmakers.

This is a highly advanced strategy and you should only attempt it once you are very confident in your matched betting abilities.

But once you are, you should use the Dutching Bounty Software to find and calculate the bets for you.

Bonus Training: Speculative Betting – Very High Risk (99% Avoid)

This section comes with a SERIOUS warning.

The ‘speculative’ strategies listed below are extremely high-risk.

In fact, you are almost certain to lose money in the short term if you attempt to apply them.

I would say that 99% of people should NOT try them.

At the very least, you should have completed ALL of the low-risk active income strategies in the previous section.

And have at least 1 year’s matched betting experience under your belt too.

The Risk-Profit Paradox

I wasn’t going to include these strategies in this guide to making money online.

However, the speculative techniques outlined below are some of the most profitable that I’ve ever applied.

So I thought it best to feature them – but with a disclaimer.***

For example, I made more than £4,000 by wagering through 1,176 +EV casino bonuses:

Casino Profit vs EV Graph

What is Speculative Betting?

You can think of it a bit like ‘investing’.***

Basically, you place bets that have a positive expected value.

Such bets are said to be +EV.

These +EV bets won’t win every time.

But if you place enough of them, you’ll eventually show a profit due to a mathematical phenomenon called The Law of Large Numbers.

Where Does the Profit Come From?

‘Casino matched betting’ and ‘advantage play accumulators’ exploit free bets and bonuses.

Whereas the ‘sports betting tipsters’ and ‘each-way value betting’ strategies directly exploit the bookmakers’ mispriced selections.

In either case, the equity conferred by each ‘loophole’ is enough to offset the ‘house edge’ of the bookmaker or casino.

How Can You Avoid Losing All of Your Money?

By adhering to strict bankroll management protocols.

You’ll have no way of knowing how much money you’ll win or lose in the short term.

So you must stick to the staking plan that’s appropriate for each strategy.

How Does Speculative Betting Differ From Recreational Gambling?

In an absolute sense – they are polar opposites.

Because speculative betting produces a long-term profit for the player.

This is due to the cumulative value of each +EV bet being distributed in your favour.

Whereas the long-term effect of recreational gambling has the OPPOSITE effect.

Because each bet that you make is -EV (lacks any favourable equity) you’ll eventually show a loss.

What About ‘Luck’?

The only relative similarity between speculative betting and pure gambling is the ‘luck’ factor.

More formally, this is called ‘variance’.

Because you just can’t predict the short-term outcomes.

Which is why most people cannot for the life of them distinguish between a good bet (+EV) and a bad bet (-EV).

To learn more about +EV and -EV bets and peoples’ misconceptions about risk.

Check out this awesome video by Veritasium:


No part of what I’m saying should be interpreted as financial advice. I make absolutely NO guarantees that you will make any money if you apply the information in this guide – either correctly or incorrectly. Everything that I’m saying is based on my own anecdotal results and probability theory. Only ever bet with money that you can afford to lose.

Strategy #12: Casino Matched Betting

Just like the bookmakers, online casinos offer bonuses to both new and existing customers.

We can’t use a betting exchange to hedge these bonuses to remove the risk.

But we can use this basic equation to work out the EV (‘expected value’) of the bonus.

EV = bonus – (wagering requirements x house edge)

Basically, if the answer is ‘positive’ the bonus is +EV and will make us money over time.

However, if the answer is ‘negative’ the bonus is -EV and playing through it will lose us money over time.

Check out this video by Luke from ‘Beating Betting’ (formerly for more information on casino matched betting:

Skyrocket Your Profits With Advanced Casino Training

As Luke explained, we can massively increase the EV of certain casino bonuses by adjusting the size of our bets.

Or the volatility of the game being used to meet the wagering requirements.

Normally, you’d need a Monte Carlo simulator to figure this out.

But the simple solution is to check out the ‘done-for-you’ advanced casino matched betting offers that come with Profit Maximiser.

Where you’ll be told which casino bonuses are the best value and how to manage your risk appropriately.

Discover how to get started in my Profit Maximiser Review.

And you might be ‘lucky’ enough to have a big chunk of EV arrive in one go like this!

Profit Maximiser Casino Matched Betting Jackpot Win

Strategy #13: Sports Betting Tipsters

Pricing up a sportsbook isn’t an exact science.

Yes, the bookmakers have their shortcuts to ensure that the average punter will usually end up placing -EV bets almost exclusively.

But calculating the ‘true’ probability of some sporting outcome happening with 100% accuracy is impossible.

This affords ‘professional gamblers’ the opportunity to make money.


By identifying ‘value bets’ (+EV bets).

How to Beat the Bookmakers at their Own Game

To find value bets, you need to calculate the true odds of some sporting event happening better than what the bookmakers can.

And you’ll need to be able to do it consistently.

This is incredibly difficult.

Despite what your mates down the pub might have you believe!

Hire a Professional to Do the Hard Work

The ‘simple’ solution is to subscribe to a professional sports betting tipping service.

Because they will find the value bets for you.

And provide you with a staking strategy that’s appropriate to the level of risk involved.

But don’t just subscribe to any old tipster.

Here’s why.

Most Tipping Services Don’t Work

The tipping service ‘industry’ is utterly rife with scams.

And I’ve seen more than my fair share since I started using and reviewing betting systems back in 2012.

Under no circumstances should you EVER trust the advice of a social media tipster because most of them are affiliate scams.

And you should take those enticing looking profit graphs on the tipster’s sales page with a wheelbarrow full of salt.

Because anyone with half a brain can manipulate past data to tell whatever story they like.

Betting Gods – The Exception to the Rule

If you want to try and make money online with a sports betting service.

I recommend using one of the tipsters run by the Betting Gods professional tipster management platform:

Betting Gods Reviews on Trustpilot

(Image correct at the time of publishing; source:

Because I’ve proofed several of their services over the years and my results correlated to those shown on the website.

And many of the tipsters that netted me a profit are still going strong today, for example:

Check out my Betting Gods Review to learn more about Darren Moore and his tipsters.

Strategy #14: Each-Way Value Betting

Remember the place-market arbitrage strategy?

Well, you don’t have to hedge your bets using the Betfair Exchange.

In fact, it’s actually more profitable to just let your bets run.

Yes, this is high-risk.

But over the long-run, you’ll make more money because you don’t have to factor in Betfair’s 5% commission on winning lay bets.

This strategy works because the Each Way Sniper Software is picking up value bets in the place markets.

Strategy #15: Advantage Play Accumulators

The fundamental ‘back-lay-and-hope’ accumulator matched betting strategy only works if the legs are all playing at different times.

This is so that you can hedge each leg sequentially and remove the risk.

But you can also make a long-term profit by backing +EV accumulator selections and not laying them off using the accumulator advantage play strategy.

However, to ensure that you’re only taking +EV bets, you need to use the ‘AP’ filter on your Accumulator Generator software.

Conclusion: You Have a HUGE Advantage

Here’s the problem.

I tried to figure out and apply most of the above money-making techniques on my own.

Because I didn’t know any better and I was paranoid about getting scammed.

This ‘one-step-forward-ten-steps-back’ approach slowed my earnings to a crawl.

Don’t be like me.

Make use of the learning resources that I’ve linked to maximum effect.

And you’ll get better results in half the time.

What’s My #1 Online Money-Making Solution?

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If I had a gun to my head.

I’d say affiliate marketing without question.

Simply because it’s globally accessible, the start-up costs are minimal, and the earning potential is uncapped.

But like I said.

Don’t try to figure everything out alone.

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